On hiking trail in front of 18 girl scouts...

I have been debating about what experience I should share with you today. Or if I should just continue chronologically from my last post. Well I may just bounce around a little. I have to tell you about the time I went on a hike.

I had every intention of going on this hike specifically to go jerk off. If someone happened by while I was jacking great. I had hoped to be caught in the act anyways. By this point I had been jacking off in public for about a 2 years now and become quite proficient. I had been perfecting my "art." Developed quite a list of women and girls that I jacked off in front of, and a multitude of places and ways that I had exposed myself while stroking my cock and cumming in front of girls. Damn my cock is getting hard just remembering this...

I had grown bolder and bolder in the ways I would show off to my audience. I would try to be as naked as possible when I would stroke for my girls. Being in public that wasnt always an option but I would try to be as nude as possible. Living in Los Angeles, CA it was easy to be in short and tee shirts due to our great climate. Well in store ahead was a weekend of great weather and I was horny as always.

I went to a hiking trail that I began to frequent after this day. One which I still stroke to, and gets me horny like fucking mad. Again this day I was wearing shorts and a tank top and walking boots. As I said before I had every intention to take some time to cum while on this hike. If I had an opportunity for an audience even better. This hiking trail was great I had great egress if needed to leave quickly. Here in CA, I could be arrested for doing what I was doing in front of these girls. But I would get so hard just thinking about doing it I didnt care.

This trail was short but inclined and a roundabout. Meaning it meet back at a certain point to return its way out. The trail went around a small hill with a few trees. I started my walk and was already playing with my cock. Well this hill I referred to was right where the trail split, it was guarded by some small shrubs and a couple of tall shade trees. As I approached the area I thought I heard some faint voices and I perked up in a couple ways. When I got to the cutoff I thought I saw someone coming down the hill. I caught a glimpse of 2 possibly 3 girls walking. What a perfect opportunity to cum as I wanted and in front of these girls.

I stepped up to the shade trees. They were perfect cover. They were at the trail head. Providing the perfect amount of cover to make it look accidental and still be covered enough to where they couldnt see until the last moment. In full glory and no chance to duck and hide. All or nothing. The all being me cumming for the girls and nothing being nothing on at all. I got hard as I began to strip away my shirt and shorts. I had just shaved my cock that morning and loved to jerk off right afterward. So smooth and soft, love it. I began to stroke and was getting harder with every second. I was hearing more voices and thought that it was echoes off the canyon wall. I peaked from behind the tree. When I did I saw that this was a group of girls. I dont want to be watched by dudes. For me not a turn on. I had to decide quickly to stop or continue. I didnt see any guys so I made the choice to continue and go for it.

I was totally hard and ready to cum. Excited that it was going to be more than I had ever jerked off in front of before. I still had no idea of how many. Where I was standing was a gentle curve to the trail that turned away from me. The girls were getting close and so was I. To my amazement the group was huge, I counted 15 girls and 3 women chaperones. At first they didnt see me. One of the girls in the front turned around to say something to one of the girls behind her and that was it. She gasped, point towards me and screamed look! Of course I was already stroking my cock and I was totally hard and ready to cum. It was perfect all girls and 3 Moms. It was something to see them turn towards me in unison. It only took a couple strokes before I was blowing my cum so hard. It was great to see these girls forget how to walk as they bunched up as I was standing in front of them stroking and cumming for all to see. The chaperones made the girls continue on down the trail and some continued to look back at me. I happily continued to show off until they couldnt see me any longer. I pulled on my shorts and tank top. I knew my escape route and I immediately made for my car. I got back to my car jumped in and drove away. I was so jazzed and excited. As I drove down the street from this spot where I had just finished jacking off in front of 18 girls and women, I passed a bus. A bus that held my audience and they had no idea that I was driving past as they got on. I wonder what stories they would tell. I wonder if that earned them a different kind of merit badge...hahaha. More in my next post. Enjoy. find my blog, xhamster.com/user/stonecoldbluff/blog
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