First Threesome

My wife and myself have enjoyed a few soft swing moments over the years involving the kissing,touching,fingering of her by other guys with me present but nothing more.
Tom,a friend of mine had kissed her before and eventually they had snogged and had a d***ken fumble at a party last year.
This led to the three of us ending up in a bedroom of a friends house during another party and with him caressing her exposed breasts whilst watching her suck my cock to completion. Mild stuff by comparison with the other stories on here i know.
Last month however we went a lot further.
We had all been out in a group of eight people and at the end of the night me and my wife,Tom and another guy James ended up back at Toms place.
We had a few more drinks then James left leaving just the three of us.
We had all had a fair bit to drink and i was getting sl**py in the lounge with the wife as Tom fixed more drinks.
I must have nodded off for a while because the next thing i remember is Tom kneeling on the fireside rug topless and my wife crouched close by my side minus her blouse. I became aware that they were playing with some dice and after both throwing them once more Tom groaned and took off his trousers as she laughed and cheered.
Realising i was awake she said that Tom had dared her to play strip dice!?
Okay i thought,she really is d***k and at what point is she or they going to stop?
Tom grinned at me as though looking for the all clear and said he was minus his shirt,shoes,socks and trousers and all my wife had lost were her shoes and her blouse.
She lost the next two goes however and removed a stocking/hold up each time.
They both threw the dice again.
He got seven. She got five.
Nothing happened for a second.
We all sipped our drinks.
All right,all right she said.
Grinning she knelt up and unzipped her skirt. She removed it and was now just dressed in red bra and panties.
She d****d her long blonde hair around her so it fell over her exposed breast flesh. She was clearly feeling a little self concious as she crossed her legs behind her.
Tom threw the dice.
She threw the dice.
She laughed.
bl**dy typical said Tom.
Again nothing happened and we all took another sip of our drinks.
What happens now said my Mrs?
I have to sit here naked jokingly groaned Tom. As he said it he speedily removed his pants leaving him naked. He lay on his front to hide himself but i noticed his cock was quite erect as he did so.
Picking up the dice he threw again and got four.
Are we carrying on then,she asked?
She threw the dice and got just three!
As Tom laughed she swore.
I laughed but was transfixed and just wanted to see what would happen.
She started to huff and puff and Tom said well its up to you.
Remove whatever you want,your choice.
We all had another swig at our drinks.
In one quick movement she removed her bra and folded her arms as we both chuckled.
Tom picked up the dice and threw again.
Muttering under her breath she threw and got just five.
Oh no,oh no,oh no,oh no,she said.
Well said Tom either you remove those panties or you must perform a task for me.
What sort of task she asked?
A blow job he quickly replied.
She looked at me. No way she said defiantly.
The debate went on for several minutes then i suggested that she give me a blow job whilst he watched.
Nope,he wasnt having any of that.
Finally he said that if she followed him up to his bedroom and stayed for fifteen minutes then he would consider it fair.
She thought about it for a bit then agreed.
She actually went first and he held back.
Before he left me he whispered,give it ten minutes then come up. I agreed.
The ten minutes dragged like hell but i waited.
I eventually crept upstairs.
As i approached the bedroom i could see movement inside.
I rounded the doorway and laying there on her back naked,was my wife.
He had his head between her open thighs and judging by the way she was squirming and arching her back upwards she was enjoying it.
I hastily stripped and walked around to her head.
She looked at me and it was almost as if she wanted to apologise.
I knelt and held my erect cock close by her head.
She moved slightly then took it in to her mouth and closed her eyes as he continued to lap at her pussy.
She was gasping as she sucked me.
I could tell she was ready to cum.
Her neck and upper chest were flushed bright red and she was groaning and squirming,pushing down on to his face as she continued to suck me.
She gave a loud moan and shook a little as she orgamed.
Watching her cum made my cock even more rigid.
He stopped licking and tasting her and moved his body between her still parted thighs.
She still had hold of my cock.
I watched as he held the large round head of his cock against her pale shaven pussy lips and urged it forwards. They parted and stetched around it as he entered her. She was very very wet and her pink lips glistened as he slid inside.
Her grip on my cock tightened and i heard her hold her breath.
His hips moved forwards and i saw the shaft go in. He was now buried deep inside her.
He moved over her and licked at her nipples and pale creamy breasts.
Still holding my cock she looked at me and seemed unsure and a little frightened.
He kissed her and for a second or two i saw their tongues as they snogged.
Rising upwards he started to fuck her harder and faster.
Her face was a mixture of emotions. She still looked scared but with each of his thrusts she seemed to be almost urging him on,at times pushing her pussy hard against him.
He wasnt going to last long. Moments later he groaned and with his cock fully inside her to the hilt he came.
He seemed to be panting and cumming for some time.
They were both still gasping as he moved away. Moving across i slid my cock inside her.
It was just so gooey. It squelched out fluid as i fucked her.
I felt it pouring out around my balls and could hear it as i slapped against her.
I fucked her really hard and minutes later came inside her.
We kissed and cuddled for some time. Me still inside her,stuck to her.
He had dressed and gone downstairs.
She started crying and saying how sorry she was.
She said when they were first upstairs he said he would settle for a few kisses on his cock. Then it turned in to him urging her to lick him,then to suck him. Then he wanted to taste her for just a few seconds.
I comforted her and told her everything was okay.
We went back downstairs and Tom asked me if we could all spend the night together but i said we had to go. He kissed her and thanked both of us for a great evening.
We havent spoken about it since and she seems reluctant to even discuss Tom or anything to do with the evening.
Maybe it was a bad idea or maybe it was a good idea,i dont know.
Tom has asked for a repeat performance but i think if that ever happens it will be on her terms and at her pace.
For now i am just content with the memory.

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3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks for posting.