Naughty Primary School Teacher

I would need you to take control. And I would need you to fuck me over and over, all night, until I couldn't take any more - then I'd need you to just carry on regardless, making my knees buckle, my body arch, my pussy even wetter, my breathing heavier, and my voice let out moans of pleasure and pain.

How you did that would be up to you - you'd be in control, and I'd be at your mercy, and the element of surprisewould be quite exciting. I think my face would tell your story of bad boy meets good girl very well. Getting me a little d***k would lower my inhibitions and make me more compliant - though I would wriggle, squirm and resist anyway just to see what you did...

Would expect to be both bra and knickerless if you were here now. And I'd want you to slip more than just your fingers inside me that's for sure!!! I like it when you make me do things, and I like turning you on too. Seeing you turned on turned me on even more, and hearing you did too.

Tell me how you're going to use me and make me dazed and dizzy???
How are you going to fuck me? ...And what would you do to me, with your cock, if I resisted and wasn't quite so obedient and subservient??

I like the idea of you forcing yourself on me, and forcing yourself in me. You'd have to get my legs open first though, that'd be your first challenge!! As for you holding my hips, you might able to hold them hard, but would your really be able to keep them still? I can wriggle a lot you know, which might make it a struggle for you to turn me over too. If I knew you wanted something very much, like to rim my arse, I'd resist to make it harder on purpose.

I want you to use me all night long, and I want you to be rough with me too - I want you to throw me around and fuck me hard, tug on my hair and treat me like your whore. I think all of the names you'd call me would be deserved, as would all of the things you'd do to me. As for owning me, I would be yours for the whole night - and morning after. I do love hard cock,, you'd need to show the camera I deserve it, whether I want it  or not.

I want you to leave marks on my neck and chest, and to hold my wrists tight as you pin me down and fuck me hard. Get me d***k and take advantage of me, or just take advantage, I don't care.

As soon as we got through the door, I'd want you to push me up against the wall, use your weight and strength to keep me there, and kiss me hard, squeezing my boobs roughly with one hand, while forcing the other up my skirt and into my knickers. Then I'd want you to grab my hair, while kissing and groping me, and walk me to the bed, before pushing me onto it, hitching up my skirt and straddling me to undo my buttoned shirt and free my tits. After being rough with them and being filthy with me, i'd want you to take of your jeans, free your hard cock and fuck me hard with it showing me no mercy. The size of it would take my breath away, as would the f***e you'd be pounding me with it, but you knew that already and I'd want you to carry on regardless. I want you to fill me with your hot cum - as deep as you can, and with as much as you can.

I really do need you to use and abuse me for the whole night you know. I want to be covered in cum, filled with cum, made to suck cock, and fucked more times in one night than I ever thought possible. As I said, when I tire you know what you need to do - just lay me back or bend me over, and carry on regardless.

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1 year ago
OK you got me good and hard now. Where do I find you?!
2 years ago
So did you?
2 years ago
3 years ago
cool story