The Aunt II

and it was the beginn of voyeuring my aunt.
she was not a beuty - only a mature woman with curly hairs -
big boobs - her bra hold them stiff and straight.

when i stayed in their haus, every morning she stood in front of her closet and started
to change.
i had the best view from the room where i was. the door was never closed.

Now she offered for my jeking the phantasie of legs and boobs !
but she was my aunt! i liked and respected her like my mom but there was nothing
that i could stop my horny feeling.
She was so generous and lax by sitting or moving! and so i could risk a view between her legs.
and sometimes she took her legs so long open that...i could watch easily.
mostly her colored pants cut my eyes!
Red or black but almost see-through!

Mostly she wore skirt.
After lunch she took a nap. i was towards and waited for a maybe another view of her legs again.
and it happened!!! the best what i ever saw in that time!

She crossed her legs !!!
you could watch all under the skirt!

Her red pant was eye-catcher. her smooth brownish legs are still in my mind!
Her skirt was a thin material and slipped so that you could see her buttock.

It came slowly the time that i could not stop my horniness.
in one of our excursion ride, the car was full. my mom, grandmom, grandpa on the back.

she was sitting next to me up front.
with an open arm to me- to make space.

her stiff and hard boob was between my right arm axis.
Nothing that i could ignore.

she did it severall times but now i am older and think about using the

I started to rub it softly between my axis.
it was beginning to be felt.
she got what i was doing.
she became quiet and stoped talking.
it looked that she liked it... or maybe she wanted to be sure
what i am doing!?!?
the image of what she let me to do! made me so horny that
i pushed more. and suddenly i got a impact.
she did it with her left shoulder that nobody got it but i had to stop!
i afraid.....but now when i think about....i know what i did rong!
in my last rubbing i did too hard ;-)
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1 year ago
nice one ! congrats, ;)

Here are all my stories.. : ;) you can leave a comment there if you wish . cheers