Self bondage

Britney paused one last time, wondering if she really and truly wanted to go through with this. She had never done anything like this before. An exasperated sigh later reaffirmed her decision. After all, she was already deeply committed to her current course of action, and to back out at this point was out of the question.

Her actions, by the way, meaning she was sitting in her vehicle on a lonely deserted path behind a large estate in the country, a small bag of necessary items on the seat next to her, her heart pounding as she considered her next move.

Removing the key from the ignition of her beat up junker of a car, she placed it with exaggerated finality into a small metal strongbox with a padlock. Placing her identification and all money, as well as jewelry and cell phone into the box as well, she closed and quickly snapped the padlock in place before she could talk herself out of it.


She was too desperate to seriously consider a change of plans at this point.

Oh, she could still turn back now, but without any means of releasing the lock it would mean an extremely long walk back to the nearest town in order to obtain something to smash open the padlocked box with. Considering her attire, at the moment, this was definitely not something she wanted to do.

There were other considerations as well, considerations which had led her to this course of action, but she put those considerations aside.

Reinf***ed by such thoughts as additional motivation to see her plans through to the next stage, Britney opened the squeaking car door and stepped her bare feet out of the vehicle.

Anyone lucky enough to be present to watch would have seen an extremely attractive woman, in her mid-20's, standing 5'-6" tall, sporting a natural 40E bust line. Combined with her extremely small 24 inch waistline and 34 inch hips, her bust line made for a devastating effect upon anyone who chanced to see her.

Not that Britney was all bust - she had other assets as well that were similarly endowed with a natural beauty.

For instance, there were her green eyes - usually the second thing most people noticed about her. Large and wide with long lashes and expressive eyebrows above, they perfectly framed her face above a pert nose and full red lips.

Just as noticeable was her dark hair which cascaded down to her waist, framing her face perfectly in the process.

Finally, most people noticed her skin.

It was a perfectly unblemished olive complexion.

She very closely resembled a certain internet porn star known as Ewa Sonnet, in fact.

She had driven here wearing nothing but a very undersized tank top and short shorts. Both were threadbare, allowing clear viewing of her aroused areolas through the thin white material. Her white cotton short shorts were similarly worn, and had worked their way well up between her ass cheeks. Since the air conditioning of her car didn't work, she was already sweating even in spite of her abbreviated attire, which only caused it to cling to her body so much more.

The elasticized waist was so worn it had lost it's elasticity, requiring her to cinch the built in drawstring at the waist up drastically to keep them from falling down her hips, which in turn required her to pull the shorts up even higher on her waist. Her labia were easily seen as the material wedged itself up between her thighs, and the fact her cunt was soaking wet already only made the almost filmy material cling even more closely to her body.

No pubic hair was visible, of course, as she had completely waxed it off.

The first thing to go was the top, which she immediately dug her red fingernails into and ripped to shreds before her nerves became even shakier.

Next were her shorts, which were similarly destroyed. Now, unless she wanted to stroll into town completely nude - or wearing knotted together scraps of clothing - she would be f***ed to go through with her original plans.

Tossing the scraps of clothing back into the car, she leaned back in for the bag in the passenger seat, her breasts swinging freely as she did so. It was an incredibly odd feeling to be outside nude, and Britney noticed the coolness on her skin even as she realized she was even more aroused than before.

Terrified at the same time, of course, but aroused nonetheless.

Placing the bag on the roof of her car, she first pulled out a pair of ballet shoes. Not the kind that a dancer wears, but rather the bondage fetish kind that have a long pencil thin heel on the back that f***es the wearer onto their toes while wearing them even as a strap buckles and locks into place and prevents the wearer from removing them.

Leaning her naked buttocks against the still warm fender of her car, she slipped them on her feet and buckled them into place. Tiny brass padlocks ensured they were not coming off of her feet without a key.

Cuffs went around her ankles then, with a short 12 inch chain between, and were also padlocked into place.

Stepping hesitantly, she reached her arms up and slipped her long hair up into a ponytail at the crown of her skull, holding it place with a few rubber bands before slipping a short leather sleeve with small silver studs over the rubber bands and securing her hair into place. Once more, her breasts were on full display as she stretched her body upwards, the curvature of her ribcage clearly visible and framing her toned and flat stomach.

Next was a collar around her throat, which matched the leather sleeve holding her hair in place as it too had small silver studs projecting outwards. As with the ballet shoes the collar was padlocked into place.

Britney hesitated a moment at the next item, as it was a very large ring gag affixed to a head harness. Knowing it was too late to back out now; she carefully slipped the ring gag into place behind her teeth and pulled the straps over her head, securing them in back with small silver buckles before adding even more tiny padlocks.

Breathing raggedly now, she tossed almost everything remaining back into the car and locked the door before slamming it shut.

The remaining item she kept consisted of a short black polished rod. On one end of the rod was a black leather loop, again similar to her collar in that it had small silver studs embedded into its length. At the other end of the rod was a pair of leather cuffs, padlocks hanging loosely, awaiting her wrists.

Reaching behind her, she slowly worked the leather loop over her hands, then her wrists, up her forearms, and finally, after much effort, above her elbows. She was a vision of pure sexuality as she writhed about working the loop up her arms, her body squirming and twisting while her breasts bounded about with every jostle. Whining through the ring gag did nothing to alleviate the burning pain in her shoulders as they were stretched backwards until her elbows literally met.

Painfully, she fumbled with the leather cuffs behind her back. Blind to what she was doing, she had to work by feel and it took her several minutes just for one wrist. Once it was buckled in place, the other wrist went faster. Last but not least, she clumsily worked the small padlocks into place and experienced a small shiver in spite of herself as she heard them click.

Absolutely NO turning back NOW!

Britney was completely nude, arms bound behind her back, breasts thrust out invitingly to anyone lucky enough to find her, gagged in a head harness with absolutely no way to spit out the ring gag - and indeed unable to prevent anyone from inserting a body extremity of their choice down her throat, and hobbled so that she could not even run effectively should she attempt to flee from anyone she sought to evade.

Already she experienced extreme discomfort, from the bitingly painful shoes on her feet to her already aching jaws, and from the excruciatingly uncomfortable position her arms and shoulders were pinned in to the new ache she felt as she was f***ed to arch her back in an extreme manner to accommodate the completely unnatural posture f***ed upon her by her bound arms.

Should anyone find her, she would be a tasty morsel that was completely at their mercy!

This unnerving - yet oddly stimulating - thought kick started her moving in the general direction she knew the mansion laid. She had viewed satellite imagery of the estate, and knew where she was parked relative to the mansion, so now it was a matter of navigating her way by memory to her next destination.

She could not help but notice how her breasts were thrust out and bounced with even the small steps her hobble allowed as she slowly made her way down the overgrown woodland lane. As pendulous as they were, she knew extended exertions without a bra of any sort were going to leave them aching as well...but at this point she had no choice. She also noticed how much drool had already dribbled down her chin, and was leaving a slick trail down between her breasts, across her flat stomach, and all the way down to her bare cunt.

Wincing up at the already hot sun backing down upon her shoulders and head, she turned and proceeded along the abandoned and grass choked gravel lane towards her destination, stinging sweat dripping into her eyes and worrisome gnats beginning to hover overhead. Blades of grass and the leaves of small saplings felt odd and alien on her naked flesh as she moved, first on her calves and thighs, then brushing against her breasts and shoulders as she moved deeper down the unused lane. She occasionally turned sideways when a particularly obstructive branch slipped against her now very sensitive cunt.

She had to step carefully in short 12 inch movements to avoid falling since she had absolutely no use of her arms as she timidly walked down the path towards her destiny.
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3 years ago
Fantastic story so far!! Is there more?
3 years ago
Wow, what a very enjoyable story,
I am willing to wait for the sequel.
3 years ago
oooh tell us more please
A xxx
3 years ago
I can not wait for the ending