A Day at The Beach

Lucy had huge tits. Her current bra size was a 36G, but she seldom wore a bra. The men went crazy just to see her huge melons. They also had huge nipples that she loved sucked. She could also suck her own nipples. She could nestle a huge cock between her tits and fuck him till he would cum. Today she was going to the beach in her new bikini that she ordered from a famous sleezy company that catered to huge tits. The bottom was just a small triangle that barely covered her shaved pussy and a string that went up her ass leaving her ass cheeks bare. The top was two small circles that only went over the nipples and tiny straps to hold them in place. She wore a see thru cover up to walk down to the beach and spread her towel. As she strutted down eyes turned and stared at her almost naked body. Then she laid her towel out and removed the sexy cover up. She smiled at three men who were staring and watching as their cocks got hard under their speedos. She stood with her hands on her hips and looked around as she loved for men to stare at her huge tits. Last summer she went to a nude beach and entertained a different man every day with her big tits. She even had a 3some right there on the beach with two b*****rs. She loved having each one attached to a nipple as she jacked their cocks and then fucked them both. She loved to fuck and her tits never let her down. She always had a hard cock to fuck.

She took out her tan lotion and rubbed it on her legs. She rubbed some on her arms and laid back with her legs spread and felt the warm sun on her almost naked pussy. She also felt the sun beat down on her tits. it did not take long before two men came over and asked if she needed help rubbing the lotion on her body. She smiled and handed them the bottle and they began to rub her down with big globs of the scented lotion. They rubbed over her stomach and up to her almost naked tits. Then they undid her top and began to rub her tits. She looked at their hard cocks bulging in their speedos and smiled. She knew she would be fucking these two before long. The men played with her nipples and caressed her tits forgetting the lotion and then one took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it. The other got brave and began to suck the other nipple. She grabbed one guys hand and put it between her legs and he pulled the string from her pussy and began to play with her clit. It was not long before he was finger fucking her.

Lucy then put her hand inside the mens too tight speedos and stroked their rock hard cocks. Soon each guy had a finger in her and sucking and chewing her tits. The two finger fucking felt very good to her and she squeezed their cocks hard as she jerked them. One guy siad "My house is right up there. Let's finish this there before we get arrested." Lucy laughed and said "Or before you burst out of those speedos. There are getting tight at the seams." She put on her cover up which did not cover her up but she did not care and followed the two men to the beach house. When they got there she told them "Let's get naked here on the patio. I love sex outdoors." She then shed what was left of her suit as the guys stripped out of the tight speedos and she watched amazed as their cocks popped up rock hard. She grabbed the men by each cock and let them to a huge lounge couch. She laid down and spread her legs and the men began to chew her tits as they each poked a finger in her cunt.

She grabbed one guy by the cock and pulled him to her mouth and began to lick him on all sides. She then licked the tip as he leaked the precum. She lifted his cock and sucked his balls then took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him deeper into her as her tongue licked the wet cock. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock all the way in her and held it there as she sucked him harder than he had ever been sucked. The other guy then began to lick her pussy. He ran his tongue up and down her slit and grabbed her clit with his teeth and sucked on it. He had two fingers in her cunt fucking her as he sucked her clit till it doubled in size. Then he moved his mouth to her cunt and licked and sucked the deep hole as he pushed his tongue in her and tongue fucked her cunt as she came and covered his tongue with cum. She had the cock in her mouth deep in her throat as she sucked and he moaned and face fucked her. She sucked him for about twenty minutes before he filled her with his cum.

By now the man eating her cunt had a cock that was throbbing so he traded with his friend and shoved his cock in her mouth to suck. The other man went to her cunt and licked and sucked her till his cock got hard again then he was going to bury his cock in her wet hole. As the guy was eating her pussy she cock sucked the friend. As he pushed his cock deep in her she grabbed his balls and squeezed them as he moaned and said "Yes. Squeeze those big balls." She sucked hard and ran her tongue over his cock as she gripped his balls tight. Then her hand went to his ass and as he pushed his cock down her throat, she pushed two fingers into his ass and finger fucked him. He grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth hard with his big hard cock. It did not take long before she heard him scream and fill her throat with cum. He then pulled his cock out and kissed her tasting his cum on her tongue and he whispered to her "Wow, you suck cock the best. I love getting my ass fingered as I cum. That was great. I knew when I saw you walk down to the beach with those monster tits that I wanted to fuck you and feel up those huge melons. And the fact that you suck cock the best is a big plus."

By now the other guy had his cock in her cunt and was fucking her hard with every inch so the friend began to suck on her big nipples. He put his hands around one tit and did not even begin to cover the huge globe. Her tits were huge and firm with nipples like g****s sitting on top. Getting her tits sucked could make her cum and with a big cock in her cunt she was cumming fast for the men. As the big cock pounded her cunt and her tits were being sucked hard the other guy ran a hand down to her pussy and grabbed her clit and rolled it between two fingers making her scream. Even as she screamed and thrashed they did not let up and kept tit sucking and clit rubbing and cunt fucking her till she had cum running down her leg. Then the one man told his friend "Lay her on top of you and keep your cock in that cunt and I will get behind her and fuck her ass. She will really be screaming when we fill both holes and fuck her like she is being ****d." As the one guy pulled her on top of him with his cock in her cunt the other got behind her and rammed his cock into her ass. They then began fucking her hard and deep. The guy in her ass told the friend "Grab a nipple with your teeth and I will grab the other with my fingers. Let's ravage those big nips. Pull them and bite them."

As the guys fucked both holes and tortured her tits all she could do was scream as they fucked her. Even though they were biting and pulling her nipples she loved the thrill of both holes getting fucked like she was ****d. They had nice long thick cocks and they had them buried in both holes. The guy in her ass would pull his cock almost out the ram it back in doing this again and again so she felt really fucked hard. The guy on the bottom had his cock shoved in deep every time the ass fucker plunged in her. They had both cum before the fucking so they were able to stay hard and fuck for a long time. The guy on top looked at her and said "Is this enough fucking for you? You like to fuck and flaunt those huge tits don't you? You dressed ready to show off your big tits and bald cunt when you came to the beach. You was lucky to get two cocks. Now we are going to fuck you and keep you screaming. You like cock don't you? We are going to fill both holes with cum then piss it out of you. We are going to keep you here and fuck you all night. Ever have two cocks in your cunt fucking you together? Tonight is your lucky night." He then laughed and kept fucking her.

After quite a while the men then filled her holes with cum. When the one guy pulled his cock from her ass it was stretched wide and gaping. Cum was dripping out of it. It also looked red and sore. He smiled knowing they were just starting fucking this sexy big titted nympho. He then went to her mouth and stuck his cock in for her to lick clean and taste her ass on the big cock. The other guy before he pulled out of her cunt fiiled her full of his piss. Then the cum and the piss ran out of her. When she felt the piss going deep in her it felt warm and good on her sore cunt. The man with his cock in her mouth letting her lick him clean then filled her mouth with his piss and held her head so she had to swallow every drop. She knew this was just a start of the piss she would be filled with that night. But she loved cock and the piss was not that bad. Then as the other man went to her cunt and began to suck his friend's piss and cum from her cunt he told her "Piss for me baby. I want to drink your gold liquid. Fill my mouth as I taste you." Then his mouth covered her pussy as she filled him full with her gold nectar and watched him swallow it all.

The other guy grabbed her and told her "Now lets see how good those moster tits can fuck my big cock. Wrap them around me and fuck me till I cum then let my cum cover your mountains." He stood in front of her and she squeezed his cock with her big tits as he went back and forth. That night the two horny men fucked her holes several times and filled her full of piss and cum as she let them drink her piss and eat her cunt. They always had their hands or mouth on her tits also. They loved her monster jugs.
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11 months ago
Great beach story...very well written...nice
2 years ago
fucking hot storybabe!