ingrid 1

Chapter 1

My field of view was dominated by a cock. It was a quite magnificent one, of a size that would fill me to my limit. I'd been in a bit of dry spell in terms of lovers and hadn't seen a real penis in ages. The skin on the head was stretched tightly at the end of an erection. Veins stood out along the pink skin of the shaft. The whole penis wavered slightly in front of my face as if probing for my mouth. I wanted to reach up, wrap my hand around the thick rod and stroke it gently while guiding it into my parted lips. But thick coils of tightly tied ropes pinioning my arms securely behind my back prevented this. The bindings had been put there by Ingrid, my room mate from university days.

Ingrid is a tall lithe Scandinavian beauty. Bleach blonde hair cut in a page boy frames a face with high broad cheekbones and pale blue eyes. Ingrid's generous mouth was always set in what I thought was a perpetual mischievous grin. It was that grin that greeted me as I stepped out of the bathroom in her townhouse during a weekend visit.

"Good morning, sl**py head" she said.

Ingrid was already dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a sky blue t-shirt. She carried a bunch of rope in one hand. I might have wondered about the rope if I wasn't suffering from jet lag. I made a feeble attempt to smooth out my tousled hair. Not for the first time I marveled at the contrasts between the two of us. My combined Italian and Spanish heritage provided me with brown hair and eyes with an olive complexion. I am as tall as Ingrid but with more curves. These curves made me suddenly self conscious as Ingrid was opening staring at my full breasts.

"What's that on your arm?" she asked.

When I raised my arm to look at it, she grabbed the wrist, twisted it around behind my back somehow and pushed me face first against the wall. I was so stunned I didn't resist as she pulled my other arm around behind my back. It didn't even register that she was wrapping rope around my wrists until too late. She jerked the knot tightly and stepped away for a second. It must have been to pick up more rope as coils started around my arms, just above the elbows. Ingrid paused after several wraps and slowly pulled on the tail of the rope, forcing my upper arms closer together. She stopped when my elbows were almost touching. My shoulders were drawn back to an unnatural point. As a consequence, my chest was thrust out and harder into the wall.

"Uh, Ingrid, what are you doing to me?" I finally managed to blurt out.

"Shhh, sweetie" was her reply. "I'll explain in a sec. Just let me finish up back here."

Let her? Like there was anything I could do about it. Half a dozen neat loops of rope welded my wrists together, palm to palm. Ingrid had used the last bit of the rope to cinch the loops and tighten the whole tie. The final knot was secured between my forearms, well out of reach of my useless fingers. The rope around my upper arms had been applied in the same way, half a dozen loops and the cinch. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised about how tightly I was tied as Ingrid is an avid sailor and no stranger to ropes or knots as result.

"Okay Gabriella, here's the deal." Ingrid said. She leaned on me, pressing us tightly against the wall and spoke softly in my ear.

"Do you remember admitting your secret fantasy to me in third year? A bottle or two of wine put you in a confessing mood and oh my, what a dark desire for such a conservative girl. Well I want to make that come true for you today. It just works out that Andre's birthday is next week and I think he is deserving of an early present. You, sweetie, are going to be it."

Butterflies took flight in the pit of my belly as it dawned on me what she was talking about. I remembered admitting to her, in quite some detail that I often thought of being tied up and used against my will. This fantasy allowed me to do things in my mind that I would never do in realty. Given the ropes on my arms, this was clearly what Ingrid remembered as well.

I struggled against the bindings, rolling my shoulders, straining to pull my wrists out of immoveable coils. Ingrid backed off and stood there watching as I fought the ropes in a futile effort. I needed to know that I was completely helpless if I was going to agree to Ingrid's proposal. My helplessness would let me fool myself in to believing that anything I agreed to was really against my will. I finally gave up the fight. Struggling just made the ropes hurt more and it there was no difference in how tightly I was tied.

I knew I would be safe playing out this fantasy with Ingrid although I had never imagined it with female involvement before. However, agreeing to be Andre's present had certain obvious implications, made somewhat obvious by my current semi-nude and helplessly bound state. I was shocked to find out how horny that made me. This might be the only chance to bring my fantasy to life. God, this was too early in the morning after a late night to rationalize this. I was horny and I hadn't had sex (well at least with a partner) in quite some time.

"Okay." I said trying to sound calm. The tingly sensation in my loins was making it difficult to not just scream out yes, yes, yes.

"But" I added, "I'm going to resist you. You'll have to make me do whatever it is you have in mind." After all, it was supposed to be against my will.

"That will be my pleasure." Ingrid said with a twinkle in her eye. She pulled my chestnut brown hair into a pony tail and wrapped it tightly around her hand. "Now let's go see Andre."

Andre was Ingrid's current boyfriend. She tended to drift happily from one short term relationship to another, which was pretty much how she approached all aspects of her life and Andre is the latest. He fits the bill of tall, dark and handsome. Thick wavy dark hair is neatly styled. He is ruggedly good looking with brown eyes, a strong chin and prominent jaw line. I thought he looked like he should be in some cinema noir film, playing a private eye with a dark past.

Andre stood up from the bed as Ingrid guided me into her bedroom. His muscular torso was naked. All he wore was a pair of baggy cotton pants and looked like he had just woken up. Ingrid jerked me to a stop with a painful tug of my hair. She then yanked down. I was f***ed onto my knees in front of Andre.

"Look what I have for you babe!" she said brightly, releasing my hair from her torturous grip. "Happy Birthday, she's all yours. And just to show you how thrilled she is with that news, she's going to give you a blow job right now."

Andre appeared a little stunned for second as he looked down at me. I met his eyes and nodded gently a couple of times. I dropped my gaze down in shame of what I had just done. Andre wasted no time. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. His erection grew quickly and suddenly it was waving in front of my face. I remembered my threat about being difficult and turned my head away from Andre's cock, clamping my mouth shut. Ingrid reacted quickly. She dropped down behind me.

"Are we going to have a problem here?" Ingrid hissed. "Come on you little slut, you know you want his dick in your mouth."

I held firm in my resolve until my nipples suddenly exploded in pain. I yelped. Ingrid had seized each one and was pinching hard while twisting them sharply. I thought she was going to rip them off. I turned my face back and leaned forward to Andre's penis. The pain in my breasts lingered like a burn even after she let go.

I twisted my head slightly and begin to flick my tongue up and down the thick shaft. I alternated licking and gently kissing the sensitive skin all the way down into his crotch. I drew my tongue slowly across his scrotum and gently pushed at his testicles. I licked my way back up Andre's hard cock until I reached its head. I sighed inwardly as I had only been able to fantasize about doing this for so long. Now it was finally happening. I wanted to make the best of it. My tongue found the slit at the tip of the head and poked into it. Andre let out a deep growling moan. He grabbed my hair and thrust the full length of his dick into my waiting mouth.

Its thickness f***ed my jaws wide apart as he drove deep into my mouth, quickly hitting the back of my throat. I thought I was going to choke. I spluttered and gagged as the cock cut off the air supply through my mouth. Andre tightened his grip on my head and stayed deep in my throat. I tried to relax and focused on breathing though my nose. Andre pulled slowly back out of my mouth until only the head of his penis was still in me. I looked up over his flat belly and he was staring down at me. I can imagine the sight I made. My hair all tousled from a combination of bed head and by being recently yanked this way and that. My lips were wrapped around his shaft. A small stream of drool had run out of my mouth and was trickling down my neck and onto my chest. The slip I wore had fallen off my shoulders to the point where the ropes on my arms prevented the straps from going any further. Not that it mattered much as they had fallen enough to pull the fabric down below my breasts leaving me kneeling naked and bound at the feet of a man I had only met hours before.

Andre slowly moved my head back and forth in a firm grip. He let go after a few strokes and I kept up the rhythm while sucking at the same time. My balance was precarious as a result of my arms being tied tightly behind my back and the rocking motion of my head was making it worse. I thought if I sucked hard enough on Andre's cock it might help steady me. I increased my efforts and he moaned in response.

I was aware of Ingrid standing beside Andre, looking down on me while surrendered my mouth to her boyfriend's cock. I was humiliated by the ropes that bound me into submission, by my nakedness which exposed me to their unrelenting stare and most of all my eagerness to bring Andre to an orgasm. I wanted to feel the spurt of warm bitter cum filling up my mouth, held in there by the cock and eventually being f***ed to swallow. Most of all, I was shocked by how aroused I was feeling.

My jaws were beginning to ache and I was struggling to breathe. A thick stream of drool escaped my lips every time I pulled my head back, his shaft drawing some saliva out of my mouth. There was a slow moving trickle running between my breasts. My arms and shoulders hurt from their unnatural position. The tightness of the bonds was one thing, but what was starting to really bother me now was ache of not being able to move my arms and shoulders for what seemed like hours. It had only been about 20 minutes since Ingrid had finished my bondage but I wasn't sure how much longer I could take this. Surely they'd untie me when Andre came.

With that motivation, I began to move back and forth faster, burying his head at the back of my throat and then out to rest on my lips before plunging forward again. I'd suck hard on the cock as it slid into my mouth. I paused when it was deep as I could take it and sucked harder, holding it there until I needed to breathe. I'd gulp air when the head rested on my lip and tease its tip with my tongue before plunging back down the shaft.

Suddenly Andre pulled his cock right out my mouth and stepped back from me. I almost lost my balance but managed to recover. I was panting from my exertions. Both Ingrid and Andre were standing a few feet further away from me. I finally looked up at them with a quizzical expression.

"Come on you slut". Ingrid said with a menacing tone. "Crawl over there and get back to work. I give you the privilege of sucking on his cock, you little repressed bitch and you hesitate?"

I crawled across to Andre and bent to take his cock in my mouth. He stepped back again. I reacted more quickly this time and shuffled along on my knees. He kept moving away and I struggled along after him trying the resume the blow job. My balance was tenuous without the use of my arms. I was worried about falling over but kept trying to catch up to Andre.

"Look at the little slut Andre, she's crawling on her knees because she is desperate to get your cock in that pretty mouth of hers." I felt totally debased.

What Ingrid said was true. I was an eager slut. There's pretty well no other way to describe a woman who agrees, at 8 in the morning no less, to be tied up, presented naked to a strange man and then crawls around after him to give him a blow job. The ropes had done their job. Their tight unyielding embrace constantly reminded me of my helplessness. My surrender to unbridled lust was complete. Slut I was!

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Finally Andre stopped and I wrapped my mouth around his shaft. As degrading as crawling on my knees after Andre's dick was, it had given my jaws a bit of a rest. It didn't last long though as the vigorous sucking coupled with the girth of his cock brought the dull ache back. Finally I felt Andre's body stiffen as his penis was driving back into me. He groaned as the first spurt of cum hit the back of my mouth. It felt like a bucket of sperm had been dropped into my throat. I gagged. The second load filled my mouth before I could stop choking on the first one. Andre pulled out and rubbed his penis across my face, leaving a trail of sperm across both cheeks and my nose. The final load landed on my breasts. I spluttered once on the mouthful of sperm. Some ran out and down my face and neck. The rest slid down my throat, leaving a bitter salty after taste in my mouth.

Andre turned to Ingrid and hugged her. He thanked her for providing such an enjoyable wake up call. They held their embrace, completely ignoring me. I was the one who had provided the enjoyable wake up call but here I was, kneeling at their feet with my arms tightly bound and blotches of sperm running down my face and breasts. Another stream of cum and saliva had run a course down my neck, between my breasts and across my belly. It left a shiny wet slick where ever it had run. My breathing was slowing down now that I could get air in through my mouth again. The downside was the pain in my shoulders and arms seemed to get worse when I didn't have the distraction of trying to not choke to death on the massive dick.

Ingrid finally broke off the embrace and turned to me. She kicked the insides of my parted thighs. The message was clear and I spread them until she was satisfied. The blond beauty moved behind me. I felt her shoe push high on my bound arms, forcing my head down to the ground. She didn't stop until my forehead rested on the floor between my knees. Ingrid stood there for a moment, her foot pressing down on my back. It dawned on me that Ingrid was not new to this. She clearly knew what she was doing. I wondered with a twinge of dread, just how far she would make me sink. I had no doubt that however far that turned out to be was up to Ingrid, not me. As I crouched there on the floor I knew I'd made the right choice. I could trust Ingrid to make me do something truly against my will at some point, just like my fantasy. But what was left of my free will was don't going to be given up easily. She was going to have to fight me for every bit of it she tore away from me. Only then would the fantasy be complete.

Ingrid squatted down behind me and reached out to rub the exposed lips of my vagina. It felt like an electric shock. I had never been touched intimately by another woman before. Two of her fingers probed the seam between my lips and then slipped inside me. I gasped in shock. I felt more violated than when Andre's cock plunged into my mouth. The invading digits slowly withdrew and Ingrid tugged my head up off the floor by my hair. Her moistened fingers were held up to my face. Clearly, there was no denying my arousal. Ingrid smelled them as they were flowers. Then she slid one into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, taste this babe." Ingrid said as she put her finger up to Andre's mouth. Andre licked it and turned towards me like he wanted to inspect my state of arousal for himself. Ingrid stopped him with a hand on his chest.

"It's my turn now."

I looked up at Ingrid and froze. Her shorts and panties were already on the floor. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch. This was starting to look like a long, tough weekend. At least I hoped so...
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