Naked in the woods

As you may see from some of my videos and photos, I enjoy getting naked and going for a walk in the woods nearby. Last weekend it was so freaking hot, I went for my customary walk, and went a little farther than usual to the stream that runs through the park. It seemed like a good idea to cool off in the fresh, clear water and I sure was right! What a fabulous feeling! Here I was in the middle of a stream maybe 50' wide, butt ass naked! Instant erection as I submersed myself in the cooling waters. It felt so good I pleasured myself right there in the middle of the stream and had a fantastic ejaculation. Can't wait to go back!
A few weeks before this walk, I went with the intention of getting some suntanning (nude of course) in the woods. I stripped of my clothes and proceeded to walk to an opening I knew of, where I could get some sun. As I walked over the crest, There was a young woman on the path in front of me who had stopped as she heard someone coming through the woods. She didn't say a word as I passed her by (completly naked except for my boots) I wonder what she thought? Any way, I had not seen anybody back in these woods ever before.
As I got to my sunning place and laid down in the grass, maybe 15 minutes have gone by and I'm starting to feel really good with the warming sun on my body, so naturally I started pleasuring myself. It feels so good to be outside nude!
I don't know how I didn't hear, but two older woman come up the path on horseback and are not but 20 feet from me until I heard the horses on the trail. I covered up as best I could as one of the women commented that I must be very tired as I was just sitting there by the trail in the woods. They had to see me jerking off, I wonder? Well I am looking forward to my next adventure,hopefully one in which I find someone equally willing to get naked outdoors with me so we may have a little fun. Maybe even get to videotape it!
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very nice