Sarah has a wild experience

It was a hot sunny day as Sarah left school, she often rode home on her bike, sometimes stopping off in the park on the way. Today was no different,the heat was getting to her. The plastic of her saddle was making her knickers damp, peddling to an old tree that had fallen down in the park. Consedering last week it had done nothing but rain the tree was now dry enough to sit on which is exactly what she did.
Propping her bike at the end she sat with her legs either side and just laid back enjoying the sun, her short skirt rising up as she laid back and stretched out. Her knickers still damp from the bike and heat she felt trickles of sweat running down her legs, ignoring them she started to fall asl**p. Soon she began to stir,she must have been really sweating,her pussy was tingling all over and something was tickling her, she was very aroused in her dream like state. It was a strange feeling like never before, she opened her eyes but no one was around, the mound between her legs felt so hot and tingly.
Sitting up slowly she looked down,pulling her skirt up she jumped in shock, her knickers were soaked and covering them were woodlice, crawling on the dampness, she knocked them off falling between her legs, sitting there in disbalief she watched as they crawled towards her, she felt her juices flow, one was on her leg at the edge of her knickers, she pulled them over, exposing her sweet opening, her heart racing, wondering what would happen next. It kept crawling onto her slit, she could feel it legs walking across her, without even thinking she reached down and pulled her lips apart, openiing herself up. Then all of a sudden it shot inside, she panicked but the feeling was electrifying, grabbing her bike she rode like mad to get home, all the time feeling it inside. She rushed indoors and went to the shower taking the head off she pushed it inside her an turned in on, the water gushing in her as she looked to see it fall out on the floor. All that night she kept thinking about it and the intense pleasure she had felt, she knew that she would be going back there again
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4 years ago
Different! excitingly shocking with a twist of bizarre! I love it! Beautiful creativity! ;)
4 years ago
4 years ago
Yes wood lice the new sexual toy!
4 years ago