A letter from Daisy

I went for a lie down yesterday and my mind started to wander (as it always does!)....I was flicking through my texts and came across the ones you sent me that night.......I started to masturbate, and my imagination ran wild........
I could see us in a hotel, me asking you to meet me one evening in the hotel room.
It was a little dark outside and I asked you to come up to the hotel room for about 7pm...........no sooner, and no later. The door was ever so slightly open, and I was stood behind it, waiting for you to enter the room. I had dimmed the lights, so you couldn't see me. When you walked in, I slammed shut the door and held a cold metal object to your head. I was behind you and told you to stand up against the wall with your legs spread. You did as I asked. I told you not to look at me.......and stand very very still. I pulled your jacket off of you, then told you to put your hands above your head......then I took your t-shirt off you. I reached around you and started to undo your belt and jeans. i told you to kick your shoes off and take your socks off. I pulled your trousers down and you stepped out of them. You was left in your boxers. I ran the cold metal object down your back and made you shudder. Then I ran my hands slowly all over your body, and then kissed your neck and worked my way down your back. I pulled down your boxers and started to lick and kiss your ass. I gently bit it too. I told you to stay still........I turned the lights up and told you to turn around. I was dressed in a short black skirt with black stockings and suspenders and a pair of black stilettos. I had a black bra and a tight fitting dark blue shirt on, which was only buttoned up halfway.......revealing my rather impressive cleavage and heaving breasts. There was a pair of handcuffs hanging from my skirt pocket. I think you was in a little shock to say the least as you hadn't been expecting anything like that. As I pulled the cuffs out of my pocket, I 'accidently' dropped them. I turned to face away from you and bent right over in front of you to pick them up............revealing the fact that I had no knickers on. All of a sudden, you shot across the room and gave my ass such a slap that I yelped. I stood up and said that I would have to arrest you for assaulting a police officer..........you had the biggest grin on your face as I cuffed you to the bed. I stood over you and started to dance sexily as I stripped off. I left my skirt, stockings and suspenders on for you as you begged me not to take them off. You were asking me to sit on your face as you wanted to taste my pussy. So, I laid on top of you so we were in the 69 position. I sterted to suck your already hard cock and you got to work on my pussy with your tongue..........boy you got me wet in no time. I wanted more, so I uncuffed you and told you to use your fingers and your tongue. You managed to get all 4 fingers in and was covered in cum in no time......over and over again. I had stopped sucking you off as I couldn't concentrate anymore........I was screaming and shouting at the top of my voice by now.  I pulled away from you, turned around and sat on your cock really hard and fast.........that felt reeeeeeaaaaaaaly good for the both of us!!!  I pulled you up to a sitting position and kissed you really hard and passionately. I could taste my cum as you had had alot of it!!! I started to slowly ride you and then got faster and faster. You was still sat up, so had my tits bouncing in your face, but you just got off on that!!!  We were panting faster and heavier as we got hotter and hotter. Suddenly, you lunged forward and pushed me onto my back onto the bed. We were in missionary but I had my legs up so my ankles were around your legs. You fucked away soooo hard that I was grabbing your ass and trying to get you to go even faster. We were both sooooo noisy.........and so was my pussy as it was cummin over and over again. You said you wanted me to swallow all your cum.........I nodded with a big smile on my face. You said you was gonna cum........you pulled out and got me to suck on your cock really hard.....it only took a couple of really hard sucks and you came in my mouth. You told me not to swallow it all, so I kept a little in my mouth and when I sat up, you kissed me and I let your cum run into your mouth. (Hope that's not too gross for you, but that's what happened......and it turned me on). I still ad my skirt, stockings and suspenders on...........I was just about to take them off, when you said that you hadn't finished with me yet. You just needed a little time to rest and re-energise. So we ordered room service. I dared you to answer the door in the nude......but you looked through the peephole, and saw that it was a guy. So you put your boxers back on and answered the door. You said something to the guy and then shut the door. We ate our food and cooled down with some icy cold bottles of bud........when I asked you what you had said to the guy at the door, you told me you had hatched a plan, but the guy had no clue what he was in for. You had asked him to come back in an hour with some strawberries and champagne. Then you told me that you wanted me to answer the door.....still only wearing my skirt, stockings and suspenders. I was to ask him to bring the stuff in, and put it down on the table. Then you wanted me to ask him if he wanted a tip.......and if he said yes, I was to give him the best tip he could wish for..........and you wanted to watch. So, we jumped into the shower together and freshened up. I put back on my stockings , suspenders and skirt. Then there was a knock on the door. You sat naked on the sofa and watched as the rather shocked guy brought the strawberries and champagne in and put them on the table. I asked him if he would like a tip, and he smiled and said yes. So I pushed him down onto the bed, put my tits in his face and started to undress him. The poor bloke didn't know what tp do.....he tried to get up and speak, but I kissed him and told him to relax. I told him he wasn't going anywhere till I gave him a tip. I undid his belt and trousers, pulled them down, along with his pants. He was already hard and so I started sucking him. I slowly moved around and put my ass and pussy in his face so he got a good view. I told him to finger me and lick me.......all the while, you were on the couch masturbating and loving every minute......I kept staring at you while I sucked the guy off.......you just looked at me too. You told me to suck him harder.....the guy was moaning and curling his toes up. You then told me to get on all fours and make him fuck me...........so, we did what you wanted. You got me to suck you off while he fucked my pussy from behind........everytime I came, I ended up biting your cock.....which made you keep telling the guy to fuck me harder and to make me cum even more.......biting must have really turned you on. Now as this is a dream, everything is perfect, including the climax.......we all came at the same time.....you came in my mouth again, the guy came in my pussy and I came all over his cock. ( I can't see that happening in reality, but you never know!!!). We all collapsed in a heap on the bed. The guy said that was the best tip he had ever got, and in future, if we used the hotel, to ask for him when ordering room service!!!  He jumped in the shower, got dressed, thanked us and went back to work. We on the other hand showered, ate our strawberries, drank our champagne, watched a little porn, kissed, cuddled, talked and then fell asl**p. 
I told u my imagination ran away with me..........hope you didn't get too hard!!
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2 years ago
Brilliant story. I love the room service bit.
2 years ago
fucking lovely :)
2 years ago
very good