Maid Become A Receptionist

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this Happened In Mumbai after re located From South I rented a flat and Antop hill Mumbai.

Since I prefer to live alone and have my privacy I didn't want to share accommodation with anyone. Well now to the incident. This Incident happened with the maid I got. her name was Padma after trying out different maids finally I got a fucking beautiful maid who was around 27 years married with one daughter.

She was a really fucking sexy and In fact too sexy for a maid she was very fair tall and perfect figure anyone would want to fuck her. My local friend who was also a house broker got me this maid. the first day he got her to my house I had a general chat with her and asked her name and about her f****y and where else she is working she gave me details and told her to come the next day by 8 because I have to leave for office by 9 the next day she came on Time I explained her what her job is and she started doing her work.

I was so fucking mad about fucking her that I used to follow her to every room she went when she was washing vessels I used to find some vessel or the other to give for washing. Since I did not have a washing machine I asked her to was my cloths also she always used to wear a Saree very low on her hips low enough that u could see her belly button her blouse was very tight and her boobs used to be fucking tight that I sometimes thought of asking her doesn't her boobs pain by wearing her blouse so tight but kept my feeling under control.

When she used to wash cloths I used to watch her sitting in the hall the bathroom can be seen from the hall. she never used to talk much bit as days went by we started talking one day as she was washing cloths i when and stood behind her and she looked at me with little lust in her eyes and smiled and ask y I am standing behind her I just told her I am admiring her washing clothes she said y have u not seen any one washing clothes before I said I have seen but not someone so sexy as u washing for which she just smiled and didn't comment. Now I thought That I have put my intentions in her mind.

Next Day It was a Sunday and since it was my holiday I asked her to come a little late so she came at around 10 I just woke up and it was nice to see her face 1st thing in the morning. I opened the door and stood by the door she was waiting for me to move but I didn't then she had no choice but to brush past me and walk inside. I could smell her freshness Dear readers believe me she is too much for a maid she deserves to work as a receptionist in some office if she had a good education she started sweeping and I was watching her and admiring her every inch. she noticed it and to my surprise she went to the other room sweeping and when she came back

I saw that her pallu was loose and I could very clearly see her wonderful cleavage as she came to the hall I noticed she was spending more time sweeping in front of me and trying to show me he assets I was enjoying every bit of it. Then I thought of a plan. When she went to get water in the bucket to mop the floor i sat on the sofa and pulled my shorts up a little so that my cock is seem from the side. My cock was already hard looking at her. when she came close to me mopping I noticed she has seem my full length black cock she kept on looking at it and mopped he floor I was watching news and acted as if I didn't notice

Then as she was finishing mopping she said u live alone here and how come it takes so much of my time to finish the work I said how I would know the answer. I only said the longer u r here the better for me she asked y I said so that I have someone with whom I can talk. She asked only talk I said right now only talk. I asked her was else can I do. She said nothing. and went to wash cloths I wanted to have tea so wanted to brush my tooth since she was in the bathroom I asked her to move a little her lower part of the

Saree was already wet and she had tucked it in hips her legs were seen up to her Lower thighs as she got up she just put her hands up and moved as she was expecting me to hug her but I didn't I just brushed past her shoulders and took my brush and paste and came out. she finished washing and started drying the cloths after that she was cleaning the bathroom and the poty was open so I told her to be care full my soap might fall inside she said let it go inside so I gave her a double meaning reply I said what is the use of the soap going inside she ask then what will go inside I said there is something else which can go inside so she said Ok yeah really I said yes.

She understood after finishing her work she was about to leave I told her to wait and went in got some cash and gave her salary she counted it and was leaving I was following her to the door she stopped suddenly and I dashed against her she just put her full weight on me and asked what do u want i could not believe what I heard I was holding her arms and told her I want everything she was still leaning on me and I asked her what she can give she just closed her eyes and I move my hands on her boobs and started feeling it pressing it and she was just there. Then she said not today i am getting late will see tomorrow.

My Full Sunday Went dreaming about her and how I am going to fuck her. I was waiting eagerly for the next day morning my bell rang and it was around 7.15 earlier than usual and i opened the door and there she was standing in all her glory. I let her in and pinched her cheeks she just stood looking with lust in her eyes. Then she went about doing her regular work. After she finished her work she slowly came to the hall and was waiting for me to start I just went near her caught her hand and hugged her from behind she smelled so nice. Since she had just finished her work she was also sweating.

I started feeling her body all over from behind she just closed her eyes and was enjoying my moves my cock had become rock hard and was pressing against her ass which was so soft I was kissing her ears and pressing her boobs and with one hand I was rubbing her cunt over her saree she was getting out of control, I made her sit on the sofa and started biting her neck and sucking her ears and put my hand inside her blouse and for the first time felt her boobs it was so tight it was difficult for me to make space inside her blouse then she loosened her blouse buttons and made space for my hand she smiled while doing so.

Once I got space I remover her blouse and started rubbing her boobs pinching her nipples and also biting her neck she was going mad. then I came in front and made her stand up and removed her saree fully she was in her petticoat I felt her cunt over her petticoat and was surprised to find out she didn't wear a panties I found the string of the petticoat and pulled it and it fell down OMG she was fucking clean shaved and looked awesome I ran my hands over her cunt and looking at it was a sight

The I sat her on the sofa and folded her both legs and let my finger in between her Cunt lips my god she was fucking wet and dripping I could not control myself I smelt her cunt and started licking it up and down at times put my tong deep inside her cunt she was fucking pulling my head deeper into her cunt and moaning while licking her cunt I was also turning her nipples she shot her cum and felt relaxed then I sat next to her and removed my shorts and let my cock out she was fucking taken back by my 6.5 inch monster thick and black.

She caught my cock and started shagging me I could not control myself at the sight of this fucking maid giving me a hand job I shot my load on her hand. she then cleaned it up with my shorts and was ready i requested her to suck my cock but she refused I did not want to f***e her I started fingering her cunt again and got her into the mood she was fucking wet again she was holding my cock and brought it back to life now I was ready to fuck her.

I took her into my bed room put her on the bed and was licking my fingers again I was licking her all over. When I started licking her arm pits she went mad she was moaning louder I understood she like being licked there I was also fingering her cunt. I had enough I placed my cock in her cunt entrance and was running my cock tip up and down and not entering her cunt I was enjoying the slippery feeling of her cunt juices. she looked at me as if pleading me to enter

I understood it and slowly really slowly started punching my cock into her cunt I was enjoying every inch of her cunt and was looking at my cock going slowly inside her cunt Guys u must try this try looking at Ur cock entering a fucking Cunt it’s a great sight once inside I started fucking her slow and really slow she was pushing her ass up to meet every slow fuck of mine. Then started fucking her faster and faster then suddenly I pulled my entire cock out and started licking her cunt just as she was about to cum

I could taste her hot cum dripping out then I turned her over and entered from behind her cunt was so slippery I started fucking her from behind and fingering her G spot with one hand and pinching her nipples with one hand and biting and kissing her neck she was fucking shouting like a bitch on fire it was really turning me on she must have cum at least 4 time during this session I asked her can I cum she said I want more pls fuck me for some more time

I am a guy who can hold my cum for as long as I want so I pulled my cock out turned her over and licked her cunt and made her cum again. I love to fuck for some time and lick the cunt for some time so i was enjoying after that I again turned her over and entered her cunt from behind and repeated the process again she cum again then I told her I want to cum she said ok I started pumping her closing my eyes then one final Punch and stuck my cock so deep into her she screamed with pain and pleasure I fell on her and left my cock soften and fall out of her cunt on its own we both were sweating. Then I rolled over and reached for my smoke and had a smoke playing with her boobs.

Later she got up and was getting dressed looking at her walking naked my cock sprang back to life I just ran and caught her from behind and pushed her on the wall and started rubbing my body on her there was a stool nearby I pulled it and put her one leg on it so that I could have access to her cunt I fingered her made her already wet cunt dripping I place my cock in the cunt opening and pushed it in and started fucking her standing she was also enjoying she cum twice and then

I shot my sperms into her and pulled out she punched me on my chest and ran into the bathroom and cleaned up came out fresh. I live there of over a year and we had great time together fucked in all possible ways. Please send in your comments and Feedback to My Mail ID

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