The Aunt III

They sent my cousin to a school in England.
I hadn´t any withplayer in the f****y anymore.

In a visit, my aunt told my mom that she miss him and wants to take me
with herself for a while!!!

The only thing which hold me away from home was the best opportunity now
for watching my aunt easy and free.
and it was.

I helped her in haus keeping some garden jobs and during that time
i had a free watch.
when she went to take shower she never closed the door
i jerkof during watching her from behind and then decided cross the floor
and watch her closer.
she was finished with her shower and was doing something in front of the mirror.

i was watching her big butt and her boobs for moments
that i got a look at the mirror. she was watching me!!!!!!!!

it was like a invitation....but i still didn´t trust myself to do somthing.
how ever she was the aunt! i didn´t want to make a big news in the f****y and get problem.

till in a hot noon, after lunch.
i tried to take a napp. but how!? as she came to me and lied next to me.
she turned her back to me and after aweil i trust myself to get my knee close to her.
just a small touch of her butt was enough for me.
was she sl**ping?
didn´t she get that!?!?
after afew days and doing the same, this time i did so that i am dreaming!!!
in a moment she turned back and i put my hand on her big- hard stiff boobs.

my eyes were closed! but not at real and i was waiting her reaction.
she just watched me and didn´t say anything till she deceided to wake up.

afternoon her man came from job and she told me infront of him, that she thinks i miss my mom!!!
i was shamed - i knew what´s going on and afraid of the rest what she could say!!!
but she did not keep talking anymore and in the same day they drove me back.

Time passed and the next year they went to england and visit my cousin there.
they return made a big happines in the f****y and we went all to visit them.
it´s clear that when ever we went to visit them we stayd there for afew days.

Aunt looked somehow different- junger and somehow sluty.
she had a new dress - armless and sexy.
she also had another hair cut which showed her different

all let me to get another feelings to her- now she didn´t look like my typical aunt anymore.
i saw her as another woman.

during this days i had a room disposal. the room had a door to the bathroom which never
was used and a bed was in front of the door.
the keyhole made me curious! i had a look trough and i saw that it´s very easy to watch trough
and a big part of the bath could be watched very clear.
only something strang was hanging there.

in a appropriate moment i went to the bathroom and pushed that things which were nothing than
afew hanging cord away.

the next day came.
she went in and started her bath.
i waited till i was sure that i can try to watch trough the keyhole carefully.

oh M.G!
she was naked.
for the first time that i was watching her full naked.
sitting with open legs!!!
she was shaving her big pussy.
i could see now for the first time what a big pussy she has.
her right hand kept the shaving razor and was going down and ups and the fingers of her left hand.....
ublievable...they opened her pussy and let the razor to shave each part and side of that big pussy.

i had to be carfull - nobody had to see me in that moment. it could make a big scandal in the f****y.
after a short time her pussy looked different. and got a
shiny appearance.

Now i know that she got horny and wet.

i watched her so free that waiting for a upskirt view was not attraktive and interesting anymore.

till one day during my voyeuring trough the keyhole...she came close to the door-stood infront of the keyhole - bent forward!!! and had a look trough the hole!!!!!!!!
she got it that i was watching her.
and closed the hole.
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All good things come to an end.
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