Truckin Blowjob

Today I posted an add on craigs list it read I suck cock any where any time got about twenty calls ,the only one that paned out was a trucker. I met him in the smart foods parking lot. gary the truckers name was invited my in his truck we cralled back into the sl**per to get nasty. I told for the next 30 minutes i,m your cock slave,he looked at me and said what are you wanting on faget get on my nuts I said tes sir,and started sniffing his huge shaved nut sack his fumunda was awsome thers nothing like the smell of a mans swetty nut sack. He pushed my face up and started slaping his cock all over my face SMACK SMACK SMACK his hard cock felt wounderfull smacking me in the nose my cheeks all over my face it made me feel so drty and humiliated my cock was so hard. After a long spanking of my face whith his cock he said suck my cock cockslave I said yes sir I started kissing the head licking his shaft he had no pubs shaved balls too I slowly chewed on the head fo his nice german helmet all of 9inches It didn,t take him long he pushed my face back and said lick my nuts faget I said yes sir. He started strocking it faster and faster and faster and BOOOOM BOOOM BOOOM 3 fat loads first one perfect shot to my right eye, then the left eye the finally was a huge load on my nose after his last squirt I deepthroated his cock untril he pulled his cumdripping cock out of my mouth and said you can suer suck a cock faget thank you ten times better than hi wife I said I give better head than my wife to I call youy again when i,m back in town i said yes sir got out of his truck got in my car and left what a great
time that was .

72% (7/3)
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4 months ago
sounds fun
2 years ago
Omg i wish that was me. I Live in Merced and i love a bbw company we dont have any like you out here
3 years ago
mm you are slut lady
3 years ago
Lucky you.