Caught the neighbor in jacuzzi

When I was a young man, just learning about girls, during summer break from school I was doing my chores around the house. I had many hours every day where I was home by myself. I was taking the trash out to the alley one day and heard the neighbors jacuzzi bubbling next door to my house. There was a wooden fence atop the brick wall between the two homes. There were a few spots in the fencing where I could peer into the neighbors yard and see what was going on. I heard some noise coming from the hot tub. Finding one of the spots in the fencing I saw the lady of the house getting out of the jacuzzi. Due to the fencing I could only see her legs until she was further away from the wall and tub. As she walked toward the garage I noticed a outside wall shower head. By this point I could she her entire body as she walked. Almost instantly I was hard as I could see she had no top on. She went over to the wall shower and turned on the water. Now she was a tall woman of 5'11", probably 36DD tits and a great figure, with curly blonde hair. Very beautiful woman indeed. Before walking into the stream of water she dropped her bikini bottoms and I nearly came. There was this smoking hot woman nude in her backyard under the sunshine of the summers day. Needless to say I was very excited. This was the first time I had seen a naked woman in person other than pictures. I grabbed my cock through my shorts and began stroking. While my neighbor was showering off, I came so hard and fast that I think she realized I was watching. Off went the water and she made her way into the house. Every day for the next 2 weeks I was out in the backyard checking to see if she was in the jacuzzi. I was hoping to catch her again and when I didnt I would jackoff either there against the wall or standing in the yard. I would take my shorts down and rub my cock until I came. Within about 3 days of not seeing my neighbor in the backyard, I realized that I really loved jacking off in the backyard. At this point I would take off my shorts as I got hard and cum fast then run back into the house. I did this probably twice a day for a week. I grew more bold and finally left my shorts in the house before walking out into the backyard completely naked. I was totally hard as I walked out the door. I would walk around the backyard for sometimes 20-30 minutes. Always ending in a huge orgasm before going back inside the house. I never caught the neighbor outside in the jacuzzi again. But that started my love of being naked outside and cumming in full view of anyone that happened by. The alley behind my house was not well traveled but the were a couple times that a car drove past while I was jacking off in the backyard. I would cum very hard and then return to the house. What a fun summer that was, I had discovered what was to become a life long passion and pursuit. Feel free to comment...thx
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Be careful! thanks!
2 years ago
Awsome story. Nice to see I'm not the only guy that loves to tugg one off in the back yard. :)
3 years ago
love it, shame there wasnt anymore about your neighbour.