First time

He was quite nervous. What sane person wouldn't be? He'd been communicating via email and phone with a lady he'd never met. Amanda, even her name turned him on. After several months she finally agreed to meet him in person. The time, place, and preparations were all her choosing. "Yeah," he though, "I must be just a little bit crazy."

The time and place was easy enough. Just a small out of the way restaurant near the river. He'd been there before. The harder part was the instructions she'd sent him.

"Completely shaved, dressed smartly in slacks with no underwear," she'd stated with little noticeable emotion. She went on to describe in detail a leather leash she wanted him to create. She told him it was to be tied securely to his cock and left to hang out of the zipper. When they finally met he was to give her the loose end of the leash to signify his willingness to submit.

He'd made all the preparations and tied the leash in place as best he could. He had to admit the cool and comfortable feeling of going without underwear was something he would start doing more regularly. He'd never felt so free.

He arrived too early at the restaurant. He knew he would appear desperate. He wanted to appear punctual. He would always choose the appearance of desperation over being late.

An important point occurred to him.

She'd asked for several pictures of him in in varied stages of undress. As her power over him increased she demanded photos of him in lewd and compromising situations. He'd never even seen her face. She might already be here looking at him and he wouldn't have the slightest idea.

He opened the car door and started towards the entrance of the restaurant. As he approached he noticed a very good looking couple walking in as well.

The lady was stunning. She wore a black dress that wrapped her body like a second skin. The neckline was nearly to her navel and did little to hide her ample breasts. Her hair was a deep red and piled high on her head. As he took in her shoes he had to catch his breath. They weren't especially high, it was the black buckle around her ankles that took his mind soaring.

Her man was impressive in another way all together. He was dressed smartly in a black silk shirt and khakis. His shoes were a cross between loafers and sandals. He looked as though he might have been on vacation near the beach.

Sam held the door for them. As the lady passed she locked eyes with him and said "Ahh, a gentleman".

He smiled and continued to hold the door for her man. As he passed, they never broke eye contact.

As he followed them inside he let the door close and was thankful the place appeared to be empty.

Soon he noticed that the gorgeous woman was staring at him. He wondered if he'd been caught checking her out. "It would certainly explain her husband staring me down," he thought a bit smugly.

He then began to wonder if she could somehow tell he wasn't wearing underwear. "Was it possible the leather leash was visible?" he considered, panic rising in his chest.

He smiled nervously every time he caught her eye. He would always quickly shift his gaze. Her eyes never left him. "This woman is not intimidated at all," he thought with a pang of jealousy.

He strained to find something to look at. He feigned interest in the decor so it didn't seem as though he were staring. He checked his watch and began to wonder if she had decided not to show. To his amazement, the beauty with the red hair and black dress began to walk towards him. He couldn't take his eyes off her. As if by magic, she was standing before him.

"Sam, do you have something for me?" She asked.

All at once the world is spinning. She is amazingly beautiful. She's been toying with him from the start. In his wildest dreams he never pictured a beauty such as this being interested in him. He felt a wave of emotion and arousal swelling within him.

There was another feeling as well; surprise. She was not alone. His eyes first flashed towards the man she was with and then to her outreached hand. He saw the ring. They were married.

She saw the look on his face and gently said "yes dear, we are married, but I need you to make your decision."

Before he realized he was moving, his hand was in the pocket. He retrieved the loose end of the leash and handed it to her.

"Very nice," she said. She then leaned in to kiss his cheek. "You belong to me now, I make the rules, you follow them."

A shiver went up his spine as one fingernail gently traced the edge of his ear.

She turned and pulling him by the leash, walked towards her husband.

He couldn't help but follow.

The three of them approached the table. "Thank goodness," he thought. The table was in the back corner of the restaurant. The light seemed even dimmer here. He started to relax.

Her husband, staring deep into his eyes, pulled his lovely wife's chair out.

She sat down and patted the chair beside her.

Sam wasted no time in sitting down. He watched as she wrapped the slack in the leash around her wrist.

"Steve, this is Sam, he's decided he wants to submit to us." She made the declaration in the same tone one would use while referring to the weather.

The word "Us" struck him like a bolt of lightening. He was suddenly recalling all of the fantasies he'd shared with her. All the things she'd coerced him into saying. All of his deep dark secrets laid before her. All of this came rushing back in an instant.

She smiled at his expression. She'd prompted him to give her increasingly detailed fantasies. All the while pushing his limits, making plans to use his words against him.

She smiled wider at the realization on his face. She finished the introduction by saying "you two will be very close." She gave a quick tug on the leash and raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow as if to say; "You don't believe me?"

He hadn't noticed the server as she approached and asked if they were ready to order.

"Yes" his fantasy become flesh stated. "We will be having the pasta, a Caesar Salad, and a bottle of your best red wine."

The server turned and walked away without another word. "Strange" Sam thought.

The quiet was thick enough to cut with a knife. He considered making small talk but couldn't clear his mind of all the things he'd told her.

She sat there watching him, her eyes never faltering. She was enjoying her slave's discomfort. From time to time she would raise her eyes as if to say; "Something to say?"

He knew how silly he would sound if he tried to make small talk. He didn't trust his nervous voice and rapid heartbeat not to betray him.

She reached for his napkin. She took it laid it open across his lap. Her hand then slid along the length of the leash. She used it like a guidepost to get to what she wanted. Her eyes were again locked on his as she found the zipper and lowered it.

He braved a quick glance across the table at Steve.

He was watching every move. His smile never changed.

Once she had his slacks unzipped, she pulled the leash until his cock was pulled completely out. Were it not for the napkin, his cock would be clearly visible to anyone. She did all of this without saying a word and then stared into his eyes.

"Better?" She asked, again bringing her full red lips within inches of his neck.

He didn't know how to respond. He sat dumbfounded, unable to speak.

She reached under the napkin and began to draw little circles on the head of his cock with her fingernail.

He could feel his pre-cum making the task easier.

She brought her hand out from under the napkin. She raised her finger to his lips.

He opened them without hesitation.

As she coated his lips and tongue with his seed she warmly stated, "I asked you if that were better."

"Yes Ma'am" he responded in a hoarse voice. He was getting increasingly nervous. Her actions and words were causing his cock to stiffen. He feared the napkin would fall at any moment.

"You might want to keep him under control Sam, no telling who might be watching," she said with a grin using her eyes to point to his lap.

The server arrived with their dinner. She looked at him a little longer than one would expect. She peeked into his lap as she placed his plate on the table. He was sure he'd heard her make a knowing sound. His heart again began to race.

When she returned with the wine, she stood next to him. He could feel her eyes on him. He didn't dare look at her while she waited for Steve to test the wine.

He felt Amanda's hand find its way back under the napkin. She rubbed the whole length of this cock. She made no attempt to hide her intentions or movements.

The server took her time pouring their wine and making sure everything was to their liking. She was really just finding reasons to stay and enjoy the show.

"Thank you Nina but I think we have everything well in hand." Amanda stated this with a touch of humor. Her hand continuing its sensual assault on his throbbing flesh.

"I would say so," Nina said, as she walked away from the table.

Steve broke the ice as they began to eat. He started making small talk as if they were just a group of friends having a meal.

Sam actually began to relax and became interested in the conversation. He still struggled to maintain focus, thanks largely to Amanda.

She never let much time pass between tugging his leash or stroking his cock. She kept him fully erect. She meant to keep him aroused. As if her black dress, which did nothing to hide her breasts wasn't enough.

She'd caught him staring at her several times and would make a 'tsk tsk' sound each time. She would then lean so that her dress would open further, daring him to look.

As Nina was clearing our plates she asked if we'd be having dessert. She had again positioned herself in order to have an open view of my lap. She no longer tried to hide the fact that she was looking.

"We most certainly will, but not here." Amanda said, again with a touch of humor. She placed her hand on the napkin and tucked his cock in leaving the outline of it throbbing and clearly defined.

She then stood and kissed Nina's cheek. "Thank you for taking such good care of us, you're the reason we come here."

She then bent forward, allowing her dress to fall away from her body, giving me an unobstructed view of her breasts and erect nipples.

"Pay the check Sam, and make sure you leave Nina a very generous tip." As she said this she stood and turned towards Steve. She unwrapped the leash from her wrist and handed the end to her husband unworried about who might have noticed.

All three of us followed her with our eyes as she walked towards the ladies room.

Nina laid the check on the table in front of me. She made no attempt to hide the fact that she was staring at my cock as I tried to retrieve my wallet.

While I was gingerly trying to accomplish this, Steve began to tug on the leash. "She didn't want you running off" he said and continued a series of tugs and releases.

His actions caused my cock to bounce in my lap and this definitely had Nina's attention.

He was basically stroking my cock with the leather wrapped around it. He was enjoying himself as he tormented me.

I somehow managed to pull my wallet out and was removing the cash. Both my hands were busy and I felt the napkin start to slide off my lap.

It started to drop in slow motion but soon sped up. Before I could react the base was exposed along with the first loop of the leash.

I pulled the napkin back quickly. Blushing and fumbling with my wallet and the cash.

Nina sucked in a quick breath and made a sound of disappointment.

Steve laughed a little and thankfully stopped his tugging.

I laid three one hundred dollar bills on the check and then held them out to Nina. I figured a ninety dollar tip was generous in anyone's book.

Nina stared at my hand and then looked into my eyes. "Let me see it," she said, no hint of a question.

I looked to Steve who smiled and began tugging on the cord once more.

I looked into Nina's eyes for the first time and didn't know what to do.

"Let me see it," she said again, making it clear she was not making a request.

I again looked to Steve who's smile had changed somehow. He never slowed his tugging and changed the movement so that my cock began to bounce aggressively.

"I told you twice," she said and tore the napkin from my lap before I had a chance to respond.

"Hmmmmm," she purred while taking in the sight.

For a second I froze and then quickly covered myself. I started to put my cock back into my pants but Nina stopped me.

"I wouldn't recommend that boy," she said with a smile. "Now, let me see it." I moved my hands just enough to give her what she wanted.

Steve pulled up on the leash and held it there causing my cock to stand at attention.

I wasn't sure what would happen next. I had no idea what to do.

Thankfully my Mistress returned, she laughed as she sat down and took the leash from her husband. "Steve, you're so mean," she said teasing him.

"What do you think?" She asked of Nina. She held my cock in her hands as if offering it for inspection.

Nina reached out and ran her hand up and down the length and then pinched the head between her fingers milking pre-cum from the slit. "I think he's going to be a whole lot of fun Amanda." She then put her fingers to her lips, tasted the pearl liquid and said, "yeap, I think you're going to really enjoy this one."

I couldn't move. I am not even sure if I was breathing.

Amanda pushed my cock back into my slacks and zipped them up. Without a word she stood and headed for the door pulling me by my leash as she went.

I was sure everyone in the place could see my cock sticking straight out and her leading me like a pet. The interesting thing is I didn't care.

Amanda and Steve walked towards the exit with me following close behind. My eyes traced up and down her back and I was again amazed at how beautiful she was.

She looked over her shoulder and again caught me looking. She smiled knowingly and pushed her way through the door.

Outside they led me to their car. It was a nice large sedan. Amanda opened the rear door and motioned for me to get in.

I slid in and over to the far side of the seat.

She climbed in next to me.

The situation changed quickly and dramatically.

Before the door was even closed she said "Strip!" She pulled firmly on the leash to let me know she meant it.

I pulled off my shoes, socks, pants and shirt in what felt like a single movement.

"Much better," she said turning to look forward as if she were on a Sunday drive.

It was then that the realization set in. I was really going to do this. I was submitting to both of them. A shiver went up my spine, fear or excitement, I simply couldn't tell.

Her hand reached over and held my cock. We drove in silence, her hand squeezing and releasing me.
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