My cock suffers for you, oh how it suffers

You instructed me to masturbate all day. I am to stroke my cock until it is fully erect and the first drop of precum seeps out of my cockslit. From that point, I am to stroke for one more hour, maintaining full erection and a flow of precum, until I am just one stroke away from cumming, at which point I am to stop stroking and use just the tip of my finger to ever-so-lightly rub the frenulum to maintain the edge. When even that threatens to send my jizz shooting, I am to grab my cockshaft in my fist and squeeze slightly, then release, then squeeze, repeat over and over until I feel the cum rising up my shaft. Then squeeze TIGHTLY and prevent the release.

After one hour, I am allowed to stop briefly, but with my hand still on my cock. Breathe...breathe...breathe.

I repeat this sequence three, four, five times? An hour each time. I await your arrival, and finally, after eight hours of this self-abuse, you are here. But not alone, as I had hoped. You have brought friends, whom you have told about the orders you gave me, about what I do for you, what I need to do because it makes my cock feel so incredibly...swollen. Will you take over now, make me cum, humiliate me before all your friends? I will gladly submit. Anything to end the frustration, the cruel denial, the utter desperation of being teased so mercilessly, continuously, for so many hours, and at my own hands...

You lead me to the table and gently push my down across it, my conspicuous appendage reaching upward, and begin the familiar ritual of tying me up, stretching my limbs away from my torso until I am spread eagle and completely vulnerable. I close my eyes, not quite daring to imagine the pleasures that await me.

You have begun to speak. "He has been ordered to edge all day...see how he is sweating, shaking, weeping...I know how much you have all wanted to witness this...and now you shall...You all, my honored guests, will relax and watch while I continue to tease him through the evening, far beyond what he has already endured."

I cry out when the full meaning of what you have said hits me. I am wild with lust and need, shaking, whimpering, begging. My balls, so heavy with cum, yet pulled high up into my nutsack, waiting for that one more touch to release their hot, thick content. My cock, mmmmmmmmm throbbing painfully as the precum oozes forth. My tender purple cockhead, so swollen, so sensitive, so tormented, so....

Please mistress/master! Don't you see how severely I have suffered for you? Please don't f***e me to continue this self-torture! Please take my cock into your own hand and f***e me to further depths of agony! As long as my cock is under my control, I will suffer, severely, but not unbearably. Make my suffering unbearable!

And you do, slowly, deliberately, driving me out of my mind with frustration. Your friends are highly aroused by my suffering. They have shed their clothes, the women lazily fingering their wet slits and rubbing their twitching clits, the men working their rock hard cocks. They begin to offer suggestions, ever crueler ways to not only prolong my agony but escalate it. I'm screaming now, begging, while they moan, telling me what a horny slut boy I am, how much pleasure they are getting from seeing me so tormented. Soon, the first of them nears orgasm. "Yes, punish the slut, his pleas are music to my ears, his cries bl**d engorging my ccok." And he cums hard, roaring as he shoots an enormous load. The second man's orgasm is close behind, and as it approaches he asks you to begin spanking my painful erection. "Fuck yeah, slap that naughty dick, more, harder, oh fuck I'm cumming! So fucking good!!" as rope after rope of thick jizz erupts from his thick manmeat.

Now one of the women begins to cum. "Oh yeah, you naughty boy, suffer for me, it makes me so hot. Mmmmm yeah..." Her words dissolve into groans as her body stiffens and her girlcum streams from her hot hole. Two other women are pleasuring each other, one with her face between the other's legs while her companion tweaks her stiff nipples.

And so it continues. The guests cum multiple times, over many more hours. So much pleasure in this room, from all these people. And an equal amount of pain, but all borne by me. My engorged cock, now a nasty purple color with veins bulging up and down the shaft, is now my entire world. I wonder if I will ever cum, how I will survive if I don't cum. As I begin to slide down the final slope into madness, I am only vaguely aware that you have placed a tight, toothed nipple clamp on my right nipple. I gasp. The pain sends a wave of electric sensation up the length of my straining, weeping cock. Your hand is stroking me again, more firmly. I am so close, so very close.

Now the bite of a second clamp envelops my left nipple. The motion of your hand, sliding up and down my iron rod, lubricated with my own copious precum, accelerates almost imperceptably. I am holding my breath, hoping, needing, aching. My nuts draw upward, tighter, higher... and at last, at long last, they release their pent up load. I feel its final journey, as if in slow motion, the warm sticky product of my lust climbing upward toward my flaring cockhelmet. The indescribable sensation that awaits me is at hand, almost, now...

The first drop of pearly cream leaves my cockslit. I am at the point of no return. Your hand releases my cock. You and your friends are all cumming, one final time, loudly, ecstatically. My poor abused member feels as if it is exploding. But nothing more is coming out.

My throat is raw as I release one final bl**d-curdling scream. As I drift into darkness, I hear you laugh.
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