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My strange husband

Posted by ukrealwife 1 year ago

Am I Bovered?

This is really a blog for all you guys out there who send messages to women online and never get replies. I’ve included a sample of a few of the messages I received over a three day period [with my thoughts added in brackets] most of which I just didn’t bother to reply to. It’s the same for every woman on a site like this and worse for many. If you are going to bother sending a message put some time, effort and thought into it or it will just end up (at best) in someone’s blog!

If you think my comments make me sound like a stand offish bitch it’s because the sheer lack of effort evident in... Continue»
Posted by Loubelou 3 years ago

[Story] My Son's Wedding Day

Firstly let me tell you the background. I am a 52 year old housewife, on my second marriage, with three c***dren, all from my first marriage. Both of my husbands have been, well, fairly ordinary in the bed stakes. You know – once or twice a week, rather unimaginative, with not really enough interest in my needs and desires. But in fairness I never pushed for anything more, thinking that was how it was for most people.

Then came my younger son’s wedding and my whole life was turned upside down!

He and his wife to be both lived and worked in Guildford and the wedding was to be ... Continue»
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My Sexy Little Experiment

* a true story...

Years ago, I learned what the scent of a woman can truly do to a man. So I tried an experiment.

After a shower one Saturday nite, I was getting all dolled up to go out to the private club my bf and I belonged to. After doing my make up (very little), hair and selecting my outfit (a blk leather mini skirt and matching off the shoulder, front zip, thong leotard)and black strappy heels, I decided to rub myself and then when I was nice and juicy, I put 'dabs' of my juice behind my ears, knees, elbows, breasts and at my collar bone. Then I lightly sprayed Vanilla Parfume on ... Continue»
Posted by wild_child_12 2 years ago