Ellens bad night

I was married to my ex husband when I was not quite 16,
my mother was my only parent; my dad left us when I was
three. My mother signed for me to get married because she
liked my husband-to-be and felt he would take care of me
better than her on a waitress' salary.

John, my ex husband, was considerably older than I, a
worldly 27. I started having sex with him when he fed me
alcohol spiked Kool-aide till I almost passed out. Being
young I was convinced I was in love and would do anything
for him.

Within months of our marriage he started me on the
occasional threesomes then f***ed me into gangbangs with
his friends and buddies from work. After 4 years of this
I finally was fed up. He could never hold a job, and we
never had any money or anything else other than a very
kinky sex life. John and I were divorced when I was
almost 20. I had (thankfully) completed high school and
applied to nursing school, where I graduated when I was

I took a job working on a MED-SURG ward and met an older
guy there who was a patient and treated me very nice. He
sent me flowers and after the abuse from John and the
groping of horny guys I'd dated since then, I absolutely
loved it.

We started dating and six months later we were married in
Las Vegas. Gary was 54, and owned his own Wholesale Auto
Brokerage Company, and had a beautiful house. While we
couldn't be considered millionaires the business was
strong and financially sound. For the first time in my
life money wasn't a concern. I was able to drive a Caddy,
a 97 STS, my home was bigger than anything I could have
imagined...with five bedrooms, three baths, large study,
f****y room, etc.

But after being married for just about 3 years I started
to get bored. I don't know why I felt this way, maybe
deep down inside I missed something from the old days
when I had been with multiple partners, or maybe Gary
just wasn't that exciting in bed.

Gary went out of town every week to car auctions in
bordering states, we live in Oklahoma. One night I was in
the mood for a little partying so I got dressed up and
went to a bar not far from where I lived. Looking back I
realize that I'd d***k way too much. I danced all night
and had sex with a guy in the back seat of my car. And
after that night I was hooked on the excitement.

I started going out one night a week, usually Thursday,
when John was out of town. Sometimes I had sex with guys,
sometimes I didn't. I loved the attention, the excitement
of not knowing what would happen, and the dancing too. I
loved it when the guys would fondle me, especially in
front of their friends, and I really enjoyed teasing the

Over a period of time I became "hooked" on the aggressive
type of guy. I think I craved a strong man, which Gary
wasn't, somehow it excited me to be treated roughly by a
strong man. If a guy I was dancing with was a proper
gentleman -- or not very aggressive I'd soon lose
interest in them.

This led to some sexual experiences that, if I had of
tried to resist, I don't believe the guys would have
stopped. These incidents greatly excited me and I
actively sought out these types of encounters on a
regular basis.

That summer afternoon I spent more time out visiting
patients than I'd anticipated and it was near 7 p.m. when
I finished. I decided to stop for a drink at a bar I had
spotted on the way to my last patient's home. Walking in
and ordering myself a Tom Collins I made myself
comfortable at the bar. After an hour or so, a half way
decent country and western band started up and I accepted
a dance request from a handsome guy at the bar.

This bar was your basic Bar-Bar. Nothing more that a
place to drink booze, no frills, a blue-collar bar in a
somewhat rough neighborhood. Most of the men and the few
women there were dressed in blue jeans and western
shirts. I was dressed in my nurse's uniform not having
had a chance to change.

Several rough looking men came into the bar and it was
obvious that they were friends of the guy I was dancing
with. They moved to a table and after few minutes, my new
friend Ron, came back from the restroom and asked me for
another dance. I agreed and after the dance he invited me
over to the table where his friends were sitting eyeing
us. After introductions we settled into some conversation
and continued drinking.

I danced a lot with Ron and all of his friends and in the
process ended up getting very d***k. I realize now
looking back on it, that I stayed because I was really
too d***k to leave, even though I knew I should have
called a cab. The guys had started getting pretty touchy-
feely by then...not that I was really complaining but I
was spending more time fending off their hands than
dancing by then. Finally I decided to sit at the bar just
with Ron but as we sat together by the long wooden bar I
found that I had to push Ron's hand away from my breasts

I noticed over the next hour or so that lots of men in
the bar were checking out my breasts. That was not
unusual, guys in bars do that to me a lot. But this time
it seemed to be something more, it made me slightly
nervous. Finally I had to get up to go take a pee. Upon
entering the bathroom I glanced at myself in the mirror
and could hardly recognized myself: my blouse was
untucked and the buttons were undone almost to my naval
exposing my white satin bra. No wonder everyone was
staring at me, I thought.

After trying to get myself straightened out I returned to
the table and thanked the men for the drinks and dancing
and told them I had to go. They all seemed disappointed,
and Ron told me he would walk me too my car.

Once we reached my car Ron kissed me and I returned the
kiss. He fondled my breasts but I pushed his hands away.
I unlocked the car door and Ron went to the passenger's
side. I'm not sure why, but I unlocked the door for him.
He again moved to kiss me and I found myself returning
the kiss. I allowed him to touch my knee and could feel
him slide it up my thigh. His other hand moved to my
blouse and fondled my breasts again.

I'll admit it, dancing with all those guys, the drinks,
and the kissing had got me pretty aroused by then. I'll
also admit that I was giving some thought to fucking Ron
in the back seat if kept it up much longer. I allowed his
hand into my blouse. We continued to kiss for several
more minutes and he finally succeeded in unbuttoning my
blouse and unhooking my bra.

As his hands went to my now bare breasts, the coolness of
the air on my nipples hardened them immediately. Breaking
the kiss I pulled away and told him I that had to get
home, trying to tease him, make him worry a little that
he might not get any that night.

But suddenly one of the guys from the bar was looking in
through the window at us. I tried to cover my breasts and
was surprised when Ron grabbed my hands and held them
together in one of his. I heard the backdoor driver side
of my car open and felt the car move as several people
climbed in.

"Ellen said she has to go home guys. She enjoyed teasing
us and having us buy her drinks. Now she wants to run out
on us, don't you Ellen?
Quite d***k and very nervous I replied, "I just need to
go home."

"You're not going anywhere honey till you give us some of
that pussy of yours," Ron said in a menacing voice.

I jerked my hands free from his grip and slapped him
across the face. His face immediately reddened with
anger. One of the guys in the back said, "Ron's getting
beaten up by a little bitch."

Ron immediately said, "Nobody hits me, especially a
little bar whore!"

Ron slapped me hard across the face repeatedly. I could
taste bl**d in my mouth and my vision became even more
blurred. I tried to cry out but he kept slapping me. I
brought my hands up to protect myself but they were
grabbed by one of the men in the back seat. Ron slapped
me several more times, which completely dazed me. Then
numbly I felt him tugging and tearing my uniform blouse
and felt cold air on my shoulders as he ripped it off me.

"Damn bitch, you do have some nice tits."

I struggled to focus on what was happening but I was
dazed and d***k. But I could feel Ron's hands roughly
fondle then squeeze my breasts. One of the men in the
backseat pulled my hands back tightly behind me and pain
shot through my shoulders.

"Come on Ellen, lets have some fun," Ron said as he
started pinching my nipples harder. Pain shot through my
breasts, I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I knew
that my make-up would be running down my cheeks. (I think
that I was more worried about my make-up at that moment
than what these men had in mind for me.)

Ron fumbled with the switch to the car seat and I felt
the back recline. The man behind me continued to hold my
hands down, moving them above my head. Another guy who I
couldn't see finished pulling my bra off. I felt Ron
start tearing at my uniform skirt and then at my panty
hose. My nipples were still sore and I was totally in
shock. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Sure
I'd messed around with plenty of men in the past, but I'd
never been taken against my will before.

The cool air on my skin as Ron ripped my panty hose off
brought me back to reality and I started struggling
against him again. I succeeded in getting a hand free and
tried to scratch Ron's eyes out. He grabbed my hand and
said, "Hold her fucking hands Bill!"

"Damn I am trying Ron, but this little bitch is a
fighter," he responded as he tried to hold me down.

"Hang on, I can cure that real quick," Ron said.

Then Ron f***ed my legs apart and undid his blue jeans
fly. He pulled me down in the seat and roughly grabbed my
waist and began to finger my vagina.
"Damn honey, you're not all that wet, this is going to

I again tried to break free but this time his buddy Bill
was ready and twisted my hands above my head. This caused
terrible pain and I thought he was going to break both of
my hands. At the same time I felt Ron's dick press
against me, then it pushed a couple inches.

"Turn loose of her Bill, let me have her," Ron said.

I felt Bill release my hands and I immediately began
struggling and trying to push Ron off. "That's it baby,
fight that dick," with that statement he pushed a couple
more inches into me.

I pushed and fought as hard as I could but Ron was too
big for me. After a couple minutes I was exhausted. Ron
just smiled down at me and said, "Feel better now baby?
That cunt of yours feels good wiggling on my dick." Then
he pushed into me deeper and then started savagely
slamming in and out of me.

I was exhausted and lay passively under him until I felt
his body stiffen and felt the wetness of his climax
inside me. He rolled off of me and Bill grabbed my hand's
holding me in the seat. I could see Ron pulling up his
pants and buttoning them.

"Okay, who is fucking the little bitch next?" Ron asked.
I tried to pull away from Bill's grip.

"Come on babe, save some of that fight for the fuck will
yeah. Bill reached over and cruelly twisted my right
nipple. Pain shot through my breast and I gasped at the
discomfort. I struggled to pull away from Bill but was
unable too.

"That's better Baby, now you're learning."

I heard the rear door open and in a second the driver's
door open. I felt jarred as one of the other guys from
the bar was there and quickly unbuttoning his pants.
"Come on Ellen, you going to give me some of that pussy
too?" he said forcing my legs apart and just as quickly
entering my sloppy-moist pussy. He began slowing sliding
his cock in and out of me. I couldn't move, I was being
held again.

"Nice cunt Bitch, tight but wet!" he said, then he began
biting my exposed breasts and neck. The pain made me move
but with him on top of me and Bill still holding my hands
there was nothing I could do. I opened my eyes as Ron
reached out again and twisted my nipple. I jerked and
tried moving away.

"Hey, that feels nice when you do that too her Ron, pinch
it some more, she squirms around and tightens up on me."
Ron laughed and continued to twist my nipple until I was
too exhausted to fight it anymore. Tears were streaming
down my face and my whole body hurt. my newest assailant
continued to ram his cock in and out of me until I felt
his body tense and he climaxed inside me.

"Mmmm, damn good pussy, huh Ron?" he said, panting. Ron
laughed in agreement.

Done with me for the moment he rolled off of me and
another guy quickly took his place. I had resigned myself
to being ****d by all of Ron's friends and was laying
passively in the seat. I felt the next guy fumble around
and then he slid his cock into my cunt. I was so sloppy
with two men's come in my by now that he just slipped in
with no resistance. He began sawing it in and out of me
as I laid passively below him.

"Here Kevin, let me liven her up a little for you," I
heard Ron say.

I felt a searing hot pain to the outer part of my right
breast. I yelled and jerked away immediately. Looking
over I could see Ron holding a cigarette that he had just
touched to my breast with.

"Like that Ellen? Come on, let's do it again." He moved
the cigarette toward me again. I jerked and moved away,
and started thrashing to get away from the cigarette.

"How is that Kevin, she moving okay for you man?"

"Hell yes, that is great, burn her again."

Ron touched the cigarette to my breast again and I cried
out in pain.

"Come on baby, fight me!"

As the pain shot through my breast I couldn't keep from
fighting.I twisted, and squirmed and screamed, and beat
my fists on the man's back but who was fucking me but
could not escape the pain of Ron's hot cigarette.

Ron removed the cigarette and at the same time I felt my
current r****t stiffen and climax inside of me, he
grunted and grunted as he had a violent orgasm. I could
feel the mixed come dripping under my butt and sticking
to the fabric of the car seat.

My latest assailant climbed off of me after opening the
car door. I felt another man climb on top of me but at
this point I was exhausted and ached all over and didn't
even open my eyes to see who it was. I felt his cock push
up into me and he begin moving inside me. I opened my
eyes briefly to see Ron open up my purse and begin
tossing things out. He rolled up the bills I had in my
wallet and stuffed them in his shirt pocket.

"Thanks babe, we can buy us some drinks now!" Ron said.

I am not sure how long I was ****d I know several of them
did me twice. After Ron finished r****g me a second time
my strength seemed to return from somewhere and I tore
into him. I scratched him across the face and did my best
to scratch his eyes out. I felt a blow to the back of the
head and was dazed by someone's blow. I was dragged out
of the car on the driver's side.

I was naked from the waist up, my uniform skirt was torn
and bunched at the waist. My makeup had long since either
been rubbed off or washed off with my tears. I caught a
glance of myself in the door mirror and could hardly
recognize myself.

"You fucking bitch you're going to pay for that!" Ron
yelled as he came around the front of the car.

"Hold her hands." Ron ordered. I felt someone f***e my
hands behind my back. Ron stepped forward and slapped me
hard across the mouth. I again tasted bl**d in my mouth.

"That is just a start bitch!" Ron said. Ron slapped me
again and then said, "Ready for this bitch?" and drove
his fist into my stomach. I felt my breath escape and I
couldn't breath. He struck me in the stomach again and
whoever was holding me from behind released me. I slumped
to the ground.

"What is the matter Ellen, not feeling so feisty now?"
Ron kicked me in the stomach rolling me on to my back.
"Come on babe, cry for me!" Ron yelled.

I was numb, half out of my mind -- the pain was intense
and I couldn't move. I felt another kick to the stomach
and then another one. I remember the thought going
through my mind that I was going to die in this dirty
parking lot. I remember being kicked several more times
and then I must have passed out.

I came too with Ron straddling me and a lit cigarette in
his mouth. "I'm going to burn those pretty tits of yours
again you little cunt. When I get don with you no one
will want to fuck you again." He said.

I saw him remove the cigarette from his mouth and
remember trying to scream but I couldn't. He reached down
and pulled my left nipple tight and I felt a stabbing
burning pain as he burnt the underside of my breast. I
must have passed out again because I came too with him
slapping my face repeatedly and saying, "Wake up you
fucking bitch."

He burnt me again on my other breast and then rose up off
of me. I saw him unzipping his pants and he pulled his
cock out. I groaned is disappear. He was going to **** me
again, and in the dirt this time. I closed my eyes
waiting for the inevitable weight to press down on me.

My whole body jerked as the first steam of urine hit next
to my head and he adjusted it to hit me in the face. I
felt another stream and knew someone else was also
urinating on me. I tried to cover my face, to close my
mouth. I could taste their piss, they'd hit my open mouth
before I knew what was coming. After they finished I must
have passed out again.

Some time later I came too and slowly looked around. I
was lying on my back, my skirt still bunched up around my
waist. I felt a cooling wetness from the men's urine and
the come inside me was leaking out of me.

I dragged myself to my car and somehow managed to drive
home. After a long bath I tried to attend to the bruises,
cuts and burns all over my body. I was covered with
bruises all over. I had numerous cigarette burns on my
breasts, my left eyes was black and my ribs and stomach

I told my husband on the phone the next morning I was
going to my mother's in Missouri and would be gone for
about two weeks. When I returned the bruises were mostly
healed and the burns were mostly scabbed over. I avoided
being seen in the light around my husband and he never
questioned me.

I still go to bars and flirt but I really watch how much
I drink now and have had no problems in the last four

80% (6/2)
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2 years ago
very good
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dumb... Shouldnt of been a cheating slut
3 years ago
Just how a teasing slut should be handled.