She awakened slowly, with much confusion. When she was able, she started to look around her, her heart pounding with fear and uncertainty. The room was warm & comfortable - thick rug that added sponginess to one's step. Low light. Fragrant flowers all around. But, she did notice there were no windows. It was so quiet in this room. As she looked around she began to notice other things - a wall that contained handcuffs and some chains. Some sort of machine was directly set up in the middle of the room. It contained a cusioned seat with plush fabric covering it. It also contained ropes, pulleys, and many other things she couldn't recognize.

A small noise on the floor above her had her widening her eyes. Now, she knew where she was! She heard that noise everyday. She was in a room somewhere in the court house. Where she had worked for the last 5 years.
Slowly standing up she struggled to remember how she had gotten there. She remembered one of the judges asking her to get a box of archived files from the basement. She remembered someone coming up behind her and grabbing her, putting a cloth over her nose and mouth. d**gged??? But why? She looked at the large bed in the room. She looked at the massage table in the corner. The colors of the room were beautiful - red - lush and ripe. Veils - soft and strong - hung in various colors all around the room.

The basement of the court house had always made her feel uneasy. It was huge with many rooms. That was when she noticed a door. Rising she walked to it and tried the nob. It opened easily. Stepping inside she was stunned by what she saw. This room was very different from the main room. This room had a steel table, with steel wrist and ankle cuffs attached to it. On a table nearby were many many vibrators, plugs, whips, and what looked like electrical impulse machines.

She whirled around and stumbled out of that smaller room slamming the door behind her, feeling shocked. Her imagination started to run wild with possibilities of where she was. Oh my god....... How has this happened?

She had been set to leave her workplace for a year. Had taken a leave of absence, had packed up all the belongings in her home and put them in storage. Her plane ticket was purchased. This was to be her last week at work. Oh my god...........

She had no f****y. A car accident had left her the sole survivor in her f****y. Her friends knew she was set to leave at the end of the week. They had already had a get together to celebrate her new adventure of travelling for a year.

Very faintly she heard a sound - the sound of someone walking down a flight of stairs. Her heart started to thump wildly.

No one would be looking for her!!
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3 years ago
Great opennig to an even better story thanks
5 years ago
nice start to the story cant wait for the second part