An experemental day in manchester PT3

Slowly i felt his thumb pop into my arsehole past my sphincter,then slip fully in upto the knuckle,jesus,my cock was rock hard dribbling a steady stream of pre-cum as he began to slowly pump it in and out of my tight hole conflicting feelings flashing round my head from guilt, to the heart thumping horniness,of the situation.I fet his hair brush my thigh as he leant around me to take the tip of my throbbing cock in his mouth,slowly slurping my pre-cum as i sank down his throat,I thought I was going to faint.He sucked me greedily as his thumb pistoned in and out of my tingling arse.
My cock slid out of his mouth and he commented.
"Think your ready to be fucked mate don't you?"
I nodded,he led me over to the bed and bent me over.
"wait I want to watch" I said rolled onto my back gripping my Knees and pulling them upto my shoulders giving him a glorious view of my now stained Knickers purple balls and rock hard cock slapped onto my belly.He stood taking in this sight for a moment rubbing his thick cock,he came over and began rubbing his bellend on my entrance as i watched, my heart thumping.It felt warm solid and wet.his hips began to push at me I winced,this is gonna hurt I thought,then he held a bottle under my nose my heart raced,so,he had come prepared too!Slowly the head popped into my arse then in one fluid slide he was in.i watched as his pubic hair slid upto my balls the shaft of his cock sliding easily in and out of me what a feeling!Another hit from the bottle then I was wanking like fury as he slapped up against my arse gruntingI began to twitch,i was coming I errupted six or seven spurts on my belly,knickers and skirt,I coul feel him spasm in my arse then felt his load empty into me. panting him softening in me.As I left I gave him the soaked knickers"you can keep them as a memento"
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