Steves torment

Steve had inherited a huge amount of cash and a large house. But that didn’t bring him happiness. He had a few girlfriends over the months, but none of them were into bondage. All he wanted was for them to tie him up, tease him and when she was ready maybe shag him, but that was not necessary. What he wanted was to be tied up and left to attempt an escape. He always managed to get out of anything the girls had put him in. Invariably the girls were disgusted and left him.

Steve had been into bondage for years and it had grown more intense as he got older. He had even taken up cross dressing. He loved tying himself up while wearing a dress. As he struggled, his petticoats would be revealed and he would imagine himself as a tightly bound damsel who had been captured and was trying to escape before the k**napper returned to abuse him.

He envied girls as they could leave a vibrator tucked into their knickers and get hours of pleasure until the batteries ran out. He would love to have his energy drained from him so he had to give up the struggles against the rope.

Steve had no need to go to work owing to his fortunes. There was more than enough to keep him and a wife happy for the rest of their lives. If only he could find a dominant wife. That was his only problem. He was only twenty two so there is plenty of time left. He packed up work and lived happily on his investments and interest from his savings accounts. This gave him time to visit various dommes in the area.

After a few months, he found one that he really liked. She had a way of tormenting and teasing Steve to his mortal soul. She was an expert at tying him up and no matter how long he struggled. Until she released him, he stayed tied up.

Natalie, the domme, was about to be evicted owing to complaints from neighbours. What harm was she doing? She stopped men from r****g women and c***dren, so in reality she was a welfare worker. Natalie told Steve of her plight and he invited her to stay with him, but she would have to stop the other guests from arriving at her convenience for more bondage play. This was okay for a while, but Natalie missed the domme life. She would tie Steve up, but her thing was to tie someone up and while they were helpless, bring in another punter. She loved watching their reaction and their struggles. Eventually, he hit upon a plan. He could tell his friends that he was moving, sell the house to her and she could stay there. It was some way from the next house.

“I can’t afford to buy your house” Natalie told him. “Easy. I will tell my bank I am thinking of touring the world, take enough out to buy the house, I shall tell them I want it in cash so no cheque can be traced and then you put it in your account and write me out a cheque. That way, it looks like you have paid me”

“Then what will happen?” “I cash the cheque and tell my bank I am closing my account. They will think I have twice the money for my tour” “That is some holiday” “Especially at your mercy” he grinned back.

“Where will you go for your holiday?” “Right here of course with you in charge of me. I will show you something” Steve went to a large cabinet full of books. He pushed the third row down on the right hand side and the back of the cabinet swung round to reveal a flight of stairs.

“Wow. I have read about these sort of things, but I always thought that it was just imagination” Natalie exclaimed. “The first owner didn't trust his staff so he had the house made with the only entrance to the wine cellar through here”

“You mean there is no other way down” Steve nodded and grinned back at her. He led Leslie down the stairs. At the bottom was an iron barred gate, Steve unlocked it and entered. Beyond that was a thick oak door. That too was unlocked.

Once the door was opened, the pair entered. Natalie was astonished to see all the walls and ceiling were fitted with iron eye bolts sticking out from the walls. Steve explained he often used to chain himself to the wall and pretend he had been incarcerated. The only thing that let him down was the handle on the inside of the door that needed to let his self out of the room.

Natalie was astonished. Steve went on to explain, “The lights go on and off randomly by timer so I have no idea of the time. I have a camera set up. It records in the dark as well so I can film myself and watch at leisure”. Natalie was impressed. “Why would I want to buy your house? I could just use it”

If people think I still live here, they will come looking for me. However, if they think I have gone away. They won’t bother”. “Good thinking that. And you would still pay me?” “You will have the income from the profits of my house plus the money I had drawn out to give you the chance to buy it”

Natalie agreed it sounded a great deal. She liked it. So after a few months, the money and contracts had been drawn up and Natalie paid with Steve’s money. The house was hers. Steve agreed to go away for a few months so she could alter the house to her satisfaction. He was not to know what she was doing to the house. Steve packed his bags and went away for three months while the house was being rebuilt to Natalie’s specifications.

During the time Steve was away, only his last girlfriend came to make inquiries about him. Natalie wrote down her telephone number and said she would call as soon as she heard anything from Steve.

The time flew by and before anyone knew it, the house had been completed. It was time for Steve to come home. Natalie phoned Steve to tell him it was all ready for his use. Steve shook with excitement and anticipation of what was to come.

Upon entering the house, Steve noticed the book cabinet had been changed for a bar. The back wall was filled with all sorts of bottles. Natalie immediately ordered Steve to strip. They had spoken before, but this time there was more authority in her voice. “But Leslie, I don’t like being naked” “Tough. I want you naked” Steve slowly stripped until he was in his boxers. “Get them off as well” “No. I don’t want to be naked” “Very well. Come with me. Although I want to train you to be my maid in a nice dress and starched apron" "I don't want to wear a dress and be a maid" "What you want is unimportant. I ned a maid that will curtsey nicely to my guests. By the way, I have mounted a wall size monitor on the rear wall behind those d****s” She pulled them back to reveal the monitor. Steve stood there with his mouth open. “Impressive eh?” Steve had to admit it, Natalie had improved the house.

She led him behind the bar and showed him the keypad. “7722 turns on the monitor. 2366 opens the covering d****s; it saves me from walking round to open the d****s. But there is one number that I won’t tell you”. Natalie entered a number and the bar revolved revealing the staircase. Steve wished he had seen the number. Steve followed her down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, the iron barred gate was still there. Natalie opened the gate and bade Steve to enter the cell. Steve saw that she had not replaced the oak door either, but he did notice two locks on it which Leslie opened. Steve was pushed inside the room.

It struck him that Natalie had turned it into a padded cell. He looked all around. “Welcome to your holiday home. Completely soundproof” Steve immediately got an erection. “You can stop that straight away” Natalie said in a cold hard voice. “I can’t’” “You can’t? There is no such thing in my vocabulary” Steve did his best to make it subside, but the more he thought about it the more it refused to go down. His boxer shorts were standing out like a tent.

Without saying a word, Natalie left the room and came back with some chains. She fastened one wrist by a lockable leather cuff and repeated the operation on his other wrist. “Stretch your arms out” Steve did as she demanded and watched as she closed the cuff around his wrist and inserted the small lock through the strap. The next thing she did was to take the other end of the chain to the wall and clip it onto the clip hook. To him it looked like a stronger version of the clip on a dogs lead. Now Natalie slowly walked around him and clipped the other chain to the wall. “Stand in the middle of the room. You are too far to the left” Steve shuffled over and Leslie adjusted the first chain, went around to the other side and pulled tight before re-clipping that chain to the hook. Steve was standing arms outstretched.

Natalie disappeared once more and returned with a large box on wheels. From this box Steve saw she had lots of chain and other implements as well. She fastened a leg spreader to his ankles before clipping them tightly by chains to the walls as well. A steel chain was locked around his waist. Natalie also locked some around his thighs. Steve felt it as she pulled the chains tightly before clipping them to the walls.

A leather mask was brought out and Natalie pushed the gag into his mouth before sliding the helmet over his head and lacing it up tight. A leather collar was put around his neck and Steve heard the click as the lock was closed preventing removal. Natalie showed him a mirror and all he could see were his eyes. He did notice the D rings on each side and at the front of the collar. He presumed there was a fastening point at the rear as well. Natalie put the mirror down and continued her restraining of Steve.

Natalie went and got a ladder and climbed up fastening a chain to the ceiling, allowing Steve to glimpse the hem of her slip and her thighs. He was hoping to see her panties, but was disappointed. All he got was a view of the lace of the petticoat. Natalie climbed down the ladder, pulled Steve’s head up tightly and clipped the chain to it. Now she went back up the ladder to adjust the chain so Steve could not bend his head at all.

Chains were fitted to the collar and adjusted so they went to the walls all around him. He was held rigid. Natalie started on the chain around his waist and thighs. There were two chains from his sides on the waist belt that went to either side of the door. Two more chains went from here to the rear wall. The chains were joined by chains to the rear wall and the walls on his side. By the time she had finished with his thighs, they were anchored to the walls in the same way as well. Natalie was still not satisfied.

Natalie looked. Steve managed to move his wrists. Leslie was not having that. Leather cuffs were fastened around his upper arms. Chains went from these to the front and rear walls. His wrists were fastened in the same way. “Silly me, I should have done these first” Natalie now had to duck and weave her way through the chains. "This is fun" she said mockingly. Natalie went about adding chains from the wrist and arm cuffs to the ceiling and floor. But once more, as she climbed the ladder Natalie did not reveal her charms to him. He just glimpsed her stocking tops, but still no panties.

“Right, now let me tell you this. I am in charge of you now. You are mine. When I order you to be naked. Naked you will be. No ands, if’s or buts. Naked you will be” From the box, Natalie took out some scissors and cut his boxer pants off. Steve tried to struggle, but she had made sure he could not move a muscle.

“There, that’s better. Now I can see all the goods my slave has to offer. What I didn’t tell you was the lights only go on when I turn them on. If I remember to do it of course. I and my guests will be able to see you on the big screen, but of course, unlike me, they will not know it is live. Not only that, they will not know where it was filmed. They won’t have any inkling that while they are enjoying themselves you are very close and struggling to gain freedom. There us something else that you won’t know until I shut the door. I think you will be in for an unpleasant surprise”. Natalie laughed as Steve strained against the chains. “You know, I think you look so nice like this, I might leave you here permanently. There’s nothing you can do about it and as you are paying me, it would be worth my while to leave you here. Not only that, no one knows where you are. And you know what; the biggest laugh of it all is you set it up yourself. God I feel so hot. My vibrator has got to work hard to satisfy me”.

Natalie turned and left the room. It was, as she said a shock to him when she closed the door behind her. Straight away he noticed there was no handles on the inside of the door. So even if he could escape from the chains by some miracle, he couldn’t get out of the room. Even then there were the bars to get past. He was a prisoner in his own home.

Steve didn’t know how long he had been standing there, but later Natalie returned, undid the mask and gave him a drink. He woke up later and realised he had been d**gged. The mask had been put back on. As his eyes focussed he saw a net hoisted high on the ceiling. He realised that the naked person in it was his old girlfriend. She had a gag strapped on and it was locked in place. Removal was impossible. He looked at her struggle, but it was obvious there was no escape from the net. Neither could rescue the other.

A little later, Natalie came back. “I have given you a little entertainment for each other. She got on my nerves by keep coming her to see if I had heard anything. A little knock out drop in her tea soon put paid to her shenanigans. When she becomes reasonable, I will teach her to either become my assistant and dominate you, or she will be bound for use by my male guests or any lesbian and her huge strap on dildo. The choice is hers. I have a nice stocks and pillory set that holds the captive in a kneeing position with their rear high in the air. As it is for you two at present, one can struggle and the other can’t move a muscle. Neither can escape. I have to leave as my guests will be here soon. We will all be watching you both, so hopefully they will get in the mood for the orgy. I won’t turn on the microphone as you can’t talk anyway. Have fun. This is the surroundings you will be looking at for the rest of your lives or until I get bored with you. In that case, I will arrange a nice funeral for you. Unfortunately you will both be alive as they lower the coffin into your grave. All my guests will be mourners for you”.

Natalie left the pair looking at each other. Steve held fast and unmoving and his ex swinging about in her taut net. Each at the mercy of Natalie. Would she be able to train Steve’s ex to become a good domme and help turn Steve into a maid? Or would they finish up being buried alive? The lights went out.
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Don't leave it hanging Stephanie, tell us more please
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Oh my I'm loving it so far...
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