More Fun With An Asslock Cock Ring

Hi here's a couple more Asslock Cockring stories, I hope you enjoy them.

The first one happened a few weeks ago when I found myself feeling desperately horny and a little twitchy with need. Sadly poor Wifey was right in the middle of her monthly, plus she was still suffering with an awful bout of thrush. Sensing my odd mood she asked if I was OK, I couldn't help but mention to her that I badly needed to cum, "yes you do!" she said. Happily she selflessly offered to make much of me with her tongue, fingers, and mouth while I wore my new toy the Ass lock Cock Ring.

Once upstairs with the curtains closed I excitedly stripped off, then naked from the waist down wearing only a thin T-shirt I slipped on the ALC and lay down on the cool Laura Ashley quilt cover on our bed. The little gas wall heater was burbling away in the background making the bedroom agreeably warm for a change, bless her! she really was spoiling me. Feeling a little pang of conscience I mentioned to her that I felt rather selfish, she told me not to worry "it's OK" she said "just think how much pleasure you unselfishly give me" "But that's something that I love to do" I told her" "I know, I know!" she said "Don't worry, just relax and enjoy yourself for a change".

I must admit that the thought of her making me cum began to take over, I was almost fully and excitingly erect, so with a shrug I gave in and readied myself for pleasure. Wifey noticed I was already leaking a little pre cum, she ran her finger up my cock to catch the silver trail then she rubbed it in a circular motion over my swollen glans creating a maddeningly strange but pleasant sensation that made me feel like a little like I was gonna pee. With bated breath I selected a sexy video on my iPod and waited....... to be made much of.

The video I choose was I think from the 1970's, my favourite porn era, I was brought up and er! off!on a steady diet of 'Color Climax', 'Swedish Erotica' and the like. This video depicted an ahem! 'lightly restrained' guy being voluptuously tossed off by a beautiful blond haired, sluttily eye shadowed 70's chick dressed in a sexy black outfit. Enjoying much dirty talk from her he was 'f***ed' to watch another more formally dressed blond beauty stripping off and eventually masturbating herself tantalizingly only inches from his face, Mmmmm! Lovely! just my cup of tea. Wifey laid beside me with one of her legs d****d heavily across both of mine, pinning me down in effect she began to milk out my cum. I have to say I found the thought of being held down again quite thrilling, still something quite new to me, I felt I was slowly succumbing to the appeal of bondage.

Clamping her warm 'n' wet mouth over my engorged glans she began sucking hard as she wanked my swollen cock, then instinctively slipping one finger of her free hand under my balls she started gently tugging on the ALC's steel ring in time with her wanking strokes making the steel ball in my bum hole jiggle around like crazy. The pressure on the ring increased squeezing hard at the root of my cock which felt fantastic! I honestly didn't know where to look for the best, concentrating hard to prolong this exquisite agony of pleasure as long as I could I divided my attention equally between the action on the iPod screen and what was being done to me.

Nearing my orgasm I was drawn almost hypnotically away from the on screen action toward my by now frankly huge looking cock. Coupled with Wifeys expert manipulations and the squeezing effect of the ALC my balls were massively swollen leaving little travel for her wanking strokes. I couldn't believe just how outrageous my cock looked, purple, glistening, huge and super veiny, almost as if it were about to burst. I felt a little like a pornstar as the wet friction of her pounding hand, her lovely mouth sucking me hard, and the wonderfully sexy smell of saliva on skin all worked together to extract my cum, I was in heaven!.

Sensing I was on the last lap Wifey teasingly took her warm wet mouth from my glans with a plopping sort of sound. Slowing down and eventually stopping those sublime strokes she turned and looked up at me with a strange pleading yet knowing expression on her pretty face. Hmmm! this was something new, I let out an involuntary groan followed by a long ragged sigh and wondered just what was gonna happen next, my cock was visibly twitching in her hand, right on the edge, almost ready to shoot.

Knowing I was mere putty in her hands she smiled and started stroking again, slowly at first, eventually building up to a truly merciless pace, I was concious of her leg holding me down with a will! A track by the Medieval Babes "Adam Lay Y'bounden" ran through my mind, I found myself really enjoying this new and unique feeling. Being as it were 'restrained' is something that's never held any interest or attraction for me, but now with her leg across mine holding me down, plus that bit of teasing and the brief denial before taking me to the peak of my fulfilment I felt I was beginning to understand it's appeal more and more.

Trying to hold back so I could prolong the feeling just a little longer I watched her closely, completely memorized by the sheer speed of her wanking hand I watched it getting faster and faster until it became a blur. Over the wet cock strokes I heard her breathlessly say "Are you gonna spunk for me Chrissie.... Are you?....ARE YOU! ?" "Ohh! God Yesss!" I said then rising up in a paroxysm of pure pleasure at last I came spurting huge gobs of cum crazily upward, forward, backward.... and sideways!. Lost in the throes of one of the best orgasms I've ever had my hot cum was flying everywhere, most of it landing on my bare tensed legs, my feet, and some on Wifey's pinning leg, her wanking hand, plus a little in her hair.

As it subsided I drew in a long shuddering breath, shivering a little I relaxed my taut limbs bit by bit as I basked in the warm post orgasm afterglow. I dimly remember wishing that she'd taken my cum into her mouth so I could have kissed it back from her, but you can't have everything.................Can You!?.

Another fine Asslock Cockring session I was lucky enough to experience took place after a three days sexual abstinence, a long time for yours truly. Finally getting the chance to be together Wifey and I had some truly great bodily contact during which I'd happily done all the usual wonderful licking, fingering, vibing, and sucking things I love to do to her while she hungrily watched a new Lesbian 'tribbing' vid.

After she'd cum enough (around s*******n times!)she remarked that her mouth had become a little dry, laughing she told me that my cock seemed to have soaked up all her saliva, Hmmm! what to do? as a matter of fact suddenly I knew exactly what to do. From our bedside drawers I got out the small sample bottle of non absorbing and very slippy lube that came with my 'fleshlight' sex in a can and poured it over my straining cock. I have to say that being wanked with this lube all over my cock felt bl**dy fantastic, I'd been missing out, what a feeling, almost frictionless, I made a mental note to buy a full bottle.

I found myself adopting a slightly different position than I normally do due to my dodgy back playing me up a little more than usual, however this seemed to push the ALC into a different orientation, more forward than upward it tickled the inside of my bum just right. I watched very closely again as Wifey cradled my heavy balls in one hand, then with her other hand she skilfully administered some truly gorgeous long slow sensuous strokes, next changing up a gear or two she switched to short, quick, and very cummy strokes wanking me hard, again without mercy.

Thanks to the ALC's downward pressure my cock looked bl**dy enormous, my nostrils were still full of the wonderful scent of her c**t so I let my new 'sub' imagination run wild again. She was gonna milk me, Oh Yes!, I couldn't stop her, I didn't WANT! to stop her, SHE was gonna take it from me, I was gonna 'tribute' my 'mistress' (Oh dear!) and reward her with my hot thick spunk, I dearly hoped that this time that she'd take it in her mouth and kiss it back to me?.

Wifey turned toward me and looking up smiled mischievously, knowing I was eagerly watching what she was doing to me she obligingly hammed it up a little for my benefit. Licking at my engorged rose red glans with quick little 'Color Climax' style flicks of her tongue she looked great!, the epitome of a horny female. Speeding up her strokes even more she took me right to the peak. It felt soooo! good, the ALC rocked 'n' rolled inside me. Pure Bliss! I was desperately trying to hang on the edge again, holding in my cum for as long as possible to prolong the moment, as usual I wanted to cum, but I didn't want it to end either.

Then amazingly I could see droplets of runny liquid coming out of my cock, quite large quantities too, but without any feeling, for a moment I thought I was starting to pee, translucent and thinner than cum, but thicker than water, and vaguely white-ish in color, more and more of it ran from my cock. I didn't have time to wonder what was going on as I could feel an almighty orgasm beginning to overwhelm me, Dune's "Usul has summoned a BIG one" briefly ran through my mind, then suddenly I was cumming, this time properly. I tried as hard as I could to hold it back, but I just couldn't, I had to let it out, whatever was going on it felt wonderful!. Usually this 53 year old only has around five to eight spasms and spurts of cum when orgasming, but this time I counted at least eleven WOW!.

When it was over wifey looked in sheer disbelief at the huge gobs of spunk on her hand clinging, thickly to and hanging from her fingers
"B-L-I-M-E-Y!" she said. I'd pretty much soaked her pale blue dressing gown we were laid upon (to catch her squirt) There was a dark spreading patch made by the 'runny stuff' with the majority of my normal pearly coloured cum sort of resting on the top...Too Weird!

Wifey broke the spell, "Well!" she said wiping her hand clean on the dressing gown she quipped, " that's definitely going into the wash " LOL!.


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great story
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That is on hot story mate. Lucky to have your wife take care of you like that. Lot of women would not.