Models wanted for life study, full or part time”

The advert in the shop window grabbed Josie’s attention. “This sounds good. I’ve been told I have a beautiful body, so why not show it off” she thought. She wrote down the phone number and carried on shopping.

All that night, she thought about the modelling. Okay, it might be nude pictures or sculptures for now, but who knows, maybe she will get that break into the modelling career she had always wanted. How often after stars or models have made it, does their past get dragged up and images of their early days get shown in the gutter press, usually showing they had starred in porn movies.

But that was not Josie’s problem. She craved being a celebrity. She would do anything to reach her goal. Josie had decided that this would be her big break. She had to make the most of it. Josie phoned the number and agreed to meet the following Saturday in the coffee bar in the centre of town.

That week flew by. Josie turned up expecting to see a young dashing Bohemian man who would give her the once over. Instead, she was met by an old man and a woman only a few years older than her. They introduced themselves to her and chatted for a while. They told Josie the wages they would pay for a full time art class model. It was a lot less than she was getting, but they added that there was free accommodation available. That made it more than worthwhile. Josie said she would love the job, but the old man said it was not as easy as that. They would need to take photos of her. Josie said she was free that day, and so they all drove to the woods where Josie stripped of and after a couple of hundred pictures had been taken, Josie was allowed to get dressed.

Another week went by and Josie was beginning to think she had been duped by a dirty old man and dreaded to think where the photos would end up. She was relieved when she got the phone call to say that the job was hers if she wanted it. The woman apologised for the delay but they had to check with their clients if she was what they wanted. “How could they not want me?” she thought.

“I have to give two weeks’ notice to quit my job and my flat and then I will be available”. All agreed, Josie was warned not to tell anyone what she was doing or where she was going. “Just in case someone decided to try to get unauthorised pictures of her”. Josie thought that made sense. They wanted the copyright on her beautiful body.

Two weeks went by and Josie turned up at the flat they had said was hers. She had one day to settle in before work started.

The first morning Josie was told to put a Yashmac and see through veil on and pose as provocatively as possible. Her students would be dressed in Arabic clothing to help give her the right ambience for the day. But it shook her to find that although they varied in age from twenty to sixty, they were all Arabic looking. Although a little perturbed, Josie got on with it. The students were all taking photos of her. Overall, she enjoyed the session, even though she was a little nervous of the situation.

Day two saw Josie posing naked for an art class. She could see what she was doing to the men and loved it. For Josie, that went by all too quick. So did the rest of the week while the paintings were being finished.

Josie was asked if she would do bondage photos. She wasn’t sure about it. The couple were not worried as there was plenty of work for her to do. One thing puzzled her though was the large shed they kept locked at the back. They never let her see it. They kept telling her it was where they store the paintings. So why not show her the paintings? Maybe it was only paintings, but supposing they were counterfeiting money or growing d**gs in there? She had to find out.

One day she was told that she would not be needed as the couple had to go to a university to organise another painting class and then an auction room to see how much they could get for the pictures of her. Josie had all day to try and figure out how to get into the shed.

Once they had gone, Josie waited a half hour before starting to find a way into the locked shed. There were two combination locks on the door. One fell open quite easy, but the other just would not budge. Two hours later, Josie had just got the lock undone when she heard their car pull up. Quickly she locked the locks again and ran into her flat.

Later that evening Josie was invited to join them for a meal at the local restaurant. The couple were interested in what Josie had done all day. Josie said she watched the television. But that didn’t seem to satisfy them. They asked what programs she had watched. Josie reeled off the Jeremy Kyle show and other programs. That seemed to satisfy them. The evening carried on with them telling Josie how much they had been offered for some of the photos and paintings of her. Josie was quite impressed. They told her there was one item that people were bidding for. The bidding closed that night, so at the time, they didn’t know what it was going to fetch.

The evening passed by quickly enough. Josie was pleased about that as she thought they might start their interrogation again. Did they suspect something? They couldn’t as they had not seen her running from the shed. But the next day Josie was to find out they had suspected that she was up to something, but not because they had seen her.

She went to the studio where she was asked to strip off for some tasteful nude pictures. The woman made some coffee while the man explained what they wanted. They were going to do a calendar of her. So twelve decent photos would be required.

Josie listened to the man and he started to suggest props. After a few moments, Josie started to feel drowsy. Within a minute, she was fast asl**p. The woman had d**gged her coffee. She had no idea how long she was out cold, but when she came to, she found herself wrapped in bandages from her feet to her head. She even found the air she was breathing was hot. The woman brought a full length mirror and stood it on end. After the shock, she felt something in her pussy and butt. “Pipes to carry away your waste”

The couple lifted Josie so she could see herself. All she could see were her eyes. She had been mummified. “It’s a shame we have to do this to you, but your curiosity about the shed makes us believe you have seen inside and we can’t let you go blabbing to the Police” the man said. Josie tried to explain that she hadn’t seen inside, but all that came out of the bandages was a strange sound. The man carried on talking, “You have a part of a duck caller in your mouth. The bandages are holding it in place. However, it does allow you to breathe through your mouth. Later, the bandages will be cut to allow the duck caller to be removed and a tube for your food can be inserted. We know you looked in, or at least tried to look into the shed. We know that, as we always leave to locks showing our telephone number. Anyone, like yourself would not realise that and would simply spin the dials. Now we are going to have to take you into the shed and you can see for yourself what is in there”

Josie couldn’t move a muscle as they eased her onto a sack barrow. She watched in horror as they headed towards the shed. The woman opened the doors and the man wheeled her in. Josie was shocked at what she saw.

There was a girl in a glass tank. Her hands were tied to the edges, so it looked like she was being crucified. Her feet were spread apart. All her body hair had been removed. In her mouth was a transparent tube. Over her eyes were some sealed lenses to protect them. Josie was transfixed by this image. The girl tried to shake her body, but although feet were not tied, she wasn’t moving them. Josie could see the panic in her eyes. “Lovely isn’t she. She has been bought by a Sultan for display in his Palace. In case you are wondering, her feet have been superglued to the base of the display cabinet. We had to gag her for a while as she came round while we were plucking all her body hair out. You won’t see those lenses once the resin is in place” Josie noticed the clear tubes sticking into her pussy and butt. “She will need to expel her waste. When the resin is poured in, the tubes will not be seen”

The next display revealed a man who had already been sealed in his resin tomb. Now Josie could see why the girl was panicking. But she couldn’t work out why she was mummified. A sound behind her snapped her back out of those thoughts. The resin was being poured into the tank. In no time, it had reached her knees. The girl was unable to move to ruin the resin. “The man has been sold to a middle eastern princess for the amusement of her female guests. You have had cash paid for you by an Egyptian potentate. But he wants you mummified. I think it’s a waste myself”

Josie was lifted off of the sack barrow and stood in the middle of the room. The man started up a compressor and attached a spray gun to it. He started to spray the bandages with a transparent liquid. “It’s the same resin that is going into the girl’s tank. Don’t worry; we rubbed petroleum jelly all over you so the resin doesn’t stick to you. It’s the same thing about the girl’s tank, and the couple’s bodies. But once set, they won’t be able to move. Come to that, nor will you” He fitted some of the lenses to Josie to protect her eyes.

Once he had finished spraying Josie, he went over to the man. Carefully he removed the sides of the case and there stood the man in a block of pure transparent resin. “Three hundred thousand we have been paid for him. I understand he was the princesses’ old boyfriend. He dumped her and she couldn’t take the insult. Now he will never be able to leave her. Thankfully, Viagra has been invented as she wanted him with an erection showing. It will show for ever now as that is one part we never covered in jelly”

Josie watched as the girl’s tank had now filled to her neck. She was pleading with her eyes for them to stop. But the resin carried on pouring. The girl closed her eyes as it swept over them. But of course the lenses kept the resin from them. Eventually the resin was a foot above her head. “She is the girl that the man left the princess for. We thought that they would be left as a pair so they could see each other even if they couldn’t touch each other. But the princess demanded that they be separated. We were lucky that the girl was bought as well”.

Josie felt the resin starting to harden. “In three hours, you will not be able to move. The girls resin will take two days to dry. You all get flown out next week” Josie’s heart sank. “So now we have to get another model. In case you are wondering, we got four hundred thousand for you. And it wasn’t because you tried looking in the shed that we did this to you. We were handed the money yesterday, so it would have happened anyway. You are going to be put on display in an office with a life sized photo of you beside you to show what you look like now and as far as your buyer is concerned, forevermore. In case you were wondering, you have met your new owner on your first modelling assignment” They walked out leaving the three of them stuck in their fate.

A week later saw the three of them boxed up ready for transportation to their new homes. None of them would ever be free again. Josie often wondered about the other two as she watched her very busy office go about their daily tasks. If only one of the staff would come and take a closer look at her in all her wrapping.
Every day she wondeed how long she would stay alive, but every night, she was fed and watered, She could go on for years like this
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3 years ago
good story & kinky to bizarre
3 years ago
excellent description and writing Stephanie, but a really strange concept, you have a fabulous imagination
A xxx