Sarah has a wild experience

It was a hot sunny day as Sarah rode home from school, the saddle from her bike was making her knickers damp in the heat. She always likes to stop off in the park on her way, which last week she was unable to do because it rained a lot. Her favourite spot was an old fallen down tree, wide enough to lay down on, she propped her bike up at the end and sat down with her legs either side of the trunk before laying back and enjoying the sun. Her short skirt rose slightly as she layed back, her knickers were still damp from the saddle ans she felt swet trickling down her leg, which tickled her.
Ignoring the feeling she relaxed into an almost dream like state reading a magazine she had bought. She loved the sexy stories they always had.
Was not long before her mind started to wonder and she felt twinges between her legs, her knickers were feeling damp and tickly, but she continued to read, unable to put the story down. By now she was getting really worked up at the sensation she had in her crutch,it felt like she was being carressed and touched and was getting hotter and hotter. She looked around but saw no one, then she glanced down and was shocked to see what she found. I was not sweat she had felt running down her legs and tickling her but some woodlice that had crawled out of the tree and were now all over her damp knickers, jumping up, she quickly brushed them off but the feeling between her legs was so powerful she sat there watching them. Soon they were crawling back towards her, she watched in amazement as one crawled up her legs to the edge of her knickers, without even realizing she pulled her knickers aside letting it crawl over her sweet mound finding her lips, the feeling was too much, loads of little touches as it crawled on her, she pulled herself open.

to be continued
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4 years ago
so finish this