Wife and 18 year old neighbor

My forty eight year old wife Melissa and I have always had a great sex life. She loves porn, is always down to go to the strip club, and loves to fuck. Melissa was a virgin when we got married so like most men would I have always wondered how she would enjoy another guys cock. After years of fantasizing about it while we fucked, it happened this Summer. We put a pool at our house this past May and had several pool parties throughout the Summer. We had a lot of our neighbors over for a party in August including our neighbors eighteen year old son Josh. After the party was over we kicked back and smoked a joint and went to our bedroom. Melissa and I started to fuck and her pussy was soaked. She started to say "Did you notice" at which point knowing my wife and watching her at the party I interrupted her and said "Josh's cock right"? Melissa moaned and started talking about how turned on she was seeing the outline of Josh's cock in his swim trunks which clung to his cock every time he got out of the pool and showed off a pretty big cock. Melissa came over and over and I wish I could say it was because of me but I knew it was me telling her to imagine it was Josh fucking her. I asked Melissa when we finished fucking if she ever had the chance would she really fuck Josh. She said she would. I told her if she was serious I would try to make it happen. She had said yes to fucking other guys when we fantasized about it before but this time I could tell she meant it. Josh and I golf together a lot so through past discussions we have had he has made polite comments about how attractive Melissa is and he hopes when he gets married his wife looks as good at her age as Melissa, lol. I set up a tee time for Josh and I and we headed for the course. I knew it would be hard to bring up so I lit a joint when we were away enough from others on the course. I wasnt sure how to bring it up so I was direct. I told him that Melissa was watching him at the party and that she was very turned on by him and how she could see his cock through his trunks. He looked scared as hell but he didnt tell me to stop and when he hit the joint again I was pretty sure he was interested. I told him how Melissa was a virgin when we got married and how it was her fantasy forever to feel another guys cock in her. I told him if he wanted to have her he could and that we were serious. He just stared blankly for a few minutes and said "ok Steve". I called Melissa and told her that I told Josh about her fantasy. Melissa started laughing and said I was a freak. I told her to hang on and handed the phone to Josh. He was shaking and managed to get out "Hi Melissa". I took the phone from him and told Melissa we would be home in about an hour. She was freaking out and kept saying "are you serious". I told her to relax, take a shower, and light a joint (which gets her horny as hell) and that everything would be fine. When Josh and I got to our house after a quiet ride there other than me telling him to relax, Melissa was sitting at the kitchen table. She told Josh she was sorry that I told him about what she said about him and they didnt have to do anything. I told them to calm down and to just enjoy what could happen. I walked over to Melissa who was wearing shorts and t shirt and brought her over towards Josh. I lifted up her shirt and grabbed his hands and put them on her tits. He started to feel her tits and the moaning she was making and seeing her enjoy another guys hands on her body got me rock hard. Josh looked at me with a nervous look and asked if I was going to watch. I told him no (man I wanted to watch so bad) that I didnt want to make them uncomfortable so they could just fuck without worrying about me. To my suprise and my total fucking delight this nervous k** told me he wanted me to watch them and asked Melissa if she was ok with it. It's safe to say when she stuck her tongue down his throat she was more than ok with it, lol. As we walked upstairs to the bedroom they kissed and groped eachother the whole time. Josh put her on the bed and didnt waste anytime taking her shorts off and burying his face in her pussy. Melissa was going wild and it was so hot seeing her spread her legs as wide as she could to enjoy his tongue. She came in just a few minutes and after catching her breath she layed him down and took off his shorts. I am a straight guy here but gotta say Josh had an impressive cock, thick and probably about eight inches (5.5 cock here) Melissa gives great head and Josh was loving it. I couldnt take it anymore so I dropped my shorts and started to stroke my cock while I watched my wife suck and enjoy another mans cock for the first time. Melissa looked over at me and asked "do you like it"... I kept stroking and told her I wanted to watch her get fucked. Melissa moaned and I knew by the look on her face how bad she wanted his cock in her. She got on top of Josh and watching his cock slide in her pussy and hearing the sound that came out of her made me cum instantly. Watching her ride his cock, seeing how hard her nipples were, hearing her moan and telling Josh how good his cock felt was incredible. Melissa got on her knees facing me and Josh pounded her hard from behind. I had never heard her scream like that and to hear her keep saying over and over fuck me fuck me was unreal. She came twice harder than I ever seen her. Josh started saying he was going to cum and Melissa told him "cum in my pussy I want you in me". He was pounding her hard and let loose with with these loud grunts as he came in her pussy. What really took it over the top was after they were done they layed naked on the bed for ten minutes kissing and touching eachother before he left. They get together regularly now with me joining in and we are talking about taking care of Melissa's next fantasy which is both of our cocks in her pussy.
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1 year ago
Love it!
1 year ago
very good. hope its true. Ignore "kamat7235" comments! assholes like him ruin it for everyone else.
2 years ago
hot story....
2 years ago
Good descriptions, nice detail, but would have liked to have known more about everyone's body types, especially your wife's - your implications made her sound hot!

Also when getting fucked, especially from behind by Josh, what was she doing: pinching her nipples, playing with her tits, rubbing her clit, or maybe grasping desperately at the sheets? And how is this, if at all, different from when you're fucking her, especially in the same position? The beauty is in the details, my friend and that would add so much depth and realism to your story.

But please, for God's sake, knock off the texting-type - Jesus, that shit is so annoying! If I want Twitter, I'll go read fucking Twitter!

Other than that and some well-placed commas, you're good to go. You've got yourself a very good story there, and possibly a promising series. And if it does turn into a series, one request: more about your wife & from her POV - her wants, needs, desires, fantasies. And, whether it's true or not, how far she's willing to take them. It would add depth to the fantasy & expand the breathe of the storytelling like you wouldn't believe.

Good luck, bro - waiting patiently for the next installment & drop me a line if you want.
2 years ago
HOT, Great!! Please fuck him too. I like to hear about you and him fucking too...
2 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
Oh man, that was so fuckin' HOT. Hope you will share more stories. Thanks for posting.