WIfe gets d***k gives head

My wife has a great ass, check out pics and vids and you will see. She used to be a cheerleader in college and even in those spankies her ass looked good. Even the gay guys who held her up would tell me how soft and round it was. Well one night after a game we went drinking and she still had her cheerleading uniform on. Her and her friends got tipsy and started doing cheerleader stunts, they were also in uniform. I enjoyed all of this by the way because her friends were hot.
As the night went on though things got more risque.
More people started to show up at the party including players.
We won the game that night so they were the big heroes on campus and so when they walked in all the cheerleaders went over and starting hugging on them and so on. Party went on and the players got d***k and asked the cheeleaders to do stunts but to do them in their bra and underwear. I was still cool with this because i too wanted to see them half naked. My wife looked at me and I approved. So they came out and my wife Jen was the only one wearing granny panties. She got teased about it and one of the players actually ran by and pulled them down. When he did that everyone saw her great ass and the guys were just starring. Even though the other girls were in thongs Jens ass was the biggest and softest and roundest. The other girls had those athletic assses that were cute too but nothing like jen's.
The player told jen he was sorry and asked her if she wanted a drink. I told the guy to fuck off and he said he was sorry to me and jen said let it go so i did. jen said she was going to get that drink and i said ok just so i wouldnt be a downer.
Jen didn't come back for a while so i went looking upstairs and at the very top i found her granny panties. I also heard jens familiar moans.
I opened one of the bedroom doors and there she was sucking that players dick in a 69 position. I could barely see his face because her ass was burying it. I watched for a minute as she went up and down on him. I didn't see it but I heard him cum and then her say i cant believe i did that. I better go.
I went downstairs and waited for her.
when she came down she said we needed to leave because she didnt feel good.
I never told her what I saw but i talked to the guy later and he said he tried his hardest to fuck her but she said no because she loved me.
And was only sucking his cock because she was d***k.
True story.
76% (14/5)
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3 years ago
жена супер
3 years ago
good story, didnt join in? jen has an ass to die for! all women sould have an ass like hers ;)
3 years ago