summer fuck

Given that summer is nice to take a shower before a cold beer or lemonade ....
After showering , where they are already licking and search the whole of your body , I'll take you to the bed , where I lay it flat on the bed to hang your head over the edge .... open your mouth and fuck you ride to the neck , hands touch your body , you squeeze the nipples and gently biting aftermath and your already wet , moist pussy that opens up that it already ..... I'm sticking my fingers and I fuck them in the pussy at the same time in the mouth .... I give it to you out of your mouth , and you set the eggs to lick me and my ass to lick it because I like it !
I turn to look at this away from me and from your voicemail take your thong , and these ties on the back of your hands .... you lick ass and delicious spit that runs through it, the pussy , which you may pay unexpected shove my dick in you that hurts ! Ahhhhhhhhhh you said!

Doin ' you and I hold hands that I can not walk away , with the other hand with a finger explore your anus ..... admit to it , so I fucked both holes at the same time ... you .... are you disquieted , slap this on the butt , fuck pussy , ass with his fingers ..... perfect , and you can not do anything , just letting that !
I hold .. your hair , I pull back and hold your finger to the lips , and these so caught literally Tacking my dick curdles in your pussy much needed . I take it from your pussy and approach to you from the side, where no hands gaging my dick with my help you Doin your mouth on my dick with one hand while still banging in your ass ..... fits you, mumbling
Bump .... this on your back, you've got your hands are tied , so much on the edge , you do not iterupt lean back and your legs to show the view of a little fucking pussy ... but following the earthquake .... you shove your dick deep in shock to your pussy to feel the uterus ! you said deep , just like me ....

automatically for comfort feet lying back to this fucking deep, my hands and I squeeze nipples and rubbing her clitoris over again and again filled pussy ! legs are pushed completely back to the bed , the rebel in your thighs, with gusts fuck your bitch to you breathtaking how deep it is ! take it out and you Alize pussy delicious saliva to flow through pussy to the ass , you start again with a finger fuck .... now it has two .. do not forget it on your pussy is filled with pravtako other side of my hands ..... so this fucking until I ask that you re- shove his dick in pussy ! almost bring you to orgasm when suddenly stop ..... aderes to loud .... FAAAAK ! but follows finish which did not expect this .... again turn to his knees , head put to the side and looking at me over your shoulder ..... I tell you to close your eyes ... you suddenly feel something against your lips ! ! anal plug pink, which I brought with me , I'll give it to you for gaging ... while this slow fuck in your ass , which has already spread ... is accurate for this one butt plug .... I'll be back to fukanju your pussy and slowly fukanju your ass with the plug .... more and more you get closer to orgasm that you all sooner than needed URGENT! needed ... follow your sighing , and stop with the fucking cunt , now I only fuck with a pin in the ass , but I hold tight dick in your pussy until the end rammed into her fuck ... fuck this . . feeling when you squeeze her pussy mojga dick is in you, when you come .... while the plug does not stop , as well as not snapping at buttocks ... there are strong zadušiš to scream in my bed and I start to pussy in spasms crazy banging .... fuck you like a prisoner who has not had a dick in pussy 15 years ... your orgasm continues, as it is now under attack pussy dick ... I plug in the end leave your ass to feel it through the walls of your pussy .... fuck this without stopping , always faster and faster ... are you talking about incomprehensible words like you're in a trance .. as if your orgasm is not even finished ... hauled dick and approach to your mind and you špricnem over the face , cheeks and neck ... the hot seed of lust that was boiled in my bag that you have previously had little in your mouth ! dick in your mouth I give it a full wash and izsesaš rest of sperm from it !

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