Mrs (not so quiet

Me and my Mrs have a reasonable sex life. I enjoy it and so does she even though it is usually only once a week.
The shop where she works is being taken over gradually by a new owner and he has been coming in more and more.
Coincedentaly her work outfits have been getting sexier and sexier which she has passed off by saying she needs to make a good impression if she is to be kept on.
A couple of weeks ago i decided to pick her up from work. I often pick her up but usually i tell her if i am.
I was running a few minutes late and it was gone 5pm when i drove down the High Street towards her shop.
As i drew nearer i saw her leave by the side door as usual and i noticed that Mark the prospective shop buyer was with her. I pulled up onto the kerb a way back and watched them curiously. They walked together towards the small car park behind the shops. Looks like he is going to give her a lift i thought and drove off.
I made my way towards our house but got held up at the lights.
As i sat there an MPV drove slowly past me in the traffic with my Mrs in the passenger seat.
I broke from the queue of traffic and followed them 4 or 5 cars behind.
Thet drove up past our road and on towards the cemetary grounds car park where they parked at the back.
As i parked a safe distance away i saw him exit the front and get in the back,she then quickly did the same.
Minutes ticked by as i watched. I was too far away to see anything. I got out of my car and ran round by the side wall of the grounds near where they were parked. I could make out from the body outlines inside that he was sitting upwards but there was no sign of her.
Sod it i thought and i ran, staying low to the back of the MPV where i crouched down feeling a complete idiot and looking like some deranged ninja or a peeping tom!
I slowly sat up and peeped in the rear window.
His back was to me but i could see all he had on was his shirt. They had flattened the front seats and she was on all fours,blouse and bra undone with nothing on below the waist. He obviously had his cock deep in to her as she was pushing back on to it and gasping with a real need. I watched in awe for several minutes then i heard him say the word "cumming" and she called out as i felt the vehicle shake a little. I went to run back to my car but as i moved away i noticed he was holding a small video camera in one hand.
He was actually filming it and she was letting him do it!
This is a woman who has always refused to let me even take a mildly sexy holiday picture.
I didnt let on when she got home a good half an hour later.
I simply remarked on her being a bit late.
She said the new owner needed to discuss changes with her.
I drove past her shop four more times since then and i have seen her leave with him twice. I followed them again but lost them on the first occasion. They didnt go to the same car park that time. The last time they went to another car park / layby near us that is a dogging hot spot with truck drivers! (I will tell you about that another time.)
If it wasnt making me so horny i would have it out with her and find out what she wants. Maybe i could get involved.
Our sex life has improved too. Its now every other day and she gets more involved and likes it harder and harder.
She even had me pushing her vibe in to her bum as i was fucking her. So does that mean he has fucked her arse too?
Interesting times.
Part 2

An update really of my previous posting.
The events so far involve a new boss soon to be taking over my Mrs shop spending more and more time with her. Then giving her a lift home via the nearby cemetary car park. I managed to spy on them shagging in his MPV.
The next time i managed to follow them without losing them they went to a layby truck stop not far from us where they parked up. I parked behind a van behind them. As usual i gave it a few minutes and then got ready to do my commando impression and sneak up to the vehicle and take a peek. Just as i opened the door i saw the door of the lorry parked in front of them open and a guy jump down,i closed my door and watched.
He was talking in to a mobile and i reckon trying to look casual as he wandered past thier MPV.
He glanced in my direction then strolled round to the nearside of them. I moved over to the passenger seat and buzzed my window down.
As i watched he unzipped his jeans,reached inside and pulled his cock out. He started wanking it. It was a large cock and he was a stocky guy.
He then reached in through the window that i hadnt even realised had been opened.
I saw him wanking his cock harder as he was obviously doing something that excited him in the vehicle with his other hand. My cock was rock hard as i watched it.
He was talking to them one second and the door opened the next. It was awkward to see exactly what was happening but from what i could make out he appeared to be being wanked by her. His body was still outside the car but he had leant in cock first and i caught glimpses of her hand masturbating his cock and cupping his balls.
He was talking to them as she went faster then he went rigid for a second or two. He moved back and i could see his cock was dripping.
He stuffed it back in to his jeans but was still watching what was going on in the car. He must have stood there for five minutes or more reaching inside twice to do something and laughing. He then closed their door and made to go back to his truck.
I watched them for another five minutes then they started the engine,pulled out and drove towards home.
I gave it a second or two then shot home to be greeted by him dropping her off outside our house and even giving me a wave!
She said nothing of her being late but just said she was tired and needed a bath.
She was extremely responsive later on though and wanted to be fucked in every position possible with both my cock and her vibe again.
Just an add on note.
I followed them yesterday to bluebell hill which is a local beauty spot near us where they parked up and wandered down the hill in to a grassy wooded area where he fucked her hard against a tree and over a bench. It was bl**dy freezing and she hates the cold but she was loving every bit of it even reaching between her legs as he fucked her.
I dont want to confront her for fear of spoiling our renewed sex life. This is also the hardest my cock has been in years.
She said she has to work late Thursday evening ordering xmas stock aso it would be a late one. I will be parked up watching the shop ready for when they leave.

Part 3

After the recent change in my mrs i now know she is being fucked on a regular basis by her new boss,probably others too as they have taken to parking up at local dogging sites and meeting others.
I have followed them on several occasions,now and then i have lost them but other times i have seen them shagging in the open,shagging in his MPV,shagging in the back of the shop where she works (overheard not seen) and as i say parked at three of the local dogging areas and involving on at least one occasion others.
Yesterday i had some work to do in Tenterden and said i would be back after 7pm.
She finished work at 5.30ish in Rochester.
Opposite our bedroom is a large cupboard/small room we only use for storage. A plan was hatching in my mind. I wondered if she would bring him back to ours if she knew for certain i wouldnt be there. Maybe i could get up close to them.
My plan was to secrete myself in the cupboard and if they turned up i could get a chance to watch them at it. I wasnt quite sure weither i would confront them or just carry on getting off on the whole thing.
I made sure i was finished work and back at the house by 5pm.
I downed a large brandy and made myself a comfy spot in the cupboard,then went back downstairs to see if they would both turn up. My mobile rang. It was her asking what time i would be finished.
I kept it vague just saying that it wouldnt be before 7pm so expect me a fair while after that. What if she came home alone and i was upstairs in the cupboard?! I would just have to sneak downstairs some time later and say i came in and was getting something from the loft. Not great i know but it was all i could think of.
It seemed like an age later i saw his MPV park two houses up and she got out.
Damn i thought he is just dropping her off. She walked round to his side and they spoke for a minute or two then he turned off the engine and got out too.
Quickly i sprinted upstairs and dived into the cupboard. My pulse was racing as i heard the front door being unlocked.
A good five minutes passed and i could hear nothing,bugger i thought.
I contemplated sneaking downstairs to see if he was fucking her in the lounge but decided to wait.
Then i heard movement,two sets of feet climbing the stairs.
They stopped midway up and i could hear them kissing.
They walked up the last few stairs and turned in to our bedroom.
I heard her kick her shoes off and what sounded like a giggle and clothes being removed.
Then i heard the familiar sound of our bed. It is an old wrought iron four poster type and whilst not noisy it was now making noises that were familiar to me.
I opened the cupboard door gently. Fine. Then i emerged slowly. I was now at the bedroom door which was open about two foot. This meant there was a half inch gap between the door and the frame. I peeped through.
There was my lovely blonde Mrs laid on her back, her skirt pulled up, no knickers, no blouse, no bra. Her knees were up slightly,her legs parted. I could make out her shaven pussy. She looked so lovely,her pale silky skin,her small erect nipples,her lovely creamy breasts,her smiling mouth with her lips painted pale red parted slightly but saying nothing.
I didnt see him for a second then he crossed towards the bed,he was naked.
Hairier than me,taller too. Nothing to write home about in the physique department though. Just a very average guy.
He walked to where her head was on the pillow,she sat up and reached for his cock.
As i watched his cock slid straight in to her mouth,i judged it to be longer than mine with heavy balls. The head was definetely bigger.
He was running his hands through her long blonde straight hair,carressing her face,neck and down to her breasts.
He stopped her and knelt between her open thighs. She raised them as he started to taste and lap at her. He was licking her pussy and anus thoroughly.
Then he moved on to the bed between her legs.
He let his large cock hang at the entrance to her pussy as he licked her breasts. His cock was just seperating her wet lips with the head,i could see her squirming,trying to get it inside her.
Then he pushed it in. All the way in up to his hairy balls. They snogged deeply as he withdrew and rammed it back in.
He started to build up a steady rythm now,she held the underside of her thighs wide apart for him as he started to really pound her and slam in to her. She was gasping and panting as she started to cum.
She was having a wild orgasm,all flushed and gasping.
He then turned her over on to all fours. Wasting no time he slammed it back up her. He fucked her really hard like this for maybe five or ten minutes flat out.
Then he withdrew.
He said something to her and although she appeared totally shagged out at this point i heard her say "do it".
He moved lower and slurped his tongue all over her anus making it soaking wet.
Then he gripped his cock and slowly pushed the head then the stalk of it in to her arse. I could see her gripping the quilt as he fed more of it in to her.
He started fucking her. Slowly then building up. She reached between her legs and cupped his balls and fingered her pussy.
He said something and she said the word cum several times.
He was fucking her harder now. He gripped her thighs then her waist and started to groan. He kept his cock deep inside her and was obviously pumping his cum deep in to my mrs beautiful bottom.
They both slumped forwards,his cock still embedded in her.
I sneaked quietly back in to the cupboard,closed the door and waited with an almighty erection.
Should i confront them.
Time passed,maybe fifteen minutes or more. Then i heard then dressing. They passed the cupboard door and went downstairs. I gave it a while after hearing the front door go and sneaked down,she was showering,i nipped outside and made a big thing of coming back in.
She said nothing other than to say she had been busy all day.
What to do thats the question. Go with it and hope to get involved or confront them.

Part 4

It seems i may have to tell my mrs that i know what she has been up to with her new boss weither i want to or not.
I watched her get in his MPV on Monday after work,for a lift home supposedly.
They drove about two miles away to a truck/car layby near Eccles which is a reknowned dogging spot. Nobody else was involved this time though but he still probably shagged her as i cant see them parking up to play travel scrabble.
Yesterday however after work the lights all went out in the shop but nobody emerged.
I gave it a while then snuck around the back of the property trying not to look like i was burgling the place.
There is an alleyway alongside the building that ends at the very back of the shop.
As i approached the end and peeped round the corner i could just about see in the shops gloom the two figures of him and her. My eyes took a second or two to adjust.
She had worn a very long brown suede skirt that day which was now up around her waist,her jumper and blouse appeared to be gaping as she was bent over a bench they use at the rear of the shop.
Her back was arched and he was stood behind,trousers lowered,his cock obviously inside her as he was slamming in to her with what looked like everything he had.
As i watched them he gripped her arse cheeks and gave two or three really hard thrusts then stopped.
She slumped forwards on to the bench and he moved backwards away from her.
Then,just as she was recovering and he was doing his trousers back up i heard a noise behind me.
I darted back in to a cubby hole where the shops bins are kept and slid behind a wheely bin. Just in time to see one of the shops current owners walk down the alley,turn the corner and enter the room they had occupied.
I took the opportunity to dissappear but not before i overheard his surprise at finding them. He obviously must have thought something weird was going on.
I was in Rochester High street this morning and saw the owner. As we have known him for some time we chatted at length and he kept asking if things were all ok with us,with a kind of knowing look in his eyes.
Perhaps its time to tell the Mrs everything i have seen. Our sex at home has gone from strength to strength though and she is so much more adventurous. My sex drive and lasting power are so heightened after each event.
Appreciate all your advice and comments. We will see.

Part 5

I finally confronted my Mrs.
I managed to get several drinks in to both of us and i told her i knew she had started seeing her new boss on the side.
I said i knew where they parked up and i knew he had fucked her in our bed. I told her about my following them to the layby they use occasionally and watching them screwing in his MPV. I left out the bit about watching them involving a stranger in their fun.
At no point did she deny anything and she never once apologised or said she would give him up. At first it caused a very awkward time between us but over xmas things settled down and we became closer than before and the sex has been superb. She says her new found sexuality has just appeared out of nowhere. She now lets me gently push my cock in to her gorgeous arse and even cum inside,something she had previously refused.
She is an attractive lady but i guess i would say that. She is around 5'7 tall with long naturally blonde hair,36b chest,lovely soft pale silky skin and a shaven pussy that tastes wonderful. I have always wanted her to be with two men and to share her and show her off. Several times in the past with friends of mine i have made small suggestions during a d***ken evening or two but either the guy has been too pushy or she just hasnt picked up on the idea.
She has always known i have wanted us to try a threesome (mmf) but before this she has always been aroused by the idea but totally against going through with it. I thought she would now be more adventurous and be willing to give it a try.
Naturally i suggested we involve Mike in our sex life more but without all the lies and secrets but she refused. She said if i wanted her to give him up she would straight away and that there was no feelings involved at all. I told her if she wanted to carry on with him it was okay but i needed (and wanted) to know all they did. She agreed to this but refused to agree to a threesome. This i find strange as when they parked at the local dogging spot she had allowed another guy to get involved then? As i hadnt told her i knew about this i didnt pursue it further.
Since then she has met up with him four times. She has told him i know and that i am okay with it.
He has fucked her on three occasions after work in the back of the shop in Rochester and she bought him back to ours on Saturday after work as i was out until 8.00pm.
We shagged like crazy most of the weekend and she says she is telling me everything but she has never mentioned him taking her to the dogging spot which makes me suspicious.
For now things are as good as they have ever been though.

90% (14/2)
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2 years ago
lose the lying bitch!
3 years ago
Delicious story. Wish I had a wife like that. Think I'll have to visit Rochester. Maybe get lucky.
3 years ago
nice story, sounds like you have a real good slut on your hands
3 years ago
Nice story. If true I'd call her in her shit.