kirsten had been disobedient and disrespectful. The emptiness inside at having disappointed Him gnawed through her stomach lining like a rusty can making its way toward her heart.

?you are one nasty fucking whore,? He said.

Words that during play sessions might have turned her on, now made her want to cry, need to cry but the tears were stuck in her throat. The thought of Him dismissing her made her whole body numb.

Is this what shock feels like?

He strode through the parking lot toward his apartment leaving her to trail behind like a lost puppy. He turned and scowled at her.

?Who the fuck do you think you are?? Each word landed like a razor through her flesh. ?Did you really think I?d like you get away with that fucking shit??

?i?ll do anything. Anything, Sir. I promise. Please? i?ll make it up to you. Please!?

?I don?t even give a shit anymore. you?re a worthless disappointment.?

?i know now that i was wrong but, i just thought??

?you thought???? He lunched and grabbed her by the hair. He pulled her face to His. ?kirsten, if you try and make one fucking excuse, it will be the last fucking thing you ever say to Me.?

she bowed her head. ?Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. i--i understand.?

?you understand nothing, girl,? He said opening the door to his apartment. ?But that?s about to change.?

The odor inside overwhelmed her. It wasn?t His smell. It invaded her nostrils -- musky, pungent, filthy -- all mixed with the stench of?tequila. Four men sat in the front room; even in the darkness, she could tell that none were particularly attractive.

?you chose to disobey Me. you must not want to be Mine,? her Master said. ?Now you?re theirs.?

?Nooo. No, Sir.? she dropped immediately to her knees and began kissing his feet. ?Please, Sir. Please forgive me. i?ll do anything.?

?No,? He said with a wicked chuckle. ?you?ll do everything.?

Two pair of hands grabbed her from behind. ?Text Me when you?re done with her,? He said to them. ?If there?s anything left, maybe I?ll take her back.?

They dragged her inside as she watched Him walk away.


The one with tattoos slathering his arms and chest gave orders to the other three. There was an edge to his voice that left no doubt he was accomplished in the art of sadism.

?Let?s strip this girl down naked, boys and see what we got.?

Her clothes shredded from every angle; cold air tingled on her flesh.

?Hoooo, ah!? The leader yelled. she shivered, more from thoughts of what they planned to do with her than the temperature. ?Tie that shit down, boys!?

she recognized Master?s ropes and His chain. At least she had that much. she could pretend He was here. she could imagine that, in some way, He was watching and approving of what was to happen.

The one with the beard and bad breath tied her hands way too tight.

?Fucker!? she screamed.

?No, I?ll fuck you, bitch.?

her legs were spread wide; rope around her ankles yanked outward exposing her pussy.

?Yeah, you get her. You be first,? the leader ordered.

The beard dropped his pants and mounted her. His semi-flaccid cock rubbed on her inner thigh as he growled in her face. ?you?re gonna get it, bitch. you?re gonna get you plenty.?

His breath stank of cigarettes and garlic. she squirmed and struggled which seemed only to made his cock grow harder.

?Oh yeah, you gonna get you some now, bitch!?

His cock f***ed its way into her pussy.

?Hoooo ah! Yeah!? the leader shouted out.

The other two guys stared down at her. They were slipping off their pants.

she wanted to be with her Master. she wished she?d never been a bad girl but she?d take this. she?d take it all to just have a chance to be back in his good graces. To kneel at His feet and let Him play with her hair. To hear Him call her a good girl.

?Pile drive that pussy, boys! Next Next!?

The bearded one had already shot his load, a feeble fuck at best.

The next guy was young and thin. His curly hair covered his face as he lowered himself into her. His cock was already hard and slid right in.

?Sloppy seconds! Sloppy seconds!?

she couldn?t even tell who was shouting anymore. It was as though there were a dozen of them slapping her, poking her, humiliating her.

?I?ll show you sloppy seconds!? The young one yelled at them. He pumped her hard-- really fucking hard. His long thin cock went deep into her. ?Second this! Second THIS!?

The third one, the older guy, knelt at the top of her head and started jacking himself off with her hair around his cock. He breathed hard as he did it. He probably hadn?t gotten any real pussy in years. This is what she?d come to. Being a plaything for boys and old men who couldn?t get any. Why couldn?t she have just stayed Master?s good girl?

?GRRRRRR? curly hair slapped her face as he pulled out and came all over her stomach.

?Yeah!? the leader shouted. ?My turn!?

As he said it, the old man came in her hair and all over her forehead. As if not humiliating enough, he wiped the last remnants of his cum on her cheeks. ?More where that came from, little girl.?

?Get the blindfold and the vibrator,? the leader ordered.

Someone covered her eyes. she heard the familiar sound of her favorite toy. The leader?s cock rubbed up and down on her clit as he delivered the news. ?you?re gonna cum on my cock, bitch.?

The words sent a panic through her. The ****, she could deal with. The humiliation, the stench, the knowledge that these losers had used her. But she would not cum without her Master?s permission. No. No way.

?I know what you?re thinking, you cunt,? he said as his cock swelled on her slit. ?you think you?ll hold back. Maybe you think you?ll fake it. But it ain?t gonna happen. I?ll know and I?ll make that pussy of yours let go of all it?s cum on my cock.?

It was her last bastion of decency. They could fuck her body but there was no way?

The vibrator started circling on her pussy. It felt so good but she wouldn?t let it happen. Not without Master?s permission.

?Please?? she begged. Immediately she knew it was the wrong thing to say.

He laughed. An evil sounding noise.

He knows. The bastard knows.

He knew this would be more humiliating than the ****. The fucker knew that making her cum on his cock without her Master?s permission was the lowest most degrading thing he could do to her.

He entered her. His cock was huge and filled her already used pussy. One of the others teased her clit with the vibe. she tried to feel nothing but as he started fucking her, she couldn?t help it. No!

?No. No. NO!? she screamed.

Without thinking, she struggled against her restraints. It only seemed to make him enjoy it more.

?Yeah, girl. Yeah. I?m gonna get you.?

Fuck. The struggle had made her pussy burn. she wouldn?t cave. she wouldn?t cave. she wouldn?t?

Before she knew it, it was close. Whoever was playing the vibe knew what he was doing. The wave of her orgasm started to rise. she could hold it back. she wouldn?t do it without her Master?s permission. she wouldn?t. she would?t.

?Yes you will girl. Oh yes you will.?

His thrusts moved in sync with the vibe. His cock was so so big. It filled her. The vibe teased her clit. she wanted to hold it back. she wanted to but?

The blindfold was ripped from her face. The light blinded her momentarily but there, holding the vibrator on her clit was her Master.

?The **** wasn?t your punishment, girl.? He said. His voice was both gruff and kind. ?Letting these guys watch you cum, letting them see you at your most vulnerable ? that?s your punishment.?

Oh God. It was really close now. she didn?t know how long she could hold it back. The thick cock. The rough fuckings. Her Master there. Her Master touching her?

?Cum. Cum now. Cum girl!? He ordered.

It flooded out. A wave crashed over her as every muscle clenched. A tingle from her pelvis went up her spine and her nipples felt as though they were about to pop.


she came. she didn?t care who saw it. she was a slut. she was a whore. she was a bad girl but after this, she was back in his good graces. she just let it cum.

?Thank You, Master. Thank You!?

her thoughts swirled. her muscles ached. her pussy still burned but she was His. Once again, she was all His.
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3 years ago
this was a change interesting thanks
3 years ago
excellent story, wish there was as much detail as in the one about Kathleen and Joanne though
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
the ? marks are annoying but a gud storyy
4 years ago
not too shabby :]
4 years ago
Man those boxes are annoying, couldn't read the story.
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