Princess treatment part 2

Janet led Jason and I to the bedroom to continue her princess treatment and told us to bend over the edge of the bed so she could she could eat our asses.She went back and forth to Jasons ass and then my ass sticking her toungue in and out as she jerked our dicks and slapped and squeezed our asses.She pulled us off the bed and started stroking both dicks while she kissed us.Then she told us to lie down on the bed side by side and then she layed down between us she turned on some porn on the television it was a woman being double penetrated by two men who had both their dicks in her pussy. After wathcing and stroking my dick for a minute I noticed it was Janet being fucked by Alex who I had done my first scene with and another guy who worked for her. They were fucking her slowly as she went back and forth kissing one then the other as they simultaneously went in and out and then one would stick his cock deeper as the other was pulling out.

I looked over at Janet as she walked toward the bed where Jason and I stroked our dicks while we watched her getting fucked onscreen. She layed between us and we both sandwiched her kissing one of us at a time then grabbing our heads for a deep french triple kiss. First she had both of us suck on her tits as she layed back and fingered herself to the movie of her as I sucked on her left breast and Jason sucked on her right. After she made herself cum she told us to eat her out Jason went in first sucking on the her clit like it was a cock for a minute and then I did the same and Janet told us to eat it together. We both began running our tongues together over her pussy kissing eachother as we sucked on her clit. She put her hands on the back of our heads and told us how much she loved being eaten out by two beautiful young studs at the same time as we made her cum three times before she pulled us up for more kissing and nursing on her tits.

She told us both to lie down with our cocks together so she could suck them both at the same time. She moved us together and took both cocks in one hand and began stroking and sucking them. Then she mounted Jason and took his dick inside her riding him with her back to me. I layed back stroking my cock watching her perfect ass bounce up and down on his eight inch cock. Then she spun around on his dick and looked me in the eye as she fucked him in reverse cowgirl. She made herself cum and rose up off of his dick and climbed on top of mine. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed as I felt her riding me and moaning my name then she spun around rode me for another minute until she came and went back over to Jason. She started sucking his dick getting drool and spit all over it and then she turned around and began kissing me.She told me to open my mouth and then she spit in it and told me to swallow. She then started sucking my dick and went over and kissed Jason going back and forth stopping just before we were about to cum. She let us rest for a while before she got on top of Jason and slowly started riding. Then she told me to come and stick my cock in her pussy from behind. I got behind her and slowly squeezed my cock in her pussy with Jason's which made it twice as tight but she was so wet and our cocks were lubed with so much spit that we began to slowly slide in and out of her.

I had never done a double penetration before the idea of having my balls rest on another mans like mine were resting on Jasons balls and rubbing our cocks together inside a woman but compared to all the shit I had done since Janet hired me it now seemed like nothing and neither did the kissing. Janet really did have all her actors trained like her personal slaves.Thinking about that as I watched her kiss Jason turned me on and I started fucking her harder until she told me to slow down and started kissing me with strands of spit from her face to mine. I rested my chest on her back as she layed on top of Jason who was under the dog pile and we both slid in and out of her slowly while we all kissed. After Janet came two or three times she told us to cum but not fuck her to fast and soon we both were thrusting along with one another until I heard Janet cum and Jasons dick began to throb against mine and Jason moaned and I felt his cum fill Janets pussy. I kept fucking her making them both moan because Jason had just came and his dick was so sensitive and the more he and Janet moaned and as I thought about her having two dicks cum inside her at the same time I began to shoot my cum inside her all over Jason's dick like he had shot cum all over my dick a minute ago. We all layed there for minutes kissing. We pulled our dicks out of Janet and they were both covered in eachother's cum as well as our own and Janet's too. Before we could clean them off and move Janet grabbed them and stuck them both back in her pussy. We both shook because our cocks were so sensitive sliding back in her double cream pied pussy. We all layed there on top of each other with both our cocks inside her dripping pussy. She told us to lay still as she began kissing us again while she was sandwiched between us and she bagan working her hips until we were both hard again and we began fucking her slowly again. Jason and I both made love to Janet's pussy at the same time again for another hour before she was satisfied. When we went to sl**p Janet wanted all of us to fall asl**p as Jason and I sucked her tits like babies and then go again once more in the morning. Janet truly is a princess and should be treated as such.
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5 months ago
Sounds good to me!
3 years ago
Keep them coming.... I need more of your stories!
3 years ago
Please write more of this story!!!!!!! This is just SO hot!