Chatroom tricks 3

For those of you first reading this let me fill you in on a Friday that that opened my eyes. I am a 26-year-old normal guy who had for sometime been flirting and playing with an older woman named Mary via an Internet chat room. She was about 41 a firm fit body and gorgeous red hair, perfect, better than that she didn’t live too far away. Our chats didn’t really get too kinky so when she asked us to meet I agreed, as you would.

Well I went to meet her one Friday dinnertime for an afternoon of passionate sex, only things changed, I was tricked. Somehow I found myself dressed as a sissy, thong, stockings and Basque, tied to a bed blindfolded and gagged. She had already teased the hell out of me and her husband had come home and filled my once virgin anus with his seed.

When the ordeal was over it was almost midnight I hadn’t realised but it had all been captured on videotape and Mary, or Mistress as I was to call her offered me a deal. Stay the weekend and leave Monday with the video and serve them as their sissy slut or leave now and they keep the video tapes, if anything was ever said about them the video would be sent to all my friends, f****y and workmates, not a hard choice, I wasn’t happy but I had to stay….

I’m not sure if Friday night I fell asl**p crying to myself under the blindfold, I just don’t know how I could have been so stupid to fall for tricks such as these but I had and I had chosen to see the weekend through as a sexual play toy for Mistress Mary and her husband, either way I woke the following morning. Although I couldn’t see the sun because she had put the blindfold back on last night I could feel its warmth through the windows and knew that the first of my three nights were over. My anus still hurt from the pounding her husbands 10’’ cock gave me last night, the cum that had freely dripped from my ass was now all over my cheeks, I was in some kind of mess.

My sense awoke when I heard the bedroom door open, I had half hoped that Mistress and her husband were having a lie in after last nights fun and games, but on the other hand I didn’t want to be left her to rot. The footsteps on the floor were light and sounded as if they moved gracefully over the floor, but each step brought the person closer to me. Slowly and carefully my blindfold was raised and I was shocked at what I saw leaning over me.

Stood there naked and in all her glory was a young girl I had never seen before, she couldn’t of been more than 21 years old. Her blonde hair was long and beautifully looked after, her eyes as blue as the sea. She was stunning, but who was she and what was she doing here. I moved my neck about trying to free it of the aches that had come from sl**ping in a restrained position, I looked the girl up and down, her skin was pale but a perfect complexion, which was easy to see as she was completely naked all but for a leather collar which seemed to be a little too tight around her pretty neck. Her pussy had been completely shaven allowing me to see every inch of her sexual beauty.

“Who are you?” I asked with a dry throat.

She ignored me, only smiling with those sexy lips as she pulled the blanket from me to reveal the sissy underwear I had been wearing. Where the thong had slipped back into position over my anus it had the remnants of dried cum from Mistress Mary’s husband. The young girl smiled and climbed on the bed next to me, turning she stayed to one side but her ass and pussy lips were in plain view for me to see. Now like most men I like to wake with a hardon, and the feeling was good, having a site like this inches from your face on a Saturday morning was almost enough to let me forget about last night. But as my shaft got thicker and began to harden I was bluntly reminded of last night as the cock ring behind my balls and at the base of my shaft took effect. My cock was too far gone to go soft now, it kept hardening, sending the bl**d rushing up my shaft, past the rings into a place where it would stay for sometime. Last night when I had hardened wearing the rings it had been painful but this morning it was painful but also a pleasurable feeling. I hadn’t come so any kind of contact against my cock was a welcome pleasure.

Just as the young girl was about to do something I once again asked her what she was doing her, she turned as if to say something then stopped quickly as Mary walked into the doorway. The young girl caught Mary’s eyes and immediately dropped her head as if in shame.

“Boy you can speak to her all you wish but she knows not to answer you, if she does she knows her punishment, just let her do her job, you might enjoy it” Mary barked before leaving and heading downstairs.

The girl didn’t bother to look back at me again, she just began to do her work. I could feel her long finger nails pulling at the cum soaked thong, pulling it once again to one side to show my anus off, its humiliating having a strange but beautiful young girl staring straight down at your recently fucked hole. As she leant forward a little more her erect left nipple made contact with the tip of my cock, she lowered her head even more, rubbing my cock head teasingly with her nipple, was this her job to frustrate me, if so it was working. Then her actual job started, the younger girls tongue flicked out and began licking my asshole, I have to admit it felt good, like I say I woke a little sore but this was just the kind of medicine needed. She had been licking between the crack of my ass for sometime, her tongue occasionally passing over my anus, all the time torturing my cock. It was now obvious that her job was to clean me of last night’s cum. When the exterior was cleaned her tongue began to move into my ass and it was heaven, if you’ve never had a skilful tongue enter you there before you have to try it. Not only was her nipple rubbing my cock but also as she licked I used what movement I had to wriggle about, trying desperately to rub my cock more in the hope of cumming. It was no good I wasn’t going to cum, not with this dam harness on.

Mistress Mary entered the room again and looked at the young girls handy work, once she was happy she sat on the bed on the other side of me and rested a small toilet bag between my spread legs.

“Slut you may suck his cock while I work” she said to the girl, “but do not make him cum, if you do you’ll be in trouble”. Mistress leant forward and placed the ball gag back in my mouth before I could complain.

Immediately the girl began using that experienced tongue on my shaft and balls, circling the head of my cock before moving down to my balls. Taking each one in her mouth she sucked and pulled on the swollen balls, again it was painful but I didn’t want it to stop. Then she would leave a trail of saliva as she licked all the way back up my angry throbbing cock before engulfing it down her throat, as I was in her mouth her tongue continued to rub up and down my shaft from inside, it was heaven but torture because I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum in her mouth, or maybe cum all weekend.

As my cock was being pleasured I felt some cream being spread over my asshole, I didn’t want to be fucked again so it came as a surprised when I felt something sliding up and down between my cheeks, then it dawned on me, Mistress was shaving me. After five minuets Mistress was done, she sat up and looked at her handy work.

“Hmm much better, if you’re going to serve as a sissy for us I don’t want to see hair” she stated.

Mistress adjusted her position and pulled the young girl off my cock by her hair.

“Go sit in the chair and entertain yourself” she commanded.

The girl got up and walked to the chair as ordered, both Mistress and I sat and watched the naked beauty as she sat in the chair and lifted her legs until they were hanging over each arm, her shaven pussy clearly on show for us both to see. Her fingers got busy, one hand immediately went to the nipple that had been rubbing my cock, slowly she pinched it and pulled it, allowing a few light groans to escape her mouth. Her other hand slipped down to her glistening pussy and slowly she rubbed her clit.

Mistress had soon seen enough and went back to the pubic hair around my groin, no, this was wrong I had to stop her, she couldn’t shave there. But I was in no position to fight and I knew it, instead I lay back, turning my head to one side and watched the young blonde masturbating. Mistress went to work and before I knew it I was clean shaven, hairless like I had been as a boy, but now I was her boy, her toy, her slave?

Using a finger to beckon the now soaked young girl over Mistress Mary just used her eyes to instruct the girl to get on all fours over my chest, her tits swung teasingly close to my cock that was now begging to be allowed to cum. Mistress in the meantime had slipped on a realistic looking 9’’ thick black strapon, no sooner had she put it in place and she was behind the girl, without mercy she plunged it deep and hard into the girls shaven pussy, the whole bed shook but the girl took it. For ten minuets the two of them fucked over me, Mistress would pull the cock out right to the tip then drive it straight back into her young victim, pull it out and drive it back in. I tried to keep count but I think the young girl came about four times, and each time Mistress pulled the cock from her the juices from the sweet young girl dripped onto my chest making a sticky yet sexy mess, the aroma of sexual activities was turning me on, let alone watching this big black cock abusing her.

Soon they were finished and the young girl left the room, walking slightly funny, out of breath and red faced. Me I was still lay there, trussed up, gag in mouth, a tight thong rubbing on my abused cock. Mistress stood straight and removed the cock from around her waist. Once off she wiped it over my face and around my nose, leaving the young girls scent on me.

“Were all going out now my boy except for you, but tonight you might get to cum, if you behave, understand”

I just nodded and with my answer Mistress left the room, only stopping to slide a video into the recorder. She closed the door and left, before I heard her heading downstairs the video started, this was going to be interesting, Dominant men fucking TV’s, I had no choice I had to watch.
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2 years ago
Reminds me of the old cliffhanger serials.
2 years ago
Wowis ther another installment would love to see it
3 years ago
Wow, I love this story, Sign me up for the film.
3 years ago
Brilliant Stephanie, thanks. I do love your imagination
A xxx
3 years ago
Another great story stig thanks