Panties upskirt and stocking fetish beginings

It all started years ago, I guees before I even remember. I used to watch my eldest s****r get ready to go out. I guess I was about 9 or 10, she would be about 24 or 25, she would parade around the house doing hair and make up in just a bra and her slip, under her slip she often wore stocking suspenders and panties... and they could clearly be seen through the slip. I would sit uncomfortably nursing a little hard on (I was young it was only
So that is where the stockings and suspenders (much more than hold ups) fatish came from... i love seeing tops of stockings darker bands (I could clearly make these out through my s****rs slip) and the bumps/ridges suspenders make (again as seen with the slip.
I had many fantasises about girls and women in stockings from then on, but my upskirt and panties/knickers fetish came not long after....
We lived in a terraced house which had an unadopted road at the back, and was pretty much only used by the residents.... so few cars went down there. We had a next door neighbour the same age as my youngest s****r who is 4-5 yrs older than me, and this neighbour... (lets call her Georgina)was a very attractive girl with a good bust and bum i guess size 12-14 ish.... not fat not skinny...
Well I did like her and we all played games on our back street.... and i loved watching her breasts bounce and ass wiggle as she ran round.
In summer her and her mum would sit on this back street sunbathing in deckchairs, and the sun used to set over the front of the houses, so from 12 onwards her and her mum would face towards the house.
I used to wash up for my mum and often play in the sink with my plastic toy soldiers and cowboys... so when i was about 10 I was looking out the window at this 14-15 year old girl sunbathing... so many times she would lift the dress or skirt up her legs to get a better tan, as you know deckchairs make the knees higher than the ass... so when she was dozing drifting asl**p he legs would part and I would be rewarded with a perfect glimpse of her panties.... I must of seen every pair she had...
I used to push my cock against the kitchen cupboard door and loved the feeling. A few yrs later still fantasising about her, I now had the back bedroom, and used my Grandad's old binoculars to spy on her, and play with my cock... she was the reason for my first ever orgasm, I thought I was peeing myself and it came out so thick and creamy and made me shudder.... the first of many wanks over her and others.
A few years later I got very naughty, and one evening I walked down our garden and could reach next doors washing line over the small fence, i pocketed a pair of Georgina's panties.... rushed home and wrapped them round my cock rubbing the gusset over the head and tip putting pre cum where her pussy had been. I made myself come so hard, then hid the panties to use again.
over the next few weeks/months, I stole more and years I stole more panties... Linda's and my favourites Jill.... she was stunning gorgeous figure and prettiest panties. I stole stockings too and loved the feel of them on my cock as i rubbed one out.

More stories (all true) about stockings panties upskirts relatives and wanking to follow.... Hope you enjoyed
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14 days ago
Great story our sisters don't realise what they did to us.
3 years ago
Great, sounds similar to how I got started.