Tales of a cheating husband part 1

Experiences of a cheating Husband part 1

Well I decided it was time for me to write about some of the experiences I had whilst cheating on my now ex wife,

It all started 10 years ago after a stag night for which I had to spend the night at my parents house. I left my mates about 1 in the morning to head home for the night which only took me about 20 minutes to walk and stagger my way there.

I got in to the sound of the tv being on and knew it had to be my little s****r as my folks where away for the weekend, as I walked into the living room I tripped over an empty bottle of vodka so knew she was having a fly drink, she had also invited her friend over and they were slightly pissed and surprised to see me leaning against the door frame trying to stop myself slipping fown the wall.
Her friend Mel wasnt as pissed as my s*s and I joined them in a drink and to continue watching some stupid maovie they had on, after about an hour my s*s fell asl**p on her chair and her pal started to flirt with me to which I responded and within minutes we had our toungues down each others throats, I lifted her t shirt and started to play with her titties before lowering my mouth to suck on them, whilst I was doing this she was rubbing my increasingly hard cock through my jeans until I unbuttoned them and allowed my cock to jump out.
I took her hand and placed it around my shaft and started to wank myself with it until she started doing it on her own, as she was wanking me I had pulled down her joggies and was rubbing her lil pussy through her black cotton panties.
I coudnt take much more so I turned her around and slide her panties to 1 side whilst I slowly entered her taking her virginity at the same time.
It must have been her moaning and screaming that wopke my s****r as I heard a lout “what the fuck” as I turned around she sat there watching me pull out my cock, her pal moaned no and my s****r said “ y stop” so I reinserted myself and started hammering away at her pals pussy knowing full well my s****r could see me sliding in and out and also her pals tits swinging away.
When I was ready to cum I pulled out of her and turned her around and stuck my cock in her mouth until I filled it with my hot cum.
After that her and my s*s left for bed and I follwed suit. Next day nothing was said until I was about to head home when they both asked when I will be around again without my wife.
Ever since my s*s has watched us fuck on many occasions, and recently for her friends 24th birthday she joined in by licking her pals pussy as I fucked her.

More storys to come as once I cheated this time was something I coudnt stop doing
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2 years ago
You would be my dream husband. So hot.
3 years ago
that was hot