Fun With An Asslock Cock Ring

'Manually' wanking while wearing an Asslock Cock ring is heavenly, every stroke pulls upward and presses downward onto the root of my cock deliciously rocking the steel ball backwards and forwards in my bum, almost in a see-saw motion.

It's a pure 'Goldilocks' or should I say 'Goldicock's' combination which feels really amazing, as an analogy it feels like something akin to say greedily sucking on one of those round lollipops while sliding it quickly in and out of your mouth. Sadly I've come quite late in life to the joys of seri arse bum lovin', but I'm making up for lost time with this super bit of kit.....and E-Stim of course.

Soooo! here's a quick description of how an Asslock Cockring fits so well into an ahem! 'solo' wanking scenario, this happened just a few days after I first got my 'trailer hitch' LOL!. Having read so much about it I was really excited at the prospect of 'spanking my monkey' while wearing my new steel toy, I chose our relatively warm living room as the venue. Stripping down to just my black 'I love MILF's'(and I most certainly DO! love 'em) T-Shirt I slipped it over my still flaccid lubed package before sitting on the edge of our settee in horny anticipation.

Surprisingly I quite enjoyed how the cool black leather felt against my warm naked buttocks, kinky or what?. For inspiration I selected a suitably arousing lesbian centric adult movie via our laptop, mentally filing and logging it for the hopefully soon to be thrush and monthly free wifey to view as I licked her. It's a corker! based around a rather tired, but nonetheless exciting scenario featuring two very attractive women, and later of course a man.

One of the women is a married forty something experienced blond housewife type with lesbian tendencies, plus a penchant for younger women. The second one is an attractive petite little dark haired younger twenty something staying over at the older woman's home. Inexperienced and curious she is 'caught' in the act of rather clumsily pleasuring herself while watching an adult video she finds belonging to the older woman and her husband.

The older woman turned on by what she's witnessing promptly decides to show the younger woman how it's done by taking her onto her knee and demonstrating the correct technique. A short time later Ms petite is writhing around in total ecstasy under the older experienced woman's sexual ministrations, cathcing on quickly she wantonly thrusts her pussy onto the older woman's hand while emitting delicious little sighs 'n' moans as she is lovingly and expertly fingered again and again to orgasm.

Mrs experience thoroughly enjoys pleasuring her newest recruit, while curling her free arm around the younger woman she shows off a beautifully manicured sexy hand which naughtily squeezes and tweaks at the nipple of one breast while her hot moth sexily licks and sucks the nipple of the other, in between beautiful lesbian tongue kisses of course. Then inevitably hubby walks in on them both and joins in, the whole thing ending with the lucky guy fucking both of them together-Lovely!.

Wifey sat nearby observing me, as I watched the on screen action unashamedly wanking myself with my own spit lubed hand I could her her breathing increase and deepen. It was a hugely erotic experience, I was keenly aware of the musky aroma of saliva on skin, the almost obscene wet sliding sound as my hand travelled up and down my engorged cock, the moist shine, the sounds of sex from the video, plus the thought of being watched by wifey as I made myself cum, it all added to my arousal even more promising a very happy and messy ending.

Suddenly feeling an urgent need to get it over with and spunk I began wanking in earnest, quickly building up to what used to be called the 'vinegar strokes' I was wanking so fast my hand was almost a blur, it could only end one way, and soon!. Legs wide apart back ever so slightly arched (that dodgy back! gotta be careful) the Asslock Cock Ring's steel ball gently pumping into my bum I knew I wasn't gonna last long. I could feel my orgasm began to build, creeping over my body in delicious sensuous waves, shivering little pin pricks of pleasure began to travel all the way from my shoulders and collarbones, down my torso, and into my cock.

Wifey instinctively sensing I was gonna shoot came closer and knelt down beside me holding my discarded white boxers in her hand under my cock ready to catch my impending load, a rather practical housewifey thing to do, no doubt with the intention of saving the carpet from being jizzed upon, however it had the effect of turning me on even more. Looking right into my eyes she placed one warm moist hand on my thigh, then sliding it toward my groin she tucked a finger under the steel ring and began rhythmically tugging it counterpointing my wanking strokes, she knows just how to press my pleasure buttons, the product of a long and happy marriage?.

She was so close to me now, I was sure despite her monthly I could smell the musky heady scent of her arousal which I adore. I began to imagine that she was face sitting me, her lovely c**t wet and open over my face, my tongue thrusting up into those scented folds as I held her bum cheeks apart, spreading open her labia with my mouth and nuzzling her clit.

"Wank yourself, she said, Make yourself cum, That's it....Yeah! Go for it!, I want you to Cum for me.....Cum!.. Cum!... NOW!". Her horny words had the desired effect tipping me right over the edge into orgasm, I heard myself saying "Ohhhh! Y-e-a-h! I'm....gonna.... spunk....Mmmm! Kiss me!.... Kiss me while I cum". Kissing is sooo! sexy, but sadly it seems overlooked and underrated in porn, such a shame!.

Pulling her mouth to mine I gently, teasingly, tongue kissed with her for what seemed like an eternity, hanging onto the edge as long as I could, like Gandalf on The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm in LOTR, but I just had to let it go. With an explosive Ahhhhhh! I came so hard I thought I was gonna pass out, the Asslock Cockring enhancing every... cum... pumping... contraction was almost f***ed out of my spasming bum. I watched fascinated as wifey expertly caught the hot dripping cum that spilled heavily onto my white boxers, making a sort of phat! phat!phat! noise as it hit the material. I noticed it was almost ivory in color and very thick.

What a result! after THAT! I could see the Asslock Cockring becoming a regular fixture in our future bodily contact sessions, I already loved it as much as my stim gear.


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