A Sub Awakes

Quite recently I was lucky enough to experience a little more Wifey hand action, discover a vibrator for guys, and wake up my inner sub. I'd been checking out some E-stim videos now gaining popularity on the internet. One here at X-Hamster called 'My cock Cum electro Estim' especially piqued my interest as it showed a guy stimming while using an unusual looking vibrator.

This vibe didn't look like the usual vibrator offerings from the sex industry, about as large as a hair dryer it was hand held, mains powered and dark brown in colour, like it was made from Bakelite. This gave it an old fashioned 1960's sci-fi look reminiscent of early transistor technology seen in the original 'Star Trek' series. It was bulky too and sported a conical side mounted attachment which flared outward like a miniature trumpet, the inner concave section was an almost perfect ergonomic match for the glans of the penis.

This guy also had two large tens pad type of electrodes placed on the underside of his cock which looked more like the pads from a 'Slendertone' device than 'trodes bundled with commercial stim gear. After a few quick wanking strokes to 'firm up' he left the majority of his foreskin still covering the glans and pressed the flared trumpet attachment of the vibe firmly against the head of his uncut cock and switched both units on. Within seconds he was cumming like crazy, his cock and pelvic area rhythmically contracting as he unloaded his cum onto a white towel WOW!.

I'm a happily married straight guy yet I can't deny the excitement I feel when I see cocks in action, I can fully appreciate the sheer erotic impact a stiff 'n' spunking cock brings to the table. I really adore watching guys being wanked swiftly to orgasm by a pretty woman too, it's sooo! horny. The video made an enormous impression on me and I grew rock hard as I watched leaking enough pre cum to make a small wet patch on my jogging bottoms.

I watched it many times trying to figure out just how this guy managed to cum so intensely and so swiftly. Finally I concluded that it must be the vibe doing the business as I came across some other videos of him using it without the tens pads. I thought I would do a little research on this potent bit of kit he was using, maybe I could get one to use on myself, and if I were lucky Wifey too!. After looking around on the internet I discovered that the vibe in question was very similar to what used to be called a 'Doc Johnson' vibe, possibly based on a 'Pifco' body massager from as long ago as the 1950's.

The 'Pifco' was marketed in various forms and guises, sometimes toward athletes in a sports massage type role, sometimes to relieve stress or rheumatic aches 'n' pains, other times in a beauty role as a facial toning massager for women. Many 'Pifco' owners soon discovered the pleasures of using their 'massager' for 'relief' on other body areas which gave it a bit of a cult following, I even came across one very like a 'Pifco' proudly on display in a sex toy museum in I think Holland...Where else?

Sadly as far as I can tell they're no longer in production, neither in the original 'Pifco' incarnation or as a 'Doc Johnson' sex vibe. However looking around on Ebay I did find several Pifco's plus some variants, but they were going for silly money. Sellers were asking upwards of £30 for a 1950/60's example, even more for the brightly coloured 1970's versions which had a squarish less organic (orgasmic?) appearance

I didn't pursue any as I wouldn't feel entirely comfortable plugging something of that vintage into the mains, after possibly years of slumber I seriously doubted if one would survive a sudden blast of 240 volts. The sellers were quite cagey in their descriptions too with ambiguous phrases such as 'a true collectors item in great condition, still in the original box with all attachments' etc. I couldn't find any that mentioned if they actually still worked, that said I'm currently looking out for an example on Ebay that's described as working to use on myself, sooo! watch this space.

Then a little later I remembered that I'd seen something like this vibe in one of the many Lesbian videos I have in my collection to stir Wifey into action. Like many women she has a strong liking for Lesbian sex on video, she especially adores to watch it while I make her cum with my toungue, fingers, and a vibe. Sadly however she has no interest in pursuing a real world Lesbian experience preferring instead to stand on the sidelines of Lesbian activity content in the role of a spectator. Anyway I found an absolute beauty right up Wifey's street which was hopefully where it would get me more on that later.

This super and very sexy video featured a pair of gorgeous young women, Ashlyn Rae, and the truly beautiful Faye Reagan. These porn veterans were portrayed in the movie as being a little naive and just blossoming into full womanhood. While on a sl**pover they spot the younger of the two's mum enthusiastically getting herself off solo enjoying cum after cum using a body massager just like the described Pifco pressed onto her pussy. Curiosity aroused they sneak into her room to check it out for themselves while enjoying a little 'dressing up' fun trying on mum's classy sexy underwear.

Things take a more sexual twist when both girls slip on mum's tight sexy corsets 'n' basque's complimented with matching elbow length gloves, silk stockings, and sussies. Faye Reagan's shoulder length chestnut brown hair swept to the side in an almost 1940's style perfectly suited the sexy black basque she'd chosen while Ashlyn Rae's slightly shorter black hair curling into sexy ringlets at the ends in a style very reminiscent of women from the 'Pride And Prejudice' era, perfectly suited the virginal looking white basque she chose.

Things begin innocently enough, both tenderly exploring the feminine curves 'n' contours of each others nubile young bodies accompanied by shy girly giggles and breathy sighs, which soon turn into unmistakable low pitched moans of arousal . It isn't long before they find out why mum was having such a great time with the vibe either, just one tiny touch in the right place was enough for them to discover the joys of this potent bit of kit and they wasted no time in making each other cum over and over until they were exhausted.

On the pretext of showing Wifey this 'Pifco vibe' in a female situation I got her to take a look at the video which happily (for me) had the desired effect. "Mmmm! give me a few minutes to freshen up and follow me upstairs". "Don't bother freshening up" I said, "But I'm not fresh" she protested, unusually she hadn't showered all weekend and insisted that she wouldn't be clean enough for a oral. "Will you just vibrate me?. Not exactly what I had in mind, I just nodded and followed her upstairs, my hungry lust decided that for now it would just have to be content with those few crumbs.

Once in our bedroom I tried to keep my mind free off any erotic thoughts until I'd I slipped my balls and cock through the KY jelly lubed steel ring of my new fave toy the Asslock Cock Ring. You have to put it on while still flaccid otherwise it would be like trying to thread a needle with a sausage....followed by two golf balls!. Once that was done I twisted the whole thing backwards between my legs relaxing my anal sphincter muscles to allow it's cold steel ball an easy entry into my bum.

I pressed it's curved steel rod snugly into position enjoying it's cool pressure all the way along my perineum, squeezing my buttocks together nicely tightened everything up making the steel ball nudge gently against my prostate. Squeezing harder still increased the pressure of the ring around the root of my cock making the veins thicken and stand out which looked as fuckin' horny as hell!. Then I coated my straining cock with some Astroglide lube stroking the slippy substance up and down it's length while admiring it's shiny lustre over my swollen glans which gave me a nice little additional thrill of pleasure.

Wifey fired up the iPod, placed a pillow behind her head, and made herself comfortable. Next with a slow fluid motion of her hips she spread her legs wide wantonly exposing her swollen pussy to my fevered gaze. Staring straight into my eyes she wet her fingers with saliva and casually parted her swollen labia with them making my cock throb with anticipation. "Are you ready?" she asked

Heart gently pounding with excitement I came to her switching on the tiny vibe while assuming the classic sixty nine position. Staring lustily upwards at her already dripping c**t I suddenly felt a little mischievous so I took a chance and pushed my face up right against her moist opening deeply inhaling that glorious scent before tonguing all along her slippery gash. Of course Wifey protested trying to close her legs "What are you doing? I told you I'm not clean enough to be licked, stop it!!.....don't!.......You can't!"..... Mmmmmmm!....Ohhh! you're encourageable"

Too late! - by now I had her labia spread wide with my thumb and forefinger while my tongue probed right inside her unwashed puss with the vibe buzzing away at her clit. She stopped protesting seemingly resigned to being pleasured even in her unwashed state. Shivering a little she drew in a long ragged breath, then relaxing into it she let out a lustful groan and began to wipe her pussy up and down on my face bucking gently against my mouth as she abandoned herself to my probing tongue and the sweet vibrations.

As she said she wasn't exactly fresh, however I inhaled the scent of her lovely c**t as if it were perfume, she tasted wonderful too. There was much to be said for not washing for a couple of days, it reminded me of that group of people who insist on not washing their hair maintaining that after a couple of weeks you don't need to any more as the scalp is self cleaning. I've heard this can be the case with the vagina too, from my experience of this and other little unwashed interludes I'm inclined to agree! unwashed is GOOD!.

My aching cock was becoming desperate for some attention so I pushed my hips gently forward tensing and relaxing my PC muscles a couple of times making it bob up and down against her waist....she got the message. Without taking her eyes from the Lesbo action on the iPod screen Wifey slowly coated her hand with saliva, her tongue making a wet squelching sound which sounded obscenely sexual, then at last she reached out to hold me. Shivering from her touch I felt her wet hand squeeze my glans tightly before sliding down a little to wank my restrained cock. The motion made the steel ball on the Asslock Cock Ring jiggle around inside me to which my cock gratefully responded swelling even more....Heavenly!.

Up for a little dirty talk Wifey asked me "Is my clit big in your mouth?, is it swollen?, does it look like a little "prick?" . Yes! I told her "It's fuckin' huge, just like a dirty... stiff... little....prick!" and it was!. "Wank it!.... wank it like a prick, MAKE me cum" she said. I gently pinched the swollen mass of tissue and began tugging on it. "Being wanked is the best feeling in the world, isn't it?" I said "Yesss!, YES! it is" she said, "Nothing else matters as much right now, does it?... DOES IT?" I said, "No!....it doesn't....nothing...else... matters". I stopped tugging and rolled back her clit hood with my thumb laying the sensitive glans totally bare, it did look like a prick. Dribbling some saliva onto it I began slowly passing our powerful little vibe back and forth across it's hard little nub, not consciously mimicking what she was doing to my cockhead with her thumb.

I was delighted by the almost spring like resistance of this purely for pleasure part of her body and selfishly enjoyed my control of her. I loved her reactions to my teasing, feeling her puss twitch and tense with each stroke I knew she was on the verge of a huge orgasm, she definitely wouldn't want me to stop. "Lick me, please lick me again" Feeling a little more mischievous I asked "Lick your slut's c**t, is THAT what you want?" "MY tongue on YOUR dirty.... little.... slut's.... c**t 'till you CUM!"

Oh Dear! How had THAT gone down?

Then amazingly she responded by saying "Yes....Yesss! that's what I want....do it!". Daringly I decided to push the envelope a little further, "Say it then, TELL me what you want me to do". After a somewhat uncomfortable pause I heard her say "I want you to lick my dirty... little... slut's C**T ". "What? I heard myself ask" "I want you to lick my dirty.... little.... slut's.... C**T.......until I cum......on... your... face!". The latter a nice little bit of improvisation from herself.

Enough! I thought, "You BAD girl" I said smiling with admiration, then after a long lustful, shuddering sigh I dived further into her sweet c**t lapping and fingering like crazy until she came squirting a tangy 'n' sweet apple like liquor into my eager mouth which I swallowed with great gusto. After a dozen or so smaller cums each one like a miniature aftershock of the first huge one she finally turned herself away from my pumping fingers and flicking tongue, unable to take any more stimulation, she said she'd had enough.

My duty done I looked forward to my own pleasure. She didn't disappoint me (never does) turning on her side she hooked one finger under the steel ring around my balls and began to jiggle it deliciously sending my bum hole into little spasms of pure ecstasy while wanking me hard and fast with her free hand. I mused to myself how quickly the tables had been sooo! completely turned around.

I was now completely under HER! control, Mmmm! I let that thought grow, blossom, and take shape in my fevered imagination, she was gonna TAKE my cum from me....weather I wanted her to or not, I was powerless to resist, her leg lay heavily across my torso holding me down on the bed. I couldn't escape, Wifey's hand became a blur, relentlessly pleasuring me to wicked extremes with a truly irresistible pace, the scent of her was dizzying, OMG! I suddenly realized that I was being MILKED! she was gonna show me NO mercy until I came..... for her!. This was a new and unique sensation for me, but I loved it.

This new idea of being dominated was a massive turn on, Oh God! I thought rapidly approaching orgasm, is this the SUBMISSIVE in ME?, something deep and primitive suddenly woken up?, something I didn't fully understand?. The lyrics from Lindesfarne's Lady Eleanor track ran through my mind "like living, dying, seeing, being ALL rolled into ONE" my mouth was open and dry making little Ah! Ah! Ah! noises in time with her merciless strokes, I didn't comprehend or even care about anything but the glorious stirring in my loins. Squeezing my bum cheeks I arched as much as I dared raising up my torso to meet her wanking strokes feeling a delicious 'prickling'sensation around my collarbones, a feeling I knew well, the prelude to an orgasm, this time....a BIG! orgasm.

Swirling delicately around the vicinity of my shoulders it began to intensify swiftly becoming almost unbearable. Hanging on the edge for as all I was worth I tried my best to prolong this exquisite agony for as long as possible, but I couldn't hold back any more, suddenly these divine feelings found a direction tripping rapidly down my torso to meet in my fountaining cock!. Pressing my face right up against her wet femaleness while deeply inhaling the musky smell I heard my own voice distorted with lust BEGGING her to "MILK ME" "Ohhhh! Pleeeease Milk Me!" After a dozen or more of her sublime strokes I was spurting crazily, huge gobs of hot cum ran over her lovely hand, my legs, and her heavy boobs, sooo! glorious!....I held onto her afterwards, for quite some while too, slowly, slowly coming back down to reality.

I'd found out something completely new about my 52 year old self, I had an inner submissive side to my sexuality, a persona open to female domination, a desire to please my lover before myself. Wifey my bride....my wife! had become my mistress, ..... I loved it! and I can't wait to explore it further.


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