Gran Canaria

My girlfriend Sue and i recently went on holiday to Gran Canaria...we both love the beach and so on our first day we went out with just swimwear flip flops and towels to the we walked further along we realised that we had strayed onto a nudist part of the beach sue thought it would be good to stay and so we settled to sunbathe. after a few minutes i looked over to see that sue had taken her bikini off and was lying on her back naked...she grabbed my trunks and whipped them off running down the beach with them in the air whilst i stayed on my towel....we sunbathed nude for a while and sue suggested going for a swim there were lots of nude people walking along the beach and swimming so it felt quite natural to do the same...sue has a great body as as she works out in the gym and runs so she looked really hot naked on the beach....she grabbed my hand and we set off walking along the shoreline completely naked and it felt really good....we went for a swim and then headed back to our towels...we couldnt see them and wandered back and forth thinking we had the wrong place...we then realised that our swimwear and towels were gone....someone must have taken them and that we were completely naked on a beach with no way to get back to the hotel!!! there was another couple also naked nearby and i asked if they had seen what had happened to our towels but thet hadnt ...however they took pity on us and lent us their towels...they were at the same hotel so we all walked back....mandy and john seemed nice and we arranged to meet them for dinner mandy had a fantastic body with really large breasts and clearly liked showing off...that evening she was wearing a very short clinging mini dress with high heels that didnt leave much to the imagination...sue had also gotten into the mood from showing off on the beach and wore a mini skirt and low cut both girls looked really hot...we all drank too much wine and the conversation became more naughty as the evening wore on and we were eventually talking openly about sex and what we liked and didnt like....mandy then said that we hadnt paid for the use of the towels yet and that in our situation it must be worth quite a lot....sue agreed and said name your price then....mandy said well i want your husband in my bed and john wants you...there was silence for a moment...sue looked at me and said well i suppose we must pay our dues and laughed...mandy leaned over and started kissing me and she really knew how to kiss...i glanced over and saw that sue was getting the same and that johns hand was up her skirt...we headed for the bedrooms..unlocked the door and john pulled sue in to my surprise mandy pushed me into the same room saying there is plenty of room for us all.. i kissed mandy and pulled her dress up over her head she was naked underneath i kissed and fondled her breasts and nipples and she groaned with pleasure she soon had me naked and i realised that sue and john werent wasting any time and that sue was sucking his cock...i went down on mandy licking and sucking her pussy until she was really randy and desperate for this time sue and john were fucking hard on the bed next to us so i gave mandy the was particularly erotic fucking a gorgeous girl whilst my wife was being well and truly fucked right next to me...the girls were groaning with pleasure until eventually we had all come and were laying exhausted on the beds....we then went back to our rooms but agreed to meet the next day.....sue told me that she had really enjoyed it and that she wanted it to continue whilst we were on holiday....the next day we all went to the nudist beach...mandy started rubbing suntan lotion on sue who was lying on her back...she didnt miss anywhere and it was obvious that sue was aroused...we moved to a more secluded part in the sand dunes the girls started kissing and were soon licking and sucking each other to mine and johns delight...john got out the camera and the girls didnt even notice....we spent the 2 weeks with mandy and john and had a fantastic time...our sexual experience improved more in 2 weeks tan in the previous 2 years!!.they have become good friends and we meet up at home whenever possible to keep the girls satisfied!!

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2 years ago
A lovely holiday.
2 years ago
superb story......
3 years ago
Very nice. I had met a great couple like that with my ex, but I still reach out to them from time to time.. Great story.
3 years ago
Loved the story. Thanks for posting.