my first older woman

Im a 20 year old male who lived in the east end of london i moved to herefordshire and didnt no anybody so i went out to the local workin mans club and as soon as i sat down all i could see was low cut shirts and small skimpy skirts i went up to the bar and orderd a drink i looked over and saw a dark haird woman in here 50's i smiled and though nothing of it i was looking at my pint when i hered my names jackie i looked and there she was my eyes fixed on to her big heavy breasts she laughed and said my face is up here!!! i went red and felt hot i asked who she was with and said her mates have just goe and she wants to stay out i brought her a drink and we sat down at i told her i was single and she said no your not we ended up dancing together and she suggested we go back to hers . i sat down with my soes off in her front room she walked in wearing a short black skirt and an open white shirt with no bra i lept up and started kissing her rubbing her big tits i was sqeezing her round hard pink nipples when i felt her hand slide down my jeans and start rubbing my hard cock .i undone my jeans and sat down jackie got to her knees and started sucking my hard cock and all i could do was lay back.i pulled up her skirt up and started pullig her white thong down when she pulled my top off i lay chest to chest with her kissing as she tugged my rock solid cock when my hand was pulling her arse apart when my finger rubbed her arse hole jackie laughed and said well youv started so now finish she licked her hand and soaked her tight hole my two fingers slid in and out of jackie making her tugg harder and start panting she then started sucking my cock again and my hands came out of her she then said lay back and jackie lifted herself on to me and my cock slid into jackies wet cunt i started pushing her bum down aND WOULD THRUST MY COCK HARD AS I COULD i could feel the juice of jackies wet pussy run down my cock and hear her wimper. I MADE jackie bend over and i ramed my pumping knob into her soaking pussy again and grabbed onto jackies tits,this went on for 10 miniuts and i could feel jackies cunt loostening around my cunt and started feeling myself about to unload i told jackie to get on her knees and open her mouth jackie started tossing my hot hard cock and then i come all over her face. jackie started pushing it into her mouth then i could feel jackies mouth once more suck the hot cum of the end of my cock.
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