Fun After Flu

A few weeks ago Wifey came home from work she announced to me that she was feeling as horny as hell!. Due to a being downed with a huge dose of the 'flu from hell' I'd been neglecting her for a couple of weeks or three, consequently she was now feeling pretty much deranged with sexual need. Thinking about sex all day while she was at work she'd decided to run the gauntlet of catching the last dregs of my flu by shamelessly seducing me when she came home .

Seemingly unsure of how to proceed she finally threw caution to the wind and came to sit close by me as I sat on the settee. Then looking me right in the eyes she said "I haven't had sex for around three weeks now....I'm desperate to cum". Emphasising this by squeezing my tackle through the loose fitting track suit bottoms I was wearing she added "Will you help me with that?"

Emitting a strangled gasp of surprise I found myself rising to the occasion, overtaken by a raging sexual hunger which had been strangely absent for the entire duration of this flu thing, nearly three weeks and not even a hint of morning wood for God's sake!. nowhowever I could now feel myself growing hard in Wifey's warm hand, her unexpected request, the needy tone of her voice and her touch produced an almost painful erection that caught me completely off guard with it's ferocity.

What a pleasant surprise, seemed I still had it in me after all. "Wank it a bit for me first" I asked breathlessly, she obliged "Lift up a sec" she said, I raised my hips and she shimmied down my trackies and pants, next hamming it up for my benefit she dribbled some saliva onto my now straining prick some of which spilled warmly down onto balls Mmmm!.

Then wrapping her warm hand around the veiny shaft she began to pump it rapidly up and down, OMG! it felt fucking glorious. The temptation to let her just carry on to the inevitable conclusion, to milk me and make me cum right then and there almost overwhelmed me. With an enormous effort of will I reached out and grabbed her pumping hand saying "you'll have to stop or I'll shoot, lets go upstairs".

Once in our bedroom we slowly undressed relishing the look, the feel, and the smells of each others naked flesh. The sight of her heavy breasts parting and sliding sensually outward and downward as she settled herself into position on our bed coupled with that sweet almost peppery smell of warm female flesh was hypnotic!, I felt more than a little giddy. Wifey laid back, popped in the iPod's ear buds, spread her legs announced that was ready and desperate..... to be pleasured!.

I could hear the thumb wheel on our iPod clicking round as she feverishly hunted for her new fave thing to get off to. Wifey adores to watch Lesbian porn while I make her cum, just recently she's become almost addicted to this 'tribbing' phenomenon where girls do the scissor s****rs thing. Interlocking their thighs together almost like a dovetail joint while sort of pulling on each others upper body, rapidly bucking their hips like a parody of the male coital thrust they grind their pussies and clits together to make each other cum. Seems to bring out a sort of a 'maleness' in women, they just can't hide their a****l passions under any cloak of decorum while tribbing.

Fans of soft the focused ultimate 'male fantasy' type of lesbian antics need not apply here, women into tribbing really go for it, literally fucking each other senseless, their pretty faces contort with base lust and the physical effort required. They grunt, sweat, even swear their way to the peaks of girl on girl fulfilment, a compelling spectacle to behold. No stringing things out or posing for the camera is allowed, it's almost scarily intense, passionate, urgent and....true!. Tribbing is real world Lesbianism, red in tooth 'n' claw and it's become Wifey's most favourite thing to watch when she wants to cum. I'm not too sure if she'd like to try it for herself though, but if she wanted to....of course I'd love to watch.

I applied some 'Astroglide' lube to my semi erect cock before slipping the Asslock Cock Ring over the whole package, next I rotated it backwards before easing the lubed steel ball gently up into my bum. With a wet 'shucking' sound it slipped snugly home, now I was ready to be pleasured.My cock swung heavily from side to side as with pounding heart I positioned myself between Wifey's wide open legs.

I looked down at my manhood squeezed into the tight steel ring of the Asslock Cock Ring, engorged purple and swollen with the rose red glans fully exposed it was already dribbling a silvery snail trail of pre cum down it's veiny shaft. Red, swollen, and angry it looked almost obscene, I had to restrain an impulse to slap it from side to side. Suddenly feeling a strong and much welcome surge of male pride I found myself exulting in my cock's masculine purposeful appearance, enjoying it's heavy feel and it's lewd appearance which only added to my arousal. After the desert of the flaccid, saggy, and drooping days caused by the flu episode I felt I was at last a man again Yess! It felt rude, and it felt good!.

As Wifey took hold of me I shivered from head to toe, like a wet dog shaking off rain drops, I felt like I wanted to somehow stretch too, sadly a no no with my dodgy back. Reaching up I squeezed her weighty bust gratefully in response before moving my pinching fingers and thumbs a shade higher to tweak and pull on her lovely plum coloured nipples, quite roughly too, which she adores. My head was now supported by a small Laura Ashley pillow we use especially for that purpose.

As I lay between her wantonly open thighs I stared lustily upward over her tummy at her soft parted breasts spilling over my inadequate sized hands, hardly large enough to contain her ample flesh. Then slowly back down to her navel, and lower still until my fevered gaze finally settled on her moist femaleness. Her pussy was already open and swollen with desire, parting her puffy labia with my tongue I lapped gently at the entrance to her tunnel of love above which I could see her clit, already stiff with anticipation peeping out at me from under it's fleshy hood almost challenging me to tongue hockey it into submission.

God! I felt soooo! happy and content, breathing in deeply I inhaled her lovely scent as if it were the most expensive perfume in the world before addressing myself heartily to her pleasure. I paid my respects to her sacred womanhood in the time honoured tradition making her cum around a dozen times with my tongue, fingers, and the tiny but powerful RO80mm mini vibe across the hard little nub of her clit. Wifey likes to be fingered too which I duly did, tickling her G spot with a upwardly curved 'beckoning' finger. I even made her squirt a couple of times, I didn't let it go to waste. Then surprisingly she took the vibe herself and treated me to a truly spectacular solo display of female self pleasuring, the stuff of dreams, well my dreams. I watched transfixed instinctively wanking my slippery prick until I was right at the edge.

When she'd cum enough and her lovely body had stopped twitching from the post orgasmic aftershocks Wifey asked if I would like her to face sit me while she made me cum, Ohhh! Yesss!. She helped me to lay flat on the bedroom carpet, then softly lifted up my head a little while she placed our little sex cushion gently underneath it. Next she handed me our rechargeable 'Omax' vibrator which I clamped tightly between my thighs pressing hard onto the part of the Asslock Cock Ring buried inside my bum. Bless! she was really making much of me, I just lapped it I had done her squirt!. Satisfied I was comfortable she asked me if I was ready, needless to say I was. Switching on the Omax up to full power I relished the feel of it's vibrations, first around my bum before being transmitted further up toward my prostate via the steel ball, I could feel those horny vibes travelling right into the end of my cock Bliss!.

I just lay without speaking as Wifey turned around, lost in my arousal and dizzy with anticipation while looking up at her magnificent body. She had her back to me now, her legs were parted treating me to one of the most spectacularly horny views I've ever seen, I could see her full frontal in our bedroom mirror too. Facing my twitching straining cock, slowly, lovingly, with her buttocks nicely spreading she squatted right down over my face her pussy opening up like a flower, laying it totally bare for my delectation.

I stared up at her lovely c**t such a beautiful word for such a beautiful thing! yes! the c**t is all!. Reaching upward I began pressing her puckered, darker coloured anal opening with a spit wetted thumb, causing a sharp intake of breath from herself as it slipped easily in. Dribbling more warm saliva over my cock and balls she took me in her hand gave me the full 'monkey shaker' treatment her hand becoming a blur as she skilfully wanked me hard........and fast!.

I was at her mercy now, my mouth was open and dry, my face contorted into a rictus of pleasure and lust, God knows how I must have looked, but I didn't care. OMG! the things I could see, such horny views, I tried my best to take it all in. The swinging breasts tipped with erect nipples, those gorgeous parted buttocks, my hand cradling one cheek with my thumb buried right inside her tight little bum hole, the sight of her pussy open and wet, only inches above my face, the scent of her saliva on my skin, the dizzying smell of her c**t.

I could even watch myself being mercilessly wanked to orgasm, it all dovetailed together just at the right moment bringing me to one of the best climaxes I've ever had. I tensed as much as I dare as almost three weeks of pent up ivory coloured 'funky man fat' issued forth sliding heavily over the thumb of Wifey's wanking hand, talk about the little death!, I was transported to heaven....and back!.

Sadly Wifey's not feeling too well herself now, probably the last remnants of those pesky flu bugs transferred to her via the frenzied contact of the above lusty session, it's said you're the most infectious just prior to recovery.

The poor girl's also started on her monthly too, sooo! even though our son is out 'n' about again in the clement spring weather and the lighter evenings are imminent,frustratingly it seems that even though we have the opportunity sadly sex is off the menu yet again, but only for a short while this time..............I hope!.


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