f***ed blowjob

As you know if you have read any of my previous stories (by Strand Ankler in Boundstories) I am a straight guy who likes to get tied up. It is something carried over from c***dhood. Except to have a guy tie me up, I really am turned off by the notion of intimacies with men. Any cock or balls, except my own, I find disgusting.

And yet, the application of another man's genitals to me does serve to give me a more intense sense of being a truly bound captive. Also, a man seems to be able to tie me more securely than any woman ever has; and more cheaply also - as often as not for free, since it has often turned out to his benefit.

So, without going into any more background, I had met Robert on the Internet, and met him in person at his condo after a period of mutual checking out. During this checking out, I had learned that Robert was gay, and he had learned that I was straight. But he wanted to tie me up anyway.

And so, we had both enjoyed two sessions together, each of about three hours. We had begun lightly clothed, but had graduated to mutual nudity. He had learned to very much enjoy tormenting me by rubbing his genitals against me while I was tightly bound and gagged; he knew that this was alien and disgusting to me, but did it anyway to, as I mentioned before, give me the sensation of complete captivity; and give himself the complimentary sensation of dominance over a straight guy.

As we chatted on the phone to make arrangements for our fourth meeting, Robert said that he thought it was time to "go to the next level." I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but sensed that it was not for me to ask, as I had been and was to be the submissive victim, and the mystery of his meaning gave me a thrill even while I was free as we talked.

Also, I told him that I would like to try something I had read about. I told him I was curious about what it might be like to be tied kneeling with my balls tied down to a weight on the floor, making me unable to rise. The testicles, I of course knew, are terribly sensitive to any sort of handling or pressures. But I was curious. Robert said that he would think about it.

The day arrived when Robert and I met again at his home. The preliminaries were soon dispensed with, and he had me nude with my forearms tied parallel to the floor behind my back. He also took the precaution of also tying my upper arms so that there would be no way I could somehow pull my arms apart.

Robert liked to surprise me, and he did so again. This time, he produced a strange little devise, which turned out to be one of those dental gags which holds the mouth open to any width the captor wishes. I don't know quite how to describe it except to say it was metal with several straps to hold it in place. Once he had it applied to me, I could not close my mouth, nor could I speak; just make some unintelligible sounds which I very quickly stopped because I sounded so foolish.

Then Robert knelt and tied the end of a rope in a loop around my balls. walked me a few feet so that I stood over the anchor to the boat I knew he had, and f***ed me downward. As soon as he had tied the rope to the anchor, I experienced an almost totally new sensation of captivity.

"Now, Strand, you have what you asked for. I wonder if you like it? Doesn't matter; I do. Thanks for the idea. I wasn't sure just how we would move on, but now I do. You say you are straight, and maybe you are, but that will make it all that much more fun to make a cocksucker out of you."

For the first time, Robert already had a hardon when the last of his clothes came off. I am ashamed to say it, but I was erect too. . . . a result of my very stringent bondage and the new knowledge that he was going to take advantage of it. In the days before I had begun to use men to tie me up, I would never have ever imagined that the prospect of being f***ed to blow a man would excite me, but it did.

Robert took a long time preparing me for the final assault on my mouth. He enjoyed dangling his bare genitals against the top of my head and pressing them against me, including my face. Only occasionally would he give a touch to my balls or cock or the very sensitive skin between my balls and asshole.

And then I had to watch as he slipped into a condom, saying, "I'm perfectly safe, but want you not to be worried after we are finished. Besides, I don't want you maybe puking on the floor when I cum".

To be honest, it wasn't so bad having him enter my open mouth. It made me choke just a little when he reached my throat, but he entered and withdrew several times to accustom me. The dental gag did not allow me to manipulate my mouth, so I could not really suck, and wonder even now if I would have if I could. Nevertheless, Robert eventually came hard, but not a drop really touched me. Frankly, what he did gave me so much more of a sensation of being really tied up and helpless, that I just got even harder myself, but he did not allow me the comfort of friction and ejaculation; just an exciting frustration.

After Robert had finished, he left me kneeling and helpless as he cleaned himself. I knelt there for perhaps a half hour in perfect contentment of captivity.

When he returned, Robert took some pictures, teased me a bit about what he had made me become, and eventually helped me to adjust my position so that my face was against the floor and my butt even more exposed. Then he used his fingers to lubricate and prepare my anus for another assault on my inner and private self.

Which he did twice over the next two hours.

Robert sent me home without any sexual climax for me. He told me that I could jerk off when I got home if I needed. That I was now just a slave to his own needs. He reminded me of the pictures he had taken and told me that he had obtained all of my personal information from my wallet, so that he could send copies of the pictures to my employer if I refused to obey his summonses in the future.

And I never do.
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3 years ago
I hate to tell you but you are not straight. You are bi, you just needed a dominate to push you in to what you already knew. Good story
3 years ago
fasanating story wow that was hot i jackoff after i finish your story thanks
4 years ago
good sory could use a little more detail other wise fine
4 years ago
really nice