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I'm just a normal horny guy for whom a lifetime of healthy living, gym and keep fit ended with unrelenting 24/7 back pain and restricted mobility. These days performing a handful of physiotherapy moves for my back and more recently my shoulders (obviously feeling a little left out they decided to join the party) is pretty much all I'm capable of. I've had to bite the bullet and accept that I'm effectively disabled meaning that my days of training, keeping fit, and many other things I used to like to do are over!.

This is a particularly bitter pill to have to swallow, for a guy who dedicated himself to 20+ years of healthy living without alcohol, smoking, or junk food. Together with running and hitting the gym three times a week, early nights and no excesses I thought a healthy future was assured. I thought many of the negative aspects of 'aging' were due to nothing more than sheer self neglect on behalf of the persons themselves, overeating, heavy drinking, smoking, (particularly smoking) lack of proper exercise, and other excesses were the real villains laying the foundations for the inevitable ill health one associates with getting old.

Observing peers who ticked my age box slowly succumbing to obesity, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, etc I reasoned that I might be able to fend of or at least avoid the majority of these 'big hitting' 'age onset' maladies IF! I looked after myself, a logical enough assumption?. However both my parents suffered with back issues which just goes to show that however much you try you can't really escape your genetic inheritance, or influence/weight the roll of the genetic dice in your favor. Oh Dear!, I'm very much afraid that no amount of preventative exercise or healthy living could alter the course of the genetic material contained within the DNA strands comprising MY double helix. Whatever I did I was pre programmed to to inherit a dodgy back right from the day I was born!.

Sometimes I liken my body to an old unsafe mill chimney scheduled for demolition. After that initial 'explosion' of horrendous pain, my first real experience with back trouble back in 2002 I can almost feel it disintegrating vertebrae by vertebrae, cracking and twisting as it tumbles earthward in a kind of dusty slow motion to a conclusion I don't even want to consider. Sure like others I'd experienced the odd few gripes n' grumbles, but this chronic, debilitating condition I now live with was not how I saw my future, it came from nowhere!. It's as if that vindictive pair Mother Nature and her partner in crime Father Time somehow managed to plant and then detonate a couple of tons of TNT or C4 in my spine sometime after my 40th birthday.

Ah well! at least LBP got me into erotic e-stim via the tens machine given to me by the pain clinic I attended, they're not too great at pain control, but after a chance placement of the pads I found it was capable of giving 'relief' on ahem! 'other parts of my body' every cloud 'n' all that eh?.

I could cum with my tens, however as I'd responded so well to it's 'basic' stimulation I quickly moved on to more specific 'made for play' gear. Working my way through E-Stim Systems, P.E.S., and Electrastim machines I finally settled on an Erostek ET-312B which has 18 'modes' and the ability to use specially crafted 'audio files' that modulate the output in a highly erotic way, some are so intense they can make me cum in minutes!

Sadly my back issues preclude me from indulging in f***ing any more, a real shame, f***ing Wifey is something I really do miss.....a great deal!, not to mention the dent in my male pride and self esteem.

I used to adore giving her a good 'commando squat/doggy style' pounding in front of our bedroom mirror while she vibed herself. From this great male viewpoint I liked to part her sweet bum cheeks with my thumbs and watch my glistening cock sliding back 'n' forth as I rippled her ample flesh with every lusty thrust. I loved hearing her voice as she came, punctuated by my pounding cock, the slapping of my flesh on hers, it was a heady soundtrack that always spurred me on.

She'd signal when she'd cum enough, then I'd really go for it!, hanging on until the last possible second before pulling out and wanking my cum all over her lovely arse. Ahhh! Yes!, those indeed, were!, the days!, but sadly, for me, they're over. The last time we tried making the beast with two backs it threw my back into an excruciatingly painful n' debilitating spasm lasting almost three weeks!.

Enough!, suffice to say I'd learned my lesson. Of course I still enjoy watching other people f***ing, however it's tinged with a little regret for my own loss.

I adore to watch all kinds of hand jobs, and to receive them is a joy!, especially with a little 'Astroglide' lube or similar to help things along. There's few finer sights than a big stiff cock being swiftly wanked with a will!! until it spurts, no stringing it out!, just go for it!, pound that prick!.

Media 'n' T.V. presenter Katie 'The Puck' Puckrik once stated something like "Five minutes of unbridled filth is much better that hours of dragging it out 'n' delaying the inevitable", I'm inclined to agree!.

Watching and participating in fingering is another of our favourite activities. Wifey loves to watch women who can squirt, it's something that turns her on a great deal, she was just infatuated by it..... at first!, then over time she became a little obsessed, she was desperate to experience this horny phenomenon herself.

We did the research, watched a ton of squirt centric videos, and practiced.... a LOT!. Eventually Wifey sussed out the method and mastered it for herself. Now when I finger her 'G' spot in a certain way....she squirts!. OK! she's no Flower Tucci, but she certainly wets the bed, if I don't get to lap it up that is, Mmmm! it's Delish!, a totally unique taste, sort of like heavily distilled cider, a sweet tangy liquor that's hard to describe, but instantly recognizable .

I find more and more these days that I like to look at cocks too, uncut upwardly curved ones do it for me, sadly mine's neither, hardly any foreskin 'n' almost ruler straight with just a slight downward tilt (chordee) at the glans due to my 'Hypospadias', maybe that's the reason behind why I find uncut upwardly curved ones so compelling, vive la différence n' all that.

I"m especially drawn to uncut wickedly curved cocks belonging to pretty T-girls, they're sooo! glamorous n' sexy, fully deserving of male (and female) attention, the best of both worlds?. I ADORE! glamor, as an adolescent I was drawn to the London Palladium's resident dancers the 'Tiller Girls', uniformly tall n' beautiful, wearing flawless sexy make up, glitzy feathered plumes, figure hugging sparkly costumes accentuating shapely pudenda above long, high kicking stockinged legs, they were the very essence of glamor. I used to watch 'em with eyes like saucers, excited by what I saw though not knowing exactly why, however they sorta set the template because as an adult I find glamor wildly sexy and most T-girls are very, very, glamorous. I particularly like the mischievous (wickedly! curved cocked) Mandy Mitchell, and her sexy antics with "Venus on the shell" lookalike Juliet Stray, and pretty lil' Bailey Jay is total sweetie.

I suppose you could say I lean toward what's loosely termed as 'Bi- Curious' having a fascination for uncut upwardly curving cocks, especially those with tight foreskins over rose colored moist, shapely glans. Being born a "Hypospadic" I feel I"ve really! missed out with my lack of foreskin, both for it"s sexy looks, and for the loss of sensitivity, Sigh! and I sooo! want one!, but!, and I'm paraphrasing House MD here 'As the philosopher Jagger once observed'...'You can't always get what you want'. I could wish I suppose and if wishes were fishes I"d be casting my nets alright, however I can"t do anything about it sooo!..

Sometimes during sex Wifey and I occasionally fantasize about what it might be like if she had a cock that I could suck 'n' play with, that thought turns us both on a great deal. I'm pretty sure if I wasn't 'taken' in a long term relationship I'd eventually hook up with someone with similar leanings. As a single guy I think I'd have to at least try a little full on mano O mano sex, if only for curiosity's sake, Y'know? like one of those things you should experience before you die perhaps?. I remember a gay friend of mine once saying 'Don't knock it...until you've tried it', wise council!. I'm sure many 'straight guys' must have similar thoughts, but never openly voice them, I mean surely?.

A few of my other favourite things to watch are 'lovey' threesomes, something which I'd love to experience, women into receiving l-o-n-g! sensual oral sessions, and of course Lesbians!. I also like to watch the gentler aspects of DP-ing, something else (especially were I a woman) I'd LOVE! to experience. I adore watching, and most of all experiencing, gentle 'n' loving, non aggressive, face sitting, administered by Wifey of course, the sight, the aroma......and the taste of her is something I could never grow tired of.

I'm a total devotee to the joys of the sexy mature woman, especially experienced mums 'n' aunties into giving an ahem! 'helping hand' to us horny guys. Older women have have such a lot to offer, I just love low hanging saggy boobs with huge plummy areola, along with wide heavy hips, and gaping hairy pussies, it"s a little like that artist guy from "Sex And The City" once stated "The c**t is ALL!"...Well almost!.

Mmmm! just thinking about spreading, gaping, saggy boobed, big bummed matures makes me go giddy and weak at the knees!. When I see older women in their street clothes, work gear, or just casual day to day clothing I can't help but wonder to myself about the loveliness and joys just beneath.

I've spent quite a lot of time drooling over the wide range of mature oriented material here. I totally adore still pix of older women wantonly spreading, lovingly sucking huge mouth stretching cocks, or enjoying some sloppy oral Yum!

As you might have gathered from my 'likes' I really love to perform cunnilingus on my wife for long, long, long periods, usually while she checks out some Lesbian porn. I love to give her as much pleasure as she can take (a LOT!) I love to observe female pleasure!. Sometimes I hook myself up to my stim gear and electro cum as I lick, finger 'n' vibe her to cum after cum so she can totally concentrate on her own pleasure.....Heavenly!.

Like many women Wifey has no real world Lesbian aspirations, however she adores to watch them in action, usually while I make love to her. She especially likes Lesbian 'Trib' videos where women grind and buck their pussies together doing the 'Scissor Sisters' thing, gotta admit I like it too, brings out a 'raunchiness' in women that's almost male. Women who 'Trib' perform the 'male coital thrust' very well indeed, a potent 'n' sexy combination.

After Wifey's cum enough I like her to face sit me, then I totally abandon myself to my own pleasure while I lay staring up at spreading, smelling, licking, fingering, and kissing her lovely c**t (c**t...such a lovely Anglo-Saxon word) My favourite way to cum is in Wifey's skilful lubed hands, or via electro, with her squatting over my face. Sometimes I gently push my spit wetted thumb into her tight lil' bum before burying my face right into the scented folds of her divine c**t, dizzying and delicious! her sublime scent drives me wild.

I also like toys, we have a small selection of vibes, a Pink Lotus Sex In A Can mini 'Fleshlight' which I sometimes use as an enhancement for occasional hand jobs, done solo, or by Wifey. I also have an Aneros 'clone' Rhinos prostate stimulator which can be quite mind blowing in the right situation, I've got a 'Bad Boy' prostate stimulator too, but it's far too large for my lil' bum....Ouchie!.

My best 'toy' however has got to be my E-Stim gear, I think of it as the male 'Sybian'. Electro's mainly a male pursuit, however there are some women who like it too, but in my, albeit limited, experience they are few and far between. I've lost count of the blissful hands free cums I've had using e-stim, I know for sure it"s been/going to be a great comfort to me, especially in light of my back pain and lack of mobility, plus of course Wifey's sex drive declining to near zero as we enter middle age means one day very! soon it'll be nothing more than electrons n' pixels keeping my cock company n' making me cum :-( or my tastes may eventually evolve and, sorry! paraphrasing again, this time 'Crassus to 'Antoninus' from the classic movie 'Spartacus' I might like both oysters...and! snails?

My other fave toy is what's known as an Asslock Cock Ring, basically it's just a high quality stainless steel heavy metal cock ring with an 'anal lock' which is just a steel ball up the bum. Used as an electrode for E-stim, or worn for Wifey/solo hand or blow jobs it's a fantastic man toy, cums highly recommended, especially if you like cock rings and anal toys.

To summarize my/our sexual tastes, electro aside, are best described as 'plain vanilla'. Wifey and I like almost all mainstream sexual activities except those that involve pain or harm.

Oh! and I'm not really into any 'meeting for play' type of activities, neither doing the tribute thing, or even any 'cam 2 cam', boring? maybe?, I'm just a shy sexually oriented type of guy who, through chronic back pain and the use of tens machines has, in the words of '2010's' Dave Bowman, discovered in erotic electro stimulation......Something Wonderful!.....

Electro is so wonderful I've become a bit of an e-stim evangelist, in fact my 'mission' here (apart from giving a little back to XH and similar sites as thanks for all the enjoyment they've given me) is to spread the electro word to others, particularly those with chronic pain and mobility issues existing on a cocktail of pain killing meds like myself. Despite the odds you CAN! still have a reasonably fulfilling sex life, Kinda paraphrasing the lyrics from one of Diana Ross's hit's...'I'm....cumming.....I want the world to know, I gotta let it show....I'm cumming.....and so can you!.
Have fun!,
Keep safe!.


More about me:
I like: E-Stim, handjobs (watching and receiving) blow jobs, masturbation, viewing uncut upwardly curving cocks, pussy licking, big bums, "nice" face sitting, gentle double penetrations, long unprocessed hair, shiny lip gloss, lesbians, tribbing, gentle tongue kissing, brightly coloured glittery eye shadow, 1970"s porn, long striped stockings, mature women, curvy women, group sex, "lovey" threesomes, 'retro' underwear n' stockings, pretty feet, pretty mouths, busty, vivacious (sooo! like Wifey) Velicity Von, puckishly sexy Christie Lee, ever improving with age Nina Hartley, filthy gorgeous Trinity Post, British milfs/dominatrix"s Lady Sonia n" Lady D, plus Zoey Holloway, et al. I also adore T girls, especially the raunchy curved cocked Mandy Mitchell"s antics with "Venus on the shell" lookalike Juliet Stray, I love classic Color Climax "n Swedish Erotica type Movies, I like most mainstream sexual activities, but nothing painful or too heavily BDSM oriented, though a little mild domination at times with myself in the submissive role occasionally excites.
Turn Offs
Aggression and/or pain...
The Movies Of M Night Shyamalan, Comedy Movies, Adventure Movies, The Boat That Rocked, Wayne"s World, Ali G, Borat, Sean Of The Dead, Big Nothing, Run Fat Boy Run, Hot Fuzz, Shipping News, Alien Quadrilogy, LOTR, Zardoz, Donnie Darko, Grand Canyon, Fried Green Tomatoes, Logan"s Run, Notes On A Scandal, Terminator, The New St Trinian"s, Kevin And Perry Go Large, Blade Runner.
An Eclectic Mix Of Most Movies Really.
Hifi, Music, Reading, Healthy Living And Eating, Physiotherapy(For Back Pain)
T.V. Choices Include Stargate SG1/ SGU/ Atlantis, Star Trek (All) House, Top Gear, Blackadder, Fawlty towers, Red Dwarf, Alan Partridge, Harry Enfield, The League Of Gentlemen, Lifestyle programmes. Wifey and I absolutely love our Siamese Cats.
Includes Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley, The Beatles, Leftfield, Primal Scream, John Martyn, Emma Kirkby, Classical, Mozart, Puccini, Rock, Pop,
You Name It And I Probably Like It.
Includes Erotic Fiction, LOTR, Frank Herbert"s Dune, John Braine"s Room At The Top, Alistair McLean, Desmond Bagley, Dick Francis, Wilbur Smith, Another Eclectic Mix Of Most Subjects And Authors.

Been recommended I post these disclaimers:

****WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

Disclaimer: WARNING: all individuals and/or institutions, including local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects and/or investigations. - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile information, pictures, videos, blogs, or stories in any form or forum both current and future. If you have, or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action
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