The son part 2

He took the naked girl to the son's room. He would let his son have her then he would enjoy her more before he took her back to her street. She was young and beautiful and he wanted to fuck her more in every hole. He missed his wife who had died. He remembered how often he would fuck her every day. Now he found the local street sluts to bring home for his son to fuck. But this one was so pretty and loved fucking.

He opened the son's door to his room and brought the naked girl in. The naked dad still had a hard cock from the girl sucking him. The son was sitting naked in a wheel chair. Now she knew why the dad picked up girls for the son. She looked at the son's naked body. He had a big cock that was not yet erect. His cock and balls were shaved and she wondered if he shaved them or the dad. The dad then pulled her in front of the son and said "I have found you a sexy street slut to fuck. She has nice big tits and even a tighter cunt." The dad then put his hands under her tits and bounced them for the son. He spread her legs and said "Look at his nice pussy. It is yours today. I will help you do anything you want with her."

The dad then pushed her down to the boys cock and told her "You need to suck him and get him hard. Once his cock gets hard it will stay hard for hours. You will enjoy how big it gets. Now suck him deep into your throat." The dad then grabbed her head and put the boy's cock into her mouth and watched her suck him. As she sucked the boy's cock, the dad held her head tight so every inch of the son was in her throat. "Suck him hard. Enjoy that cock. Make him hard then make him cum." As she sucked on the cock the dad then rubbed her ass and then fingered fucked her. The girl had made the big cock hard and he heard his son moan and grab her head and face fuck her. She had his cock deep in her throat sucking him hard. When the boy filled her with cum he let out a loud scream. The dad then lowered the arms of the chair and sat the girl straddling the boys cock facing him. He helped position the cock so it slid into her wet cunt.

The dad told her "I want to see you moving your hips and fucking my son hard and deep. Feel his big cock go deep in your cunt and hump him hard." As the cock slid in her she felt his size fill her. She then tightened her muscles and began to really fuck the big hard cock. He felt good inside her and as she fucked him his mouth then grabbed a nipple and sucked her. His hands went to her ass and he pushed her down even further on the hard cock. He kissed an sucked on her tits as she fucked his cock deep. She loved the thick cock all the way inside her. She was a slut but was blessed with a tight cunt hole. As the son fucked her he yelled at the dad "Fuck her ass dad. Put your cock in her ass. Let's fill this sexy slut with our man size cocks." The dad then got behind the girl and pushed his cock in her ass. He heard the girl suck in her breath as he pushed his cock deep into her tight ass. Then both cocks began to fuck her holes. The son was also sucking her tits as he fucked her hard. Dad grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back and this arched her back as the son sucked the huge globes. As the son fucked the girl he got excited and began to nip her tits leaving small marks over them. He had covered her big mounds with many bruises and even the nipples before he filled her with cum. Then the dad filled her ass with cum.

The son then told the girl to turn and sit on his cock and he wanted it in her ass. She sat with her back to him and slid down on his still hard cock. He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock deep in her ass hole. His hands found her tits and began to massage and pinch them. Then he went down to her pussy and played with her clit before he pushed two fingers in her fuck hole. He went back and forth between her clit and her hole. When he felt her cum and scream he added two more fingers to her cunt and fucked her hard pressing her ass deep on his cock. Then the dad could watch no more so he came to her and pushed her head on his cock and then into her throat and she sucked him as the son fucked her ass and fingered her pussy. The dad yelled "Suck my cock. Show me what a good cocksucker you can be. Take every inch deep into your throat. Suck hard." He put his hand behind her head and held her tight so she had to suck him deep. Both mern fucked her for a long time before filling her with more cum.

The son then told the dad. "Place her over my lap. I think this slut will enjoy my ass whipping I shall give her." The dad laid the girl over his lap as both holes dripped with cum. He handed the son the board paddle. The son rubbed the girls ass then began to spank her hard. Each whack with the board left a welt on her sexy ass. He gave her twenty smacks before he put the board down. He rubbed her ass and looked at the well beaten ass. He loved whipping the girls and biting them and sending them home with his marks. Two months ago the girl was a freak and loved being whipped on her ass and tits. She begged for more and harder till her body was black and blue and bright red. She even brought her own riding crop and begged him to whip her pussy and clit. Whipping the girls made him feel strong and powerful and did not remind him that he was in a wheelchair and unable to walk.

He then looked at his dad and told him "I am done with this slut. You may have her for your fun now. Fuck her hard so when you set her back out on the street she will have trouble walking for the rest of the men to pick her up. Or lets keep her for a few more days as she is sexy and so pretty." The dad then took the girl and laid her on the couch. He told her "Get ready you sexy nympho. Daddy is going to fuck you hard and deep. I just love that tight wet pussy of yours and I will not forget your sweet ass either. We are going to fuck for a long time. Now spread those legs and show me that pussy. I am going to eat you till you are raw then fuck you with my fingers and my cock till you beg me to stop." The dad then began to eat the young girl and finger fuck her. He sucked on her clit and felt her cum many times. He even tongue fucked her cunt between finger fucking her. Just when she thought he was done he pressed his cock into her sore cunt and fucked her more. He took turns finger fucking her and cock fucking her. He had the stamina of a teen and the little pink pills kept his cock rock hard. His son laughed as the dad covered her face and tits with cum. He was using her every way he could tonight. And tomorrow the son would use her again too.

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