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hi well let me first off say this IS a real story i am a london boy born and bread but landed myself in trouble so moved up to the country side since being here in my first month i had my first older woman but thats another story so heres what happend i went to the local bank when this young uni girl walked past and cought my eye,she had a blue vest on and a pink bra was visible and she had tight leggings on and there was a clear view of her little bum could tell she was the right age as she had a few tattoos i smiled and walked by thinking nothing of it i later ended up in my local bar when she walked in and looked right at me and smiled i was just leaving but fought why not see where this could go i waited for her to go out for a smoke when she did i walked out and introduced my self she said her name was hanna,i asked for a light we started small talk but i couldnt keep my eyes off her tits,she still had the blue vest on and a little dark skirt but no sign of the pink bra.hanna saw me looking but did nothing we both went back to her table she said something to her friends and they moved i took my jacket off and when i moved to put it on a empty chair hanna moved her self and opened her legs to show me a white thong.i had a big smile and i felt my cock start growing as she kept laughing and giving me little flashes of her thong. We drank up and we said we should go back to mine for some more drinks,all the taxi ride back we were kissing i moved my hands to her perky tits and i felt them with every squeeze i felt hannas hand run down to my solid cock we got to mine and befor we even spoke she was on my sofa, legs open and top coming off , my jeans went off with little struggle and by the time i was naked i had hannas hand rubbing my cock and swollen balls in the other. All of a sudden her lips wrapped round my rock hard cock and i was forcing it all into her mouth,i pushed her on to the sofa her legs spred into the air then my head my f***ed inbetween her legs, as soon as my tounge touched her wet pussy i was in heaven my tounge rubbing up yer clit as my finger pushed her tight wet walls apart i herd her moan my ears pricked up and then a rush of energy burst into my tounge she started shaking then her hands grabbed my head i could feel her about to cum then aloud cry then my mouth was full of her warm cum it was all over my face,my cock was rock hard and had pre cum around the head of it she was lying there panting i stood up and stuck my cock back in her mouth i could fill her hands still shaking as she played with my balls,her cheeks were red and her eyes were glaced over she lay back down, i got on top of her and my cock sunk in her soaking wet pussy with ease then i got a rythem going i felt her hands digg into my back so i started pushing harder and faster i could feel hanna go tight again then another load cry and i could feel her hands relax again i could feel my cock about to explode i then rammed it in hannas pussy and came my hot salty load we both fell back and just layed back . I meet hanna alot now so soon time for pics
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3 years ago
That A Boy! butter her buns good!!