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My neighbor and me (intro)

I want to relay a story about what happened not long ago. It involves my neighbor and her step daughter and turned out to be the most erotic event in my life.

Let me introduce you to the players.

Me: A 63 year old widower for almost 6 years now. Needless to say, my sex life has not been that great except for the occassional bar-pick-up-one night stand. And lately even that hasn't come through often enough. So I'm content to log onto xhamster and have a date with my right hand.

Sarah: A 44 year old tall blond woman with a firm body and incredably large tits. (I'd have to guess about 44DD). She's divorced and lives next door to me with her step daughter.

Deb: Sarah's stepdaughter who is an incredible flirt. Her firm young figure is very distracting with her long legs and blossoming boobs.

Now for the last 3 years or so Sarah would occassionaly call me to do odd jobs around her house. You know, leaky faucet, some painting or helping to move furniture, that kind of stuff. Every month or so she'd bake me a pie to say thank you and drop it by after she got home from work. Every tiime she came to the door she was dressed impecably, blouse and blazer, straight skirt, dark hose and high heeled pumps. She would always smile, say thanks for helping and wiggle her tight ass back home. It never failed to give me a hard on and though I never made any advances toward her, she provided many nights of hot wanking material.

Then one afternoon I was just finishing up some painting in the upstairs hallway when Deb came bounding up the stairs.
"Hi Tom", she said. "Hey Deb", I replied as she headed for her room.
I had about half an hour's work to do and was busy touching up the base board when I heard a soft moan coming from Deb's room. I didn't think too much of it until I heard it again. I put down my brush a walked to Deb's bedroom door which was slightly open. I peeked inside and what I saw made my jaw drop.
There was Deb, splayed out on her bed, dressed only in garterbelt, sheer black nylons and a pair of spike heeled pumps. My cock jumped. Deb was fucking her hairless pussy with the handle of a hairbrush. I couldn't look away and instead pulled my now erect cock out of my pants and stroked it. Deb was oblivious to my presence and was furiously pounding her twat with the brush until she heard the sound of a car door slamming. Her eyes suddenly opened and saw me watching her. "Shit!" she said, "Mom's home". I stuffed my cock back in my pants and mumbled something like "I'm sorry."

to be continued-

Posted by storm618 2 years ago
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