Office Slut

It was a ruff night and I needed to relieve my stress. I mean all this work in one day , shit I would love to work on my wife let alone work. I sighed continuing to sign the papers on my desk as the rain came down.
“Hello , Mr. Brinks.” Whispered Jade teasing a smile as she leaned on the door to my office.
“Hey , Jade. What do you want?” I asked not bothering to look at her. She was such an office slut , wearing
Her short skirts , buttoned down tops , and high heels , there was no reason to look at her when I already knew what kind of slut clothes she would wear. I was her boss and she would take full advantage of me by
Looking sexy so I could give her a raise or something , and it would obviously worked.
“Nothing really’s just when it rains my boyfriend and me like to fuck.” She whispered.
I was shocked by this info but I dared not to show it.
“Why’s that?” I asked.
“I’m scared of the rain , so when I suck him , the moaning makes me ignore the thunder.” She said so smoothly , as she ran her hand down her body. I suddenly felt hard. I hated when she did this to me. Talk dirty and leave me be , especially when I was so tensed and ready to go home an bang my wife ..I sighed.
“Does your wife hate the rain?” She asked walking up to me.
“No she loves the rain.”
“Oh ..why’s that?” She teased sitting on top of my desk.
“She likes to garden , she thinks the rain waters her rose bush.” As soon as I said that , her legs started to spread out wide , her heels touching the back of my chair , and her pussy in a good view facing my face.
I blushed the darkest red and was shocked that she wasn’t wearing any panties.
“How about you water my bush?” She asked smiling , unbuttoning her top to reveal her huge tits/
I hated temptation but it was in front of me and no one would have to know. I slowly got up and kissed her , sliding my hand down to her pussy feeling the wetness. I started rubbing her clitoris as she started moaning.
And soon thunder struck , her moans made me ignore the thunder and continue to rub faster till a full
Blast of cum released all over my hand. I started sucking on her neck wanting to leave a hickey just to prove to her boyfriend how big of a slut she was. I slowly started licking down her jaw , neck , to her fucking huge tits , slowly sucking on her nipple.
She was in a rush to take off my belt and I had no trouble with that. My dick came out as hard as wood and she just grinned at the sight beginning to rub it slowly. I soon inserted two fingers in her tight slit , and she started moaning a little louder at the pleasure. She rubbed even faster making me release pre-cum , she leaned her head down to suck the pre-cum off. She got up and bent down in front off me , showing her little ass hole to my hard cumming dick. She pressed her hands on the desk and I slowly charged in her ass. She made a ‘eeep’ sound and then started moaning as I bucked her hips into a comforting position. I started thrusting in and out , cupping my hand on her oversized breast , making the bounce.
“Oh yes! Fuck me , fuck me!” She screamed as I started thrusting faster.
“Fuck!” I yelled , her asshole was so tight. A few seconds and her ass was satisfy as I came in and took out quickly to see the throbbing and full head of cum.
She was excited on seeing the large amount of white goo , so she kneeled on the floor beginning to suck.
I gripped my hand on her hair as she sucked me off so slowly , causing me to have a short spasm. I reached down to smack her bare , huge , tan ass. She felt it as a sign to go faster. She sucked faster and faster , till a face of cum gave her a facial and made sure she wiped it off just to lick it off her hand.
I smiled like a fool as she stood up with a grin..
“Looks like someone’s getting a promotion.” She teased as she walked to my office bathroom… that bitch.
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