Tonight, I'm In Charge

Steph walks into the candlelit bedroom. She is wearing a black corset with a pair of black crotchless panties. She sees her lover Tim standing there before her.

Usually Tim is the one in charge of their sexual interludes. But tonight, she's the one who has all the power.

Tim is 6'1 with black hair, brown eyes, and a 10-½ inch dick. She thinks he looks so deliciously handsome in his black leather boxers.

Steph is 5'8 with brown hair, brown eyes, 40B breasts, and an amazingly tight pussy.

She walks over to him slowly, her whip in one hand and her vibrator in the other.

Tim notices the vibrator and is a little bit puzzled on why Steph has it

"What's the vibrator for?" Tim asks Steph.

"Quiet slave! You will only speak when I say you can." Steph says.

Tim closes his mouth quickly. He is a bit surprised by her aggressiveness. But it turns him more than anything. He can feel his dick already start to become hard.

Tim moves his eyes down Steph's body taking in her all black leather outfit. He sees her boobs heave up slowly with every breath she takes.

Steph walks up to Tim noticing his eyes on her. The knowledge of him watching her makes her pussy become dripping wet and makes her nipples become rock hard.

She presses her body against his, letting her tits rub against his chest and letting her pussy rub against his quickly hardening cock.

Tim moans cause it feels incredibly good to him. He finds himself wanting to rip what little of clothes she has on and just take her right there.

But he knows he's not in charge.

Steph leans forward bringing her mouth to his. She then kisses him slipping her hungry tongue inside his mouth.

Tim kisses Steph back slipping his tongue inside her mouth.

They kiss lustfully.

As they kiss, Steph reaches behind Tim placing her hands on his back. She runs her hands up and down on his body scr****g her nails roughly along it.

Tim moans into her mouth enjoying the sensations.

Steph then moves her hands lower reaching Tim's boxers. She tuck her fingers into the band of them and with one quick pull of her hands, she slips them away from his cock down onto his legs.

Tim moans into her mouth more enjoying the feeling of having his hard cock released out of the confines.

Steph moves her mouth off Tim's. She starts kissing him down the entire front of his body going towards his cock, which is now shining with precum and is rock hard.

She reaches his cock and engulfs it into her mouth hungrily swallowing the precum. She sucks him deep taking all of his length.

His moans become louder

Steph bobs her head up and down, enjoying the feeling of him. Her pussy aches with a need to be fucked and that need will be met very soon.

Tim knows he can't touch her until she says so. So he keep his hands to himself holding on to the table behind him.

Steph sucks Tim deeper and deeper. She then stops not wanting him to cum just yet. She moves her mouth up and kisses him.

Tim kisses her back passionately, tasting the precum that is still lingering on her tongue.

Steph then reaches behind Tim pulling his hands off the table. She takes his hand into hers as she turns around.

She leans against the table with Tim in front of her. She gets up on the table and spreads her legs wide. She then lets go of his hand.

"Take off my panties. Fuck me with my vibrator. Then lick me until I cum into your mouth." she says.

Tim leans forward and grabs onto her panties.

"Rip them." she says.

Tim does as she asks, ripping them from her body. They are soaking wet with my juices. He throws them to the side.

Steph reaches over to her left grabbing her vibrator. She hands it to him.

Tim takes it into his hand and brings it up to the entrance of Steph's pussy. He then shoves it hard inside her, making her jump and moan.

"Turn the speed onto high." she says.

Tim reaches down and does that, feeling the end of the vibe come to life in his hand.

Steph cries aloud as she feels it come to life inside her.

"Now fuck me with it. Fuck me like it was your cock inside me." she says.

Tim looks down at the vibe and then up at Steph. He starts shoving the vibe into her hard making the table shake.

Steph closes her eyes enjoying the feelings that Tim are helping to give her.

Tim shoves the vibe deep, reaching every part of her.

Steph becomes wetter with each thrust that is done to her. She opens her eyes and looks at Tim.

She can see the lust that is building in his eyes. She returns the same lustful looks as she feels her orgasm coming on.

"Take out the vibe and lick me." she says.

Tim pulls the vibe out quickly hearing a loud "pop" as it leaves her. He moves his eyes down from hers and stares at the hole that has been made from the vibe.

He can see where it was inside her. His cock jumps wanting to feel that hole. But first, he must lick her.

Tim gets down his knees tossing the vibe aside. He spreads open her pussy lips with his hands and places his tongue on her clit licking hard.

"Oh Tim yes. Lick me just like that baby." she cries out.

Steph reaches up and plays with her breasts helping increase the pleasure that she is feeling.

Tim tastes her juices as they run out into his mouth.

Steph feels her orgasm approaching and she grips onto the desk.

"Oh Tim I'm cumming!" she cries out.

Tim hears her and he speeds up his licking to as fast as he can go.

Steph then cums into Tim's mouth, greeting and soaking his tongue with his sweetness. He licks up all the cum juices slowly licking her very now sensitive clit.

Steph jumps and moans out loudly as she rides out her orgasm. She then takes a few deep breaths as it passes over her.

Tim then moves his mouth off her.

Steph feels this.

"Did I give you permission to move your mouth?" she asks.

Tim shakes his head no.

"Well just for that, I'm gonna have to punish you by spanking you." she says.

Steph puts her legs down and reaches out to Tim. She grabs him placing him over her legs lining his ass and cock up with her pussy. She then grabs her whip and slaps his ass.

"You may speak now. Count each spanking I give you and thank me for them." she says.

Steph slaps Tim's ass again and he starts counting out each slap, thanking her each time. One, two, three, four, etc.

"Thank you Mistress Steph." he says.

Tim's ass starts to become red with each new slap she does to him.

Steph likes the way it looks. Kind of like a branding marking him. She feels his cock push against her pussy and she moans. It feels so good.

She swats Tim a few more times with each time pushing him harder into her. She then puts the whip down. She wants him to fuck her now.

"Fuck me Tim." she says.

"Yes Mistress." he says.

Tim gets up off Steph, standing up. He then pushes her down onto the table. He pushes her legs apart and climbs in between them.

He sinks his cock into her pussy. He then starts delivering hard powerful thrusts.

"Oh yes, fuck baby. Just like that. That feels so damn good." she says.

"Oh Mistress Steph. Your pussy is so tight. So fucking tight." he says.

Tim reaches down and grab onto Steph's hips violently fucking her hard. He knows he won't last long so he is enjoying it for all it's worth.

Steph feels another orgasm approaching. She wraps my arms and legs around him.

They fuck hard and fast. They then cum at the same time.

"Kiss me." she cries out.

Tim doesn't even speak. He just leans down and kisses her hard as they ride out their orgasms together.

Steph kisses him back.

Tim then slows down his thrusts stopping them completely.

They stop kissing.

"May I hold you?" he asks.

"Yes Tim you may. Hold me close." she says.

Tim wrap his arms around Steph holding her close to him as they lay there on the table. He then leans down to her ear.

"Thanks for this experience baby. I've wanted to do this for so long." He says.

"Your welcome baby. I've wanted to experience this too." She says.

"Promise me we will do this more. I love it when you're in charge." He says.

"I promise baby. I enjoy it too." She says.

Steph wraps her arms around Tim holding him close to her. She smiles and lets herself fall dreamily into sl**p.

Tim notices that Steph is asl**p and he follows suite, letting himself fall dreamily in sl**p too.

They hold each other close, enjoying the closeness that only these two lovers can share. They are happy and feel completely sexually satisfied.
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hot story i love being taken conrol of