an experimental day in manchester PT2

...I pushed back on his foreskin revealing his glistening glans,he stood and lifted off my t-shirt and i stood spread eagle against the wall wearing nothing but the thin white thong knickers he stood and reached around me to pinch at my nipples,I never realised how horny this made you! I was certainly learning!He pullled me to him,he was actually panting,I felt his cock push between my legs and slide up against my throbbing leaky shaft,I looked down and saw a pearl of pre-cum rolling down the head,I scooped this up with my finger and tasted it,kinda salty.he had reached down and was pulling down on my balls and slowly sliding his hand up and down my cock.
"wait I've got an idea" he panted.he went over to the bed removed the pillow case and ripped the bottom out of it.
"a mini skirt for my slut" I clicked on slid into it pulling it up so my arse cheeks were showing.
one more thing,he disapeared in to the bathroom.
whilst he was gone I had an idea of my own,I pulled down my knickers grabbed the thong at the back tearing it to make two elastic thongs to go either side of my arse like a jockstrap.I positoned myself bent over a footstool,on his return he was greeted with a miniskirted arse and my now more than willing puckered arsehole framed by two thongs leading over my arse cheeks down to my purple balls which I had tied a lace round,then to my cotton clad weeping cock which I was rubbing rythmicly through my knickers
"ohhhh,fuckin'perfect "I heard,and glanced round to see he was naked and rubbing his obviously lubed cock,he came over rubbing his hands over my arse,stopping with his thumb making circles over my twitching arse hole,leang down behind me he pulled my knickers to one side and began rubbing my cock with his free hand lubing me nice and slick.
"man your arseholes tight" he said as the pressure from his thumb increased.TBC
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2 years ago
Clearly shown how fucking happens...briefly and to the point.