Stephanie and Gary

It was a partly cloudy October day outside with the temperature around 90 degrees. The birds were chirping and the sound of a lawn mower could be heard outside.

Stephanie sat at her computer just surfing the net reading some erotic stories and listening to some tunes. She was feeling really horny because she hadn't had any sex with her lover Gary in over three weeks. She was beginning to wonder if they were going to hook up again before she started going crazy with horniness. She found herself masturbating daily to thoughts of him especially after she chatted with him online.

She loved chatting with him because he would turn her on with his words and make her feel so hot. She even loved it when they would cam to cam because she would get to see his handsome face and that hard dick that she loved. She knew that he loved to see her face because it would make his dick rock hard. She was hoping that he would come online so that they could chat and make plans to meet so that they could fuck like two horny teens even though they are both adults.

The thought of maybe being able to get to see him made her pussy wet with desire. She couldn't help but close her eyes and think of him which in turn made her hotter. She thought about how he showed her his dick on Thursday afternoon and stroked it for her on cam. Her eyes were glued on his dick that day, just watching that strong hand of his moving up then down, wanting so badly to be that hand or better yet be replacing his hand with her pussy riding him like that. She knew she had to get fucked by him soon that there was no way around it.

As she was sitting there, suddenly an IM from him popped up on the screen just like the two times before. She felt her pussy wetten more and her heart race as she started wondering what he was going to say. She started hoping that he was going to mention something at him coming over and fucking her. She needed and lusted for his cock so badly. She knew that he was lusting for her pussy just as much. She started watching him type, asking her how she was and what she was up to. Of course, she really wasn't up to anything at all but she knew she'd rather have his cock stuffed up her cunt right now.

She started typing back letting him know that she was up to nothing at all. She felt somewhat bored and she really wanted to have her night livened up by him. As she watched him type, she reached down and started playing with her pussy rubbing herself through her shorts. Her hand felt so good on her pussy but she knew that right now his cock would feel so much better.

She started moaning softly under her breath as her hand rubbed over her sensitive pussy and her fingers massaged her clit through her clothes. She loved how hard he could fuck her, how wild he could make her feel inside. He brought out the a****l that she held tight within her body and made her want to fuck him 24/7.

Suddenly she saw the little window come up on the IM to accept to see his web cam. She wanted so badly to see his sexy fine self so she pressed the accept button watching as the window opened on the left side of her screen. Suddenly her pussy was on fire as his face appeared. She saw that he was wearing a white T-shirt and that he was lying down. She wanted so badly to be over there with him to be lying down next to him, her body pressed up against his.

But she knew that she couldn't be although secretly she had plans with her mind to eventually one day be with him in his new house, hopefully by the end of this year. She wanted to spend at least one night if not two with him in his bed. Maybe even go on his web cam with him and have everyone watch them fuck one night while she was there. The thought of maybe even having him walk in on her while she is on cam showing herself off and having him watch her get herself off for some complete stranger. That would be so hot to have him watch her masturbate knowing that halfway through it he would be on his knees eating her pussy. Of course, everyone on cam would watch her getting off and that would make it twice as hot. She found herself getting hotter and she knew that she definitely had to have him fuck her tonight.

She rubbed her pussy a little bit more then stopped bringing both of her hands up to her keyboard. Suddenly the words she had wanted to hear, well actually see, came up on the screen before her.

"Could you stand a visit and a good fucking?" Gary typed.

Stephanie smiled as widely as she could feeling her pussy get damper. She had wanted to hear that from him all week. She wanted to fuck him the night before but he was busy so they couldn't. She was feeling so horny that she knew the only answer to that was a yes. She needed his tongue and cock so badly. She was so glad that he had asked her that. She responded by letting him know that yes indeed she could stand a visit and a good fucking. She knew that he would fuck her with a hungry lust that only she could bring out and she could hardly wait to feel his cock plummeting into her pussy. She then saw him tell her that he was going to leave to come her way soon. Then he asked her if it was okay that they fuck at her place. She knew that she wasn't alone though and hoped that he wouldn't mind.

She typed back letting him know that and waited for his answer. She was afraid that he was going to tell her that he couldn't because it was too weird. She knew that she was too horny to wait one more day to get fucked by him and that if he said it was too weird that she was tempted to fork over the money for a motel room. But what he said actually surprised her. He told her that it was okay as long as they didn't get interrupted by her hubby. When she read what he said, she was glad and overcome with so much lust at the same time. She was so glad that he was agreeing to fuck her at her home. She knew that neither one of them really had the money for a motel anyways so she was glad that he was agreeing to come over. She then watched him tell her to be ready to see him soon and that he would be there shortly. She was so glad that she was going to get the cock that she had dreamed about for 3 weeks straight now. She knew that from the first moment they fucked to now that he would forever be her friend and lover.

Stephanie and Gary stopped chatting, with Gary going offline. She then sat back in her chair thinking about him and how hot her night was going about to become as soon as he arrived at her house. She knew that he was going to fuck her hard and eat her sweet pussy until she came all over her face. She also knew that she was going to be sucked that big hard dick for the first time tonight. She could hardly wait to have that big dick of his slipped in between her lips and deep into her mouth while she sucked on him knowing that she would be giving him some incredible pleasure. He had been practically begging her for it and she knew that it was only fair that she gave him a blowjob since he always eats her pussy when they are together. Besides, she has been craving to taste his cock in her mouth since she first laid eyes on it and now tonight she was going to finally fill her craving.

Stephanie got up from her chair turning off her monitor. She started walking around her house not being able to sit still the thoughts of Gary coming to her house soon running through her mind. She felt her heart racing and her pussy aching for him. She kept on looking out the window waiting for his car. She went from her couch to walking around to looking outside. After about 40 minutes of doing that she decided she would be better off just sitting down in front of the computer until he got there. She turned back on the monitor and started reading another erotic story as the time passed. Before she knew it, he was pulling up in her driveway and walking up to her front door. Her hubby was in the living room and she heard him tell her that Gary was there. She decided to wait until he was in the living room to get up to greet him. She heard the two of them make small talk. She then got up, walked out of the computer room, and into the hallway. She saw Gary standing there, damn sexy as ever. She wanted him back in the bedroom so they could fuck. She looked at him noticing that he was looking at her. She then crooked her finger making a "come hither" motion.

Gary saw Stephanie standing there in the hallway making a "come hither" motion with her fingers. He felt his hard dick throb in his underwear as he looked at her. For the past 3 weeks, he has wanted to fuck her so bad. Every time they talk on the computer and cam to cam, he was wanted to just have; her sexy ass right there next to him so he could eat her sweet pussy then fuck her. He has been hungry for that pussy and he knows as soon as he gets her alone in that room with the door shut he's going to attack that pussy with his tongue. He just has to taste her before he fucks her. He knows she's been aching for his cock just as much as he's ached for her pussy. He knows that she is so tight and he can hardly wait to feel that tightness around his cock again. Sometimes he wishes he wasn't so damn busy with his work but that doesn't matter now. All that matters is that he is here to fuck her and by damned fuck her is what he is going to do. He walks back towards her, looking at her the whole time.

Stephanie notices Gary coming towards her and she smiles. She then walks into the bedroom letting him follow her in there. She sits down on the bed as she sees Gary walk into the room and over to her. She knows that in a few minutes, they will be getting down to business and she can hardly wait.

Gary looks at Stephanie then leans down kissing her, moaning into their kiss. He has waited so long to kiss her again, to feel her lips pressing against his. He just wants to push her back onto the bed and rip her clothes off. He feels that horny right now to do just that. Unfortunately, he's so horny that he has forgotten that to shut the bedroom door behind him once he came in.

Stephanie kisses Gary back feeling her entire body getting hot by just having his lips on hers. She then realizes that the bedroom door is still open. She knows that she needs to let him know so that they are not disturbed. She pulls her lips off his to let him know.

Gary feels Stephanie's lips move off his. He knows that she has realized that the bedroom door is still open and that it needs to be closed. He looks at her waiting for her to say something.

"The bedroom door is open. You need to close it." Stephanie says.

Gary hears Stephanie and he walks over to the door closing it. He then walks back over to her placing his lips on hers for another kiss. He truly loves kissing her. It really does feel so very good.

Stephanie kisses Gary back feeling her body getting much more hotter now than ever before. She knows she needs more from him that she needs his hard dick shoved up her tight pussy. She has been waiting for this for a while now and now that the time is here, she is ready to go for it.

Gary suddenly pulls his lips off Stephanie's and stands up taking off all this clothes in an instant. He then leans down kissing her again as he feels her lips starting to respond to his. He knows that like her he is ready to go further. He feels his hard dick throbbing into the air and he is truly ready to fuck her hard giving her what she needs. But first, he wants to eat her pussy and make her scream.

He reaches down, unbuttons and unzips her shorts, and takes them off tossing them into the floor. He then gets down on his knees and pulls her panties aside not even bothering to take them off yet. He's too hungry to taste her knowing that after he gets some fill of her pussy he will take them off but not a moment too soon. He sees and smells her pussy noticing how wet she is already. He then extends his tongue out and starts licking her tasting her sweet juices as they coat his tongue. He moves his tongue up and down her pussy touching every spot. He then comes up and licks her clit hard feeling how swollen it is. He can feel her body squirm under his tongue and he knows that she loves this.

He then decides after licking her pussy like that for a good fifteen minutes that he wants to have her fully exposed to his mouth. So he reaches up and takes off her panties, slipping them off her hips then her legs easily tossing them into the floor. He looks at her pussy again seeing that she is now fully exposed to him and brings his tongue back to her sweetness licking that hard swollen clit knowing that she will give him what he has waited for all day, which is the sweet reward of her impending orgasm. He licks her so hungrily giving it to her pussy so good.

Stephanie feels Gary's tongue licking her clit. She brings her hands to his head holding it there while she feels him. She has her right leg hanging off the bed with her left leg dangling onto his shoulder. His tongue feels so good in her needy pussy and she loves it when he licks her like this. She knows for sure that she has to repay the favor that he won't let this experience go by without bringing it up. She just lays there enjoying it letting his tongue do all the work on her pussy.

She feels her orgasm start to come on closer and closer. She's not sure if he's going to make her come with his tongue or make her come on his dick. Right now, she doesn't really care how he allows it. All she cares about is getting off hard.

Gary feels Stephanie's orgasm coming on. He starts deciding quickly in his mind how he wants her to come. He decides that he wants her to come on his dick so he can feel it when he's fucking her. He knows that will make her orgasm come on much stronger and last longer. He moves his tongue off her pussy and stands up lowering his tall 6'4 frame down to hers, kissing her again on the lips only this time with a passion that could light a thousand fires.

Stephanie kisses Gary back suddenly feeling very aggressive. She reaches up wrapping her arms around his shoulders pulling him down on top of her feeling his body lay perfectly on hers, his cock resting perfectly at her pussy.

"Going to give you what you need." Gary says to Stephanie.

Gary feels Stephanie pull him down on her body. He is really glad that she did that because he knew that if she didn't make that move that he was going to end up laying her down on her back anyways so he could be on top of her. He kissed her some more then reached down between them grabbing onto his cock bringing it straight up against her pussy. He then shoved it into her, feeling her legs automatically going around his waist as he drove his cock fully into her pussy with one hard thrust.

Both Stephanie and Gary moaned out in unison when they felt his cock come into full fucking contact with her soaking wet pussy. This is the one moment that they had both been actually waiting for all the time since they were last together on September 16th. They both then held each other as Gary's cock started going in and out of Stephanie's pussy.

Stephanie moans out into the room as she feels Gary's cock slowly sliding in and out of her wet pussy. His cock is so hard and feels so good. She can't help but keep her legs locked around his waist as she feels his cock hitting all the right places. She knows that she can be heard by not only him but her husband too. She almost wants to stifle her moans but she decides the hell with it if she's going to get fucked this good she might as well enjoy it. She might as well get as loud as she wants to because there's no point in holding it back. She lets her moans get louder and closer together as she feels him start to pump her harder.

Gary hears Stephanie's moans and he knows that she is enjoying having his rock hard cock fucking her like this. He has been this fucking hard practically all day pretty much because he was thinking about fucking her sweet tight pussy. He knew that would end up together like this, with her long muscular legs wrapped around him while he drove his cock deep into her. He knew he was hitting her gspot every time making her have small multiple orgasms as he pumped deep into her because he could feel her pussy clamping down on his cock every five minutes. He was glad that he could make her come like that. He started fucking her pussy even harder now suddenly feeling her pussy walls clamp down on his cock like a vise. He knew that she was having her full-blown main orgasm and he wanted to help her ride it out knowing that she would be gripping onto his back with all her might while she rode it out.

Stephanie feels her orgasm hit her and just like Gary predicted she grips onto his back holding onto him for dear life as she feels her orgasm rolling over her. The sensation is nothing like she has ever experienced before. She has had strong orgasms but never had one while she was being fucked. Usually she comes then is fucked but this time around, she is getting fucked then coming. Her orgasm is so strong that she feels like she is going to pass out even though she knows she's not going to.

Gary feels Stephanie gripping onto his back like a vice as he feels her orgasm running through her pussy. He just keeps right on fucking her at the same hard deep speed that he was doing before feeling her pussy shake and contact around his dick as she just keeps right on coming all over him. He has no intentions on stopping his pounding into her pussy until he knows that she has finished coming. He's not ready to come yet himself and he knows the only way he can prevent that is to pull out of her for a while.

Stephanie feels her orgasm riding itself out fully and then eventually stopping. She gasps, moans, and sighs as she feels Gary's cock filling her soaking wet pussy repeatedly giving it to her the way that nobody else can. She feels so horny and hungry to have him keep giving her this incredible pleasure not wanting it to ever stop.

Gary feels Stephanie's orgasm finally fully over with. He fucks her hard for five minutes more giving her pussy a good shaking up then stops pulling his dick out. He then takes a breather before having her move onto her side so he can fuck her like that. He realizes that he is actually nowhere near coming so he can keep right on fucking her as hard as he wants. He knows that when he does come though that he is going to come all over her instead of coming inside of her.

Stephanie feels Gary slightly pushing her onto her side. She helps then feels him getting in behind her lifting up her leg sliding his cock back into her pussy. She has never been fucked in this position before so it's a first for her. She realizes she's not too sure what to do with her legs so she just leaves them spread open figuring that Gary won't notice.

Gary starts fucking Stephanie as she is on her side, sliding his cock deep in then out of her. He then reaches down pinching her nipples as he fucks her. He doesn't know that she's never been fucked like this before. He just figured that she's had her pussy fucked in this position many times before him, that there's nothing she hasn't had tried before. All he knows that it feels good to have his cock buried up her cunt like this. He knows it's the closest thing he's going to get to doing her doggy style at least this time around. He knows there's always next time when they are together to get her doing doggy style with him. He doesn't want to push the issue though. He just wants to enjoy having her warm tight pussy around his cock. He starts fucking her harder enjoying all the sensations he's getting.

Stephanie feels Gary fucking her harder. She knows that even though this is the first time that she has been fucked in this position that she is now addicted to it. That she will always want him to fuck her in this position halfway through their sex every time they are together. Just like she was addicted when she first had sex with him, she is now hooked on this. She grips onto the bedspread moaning into it while she feels his cock doing her so good.

God what are you doing to me?" Stephanie asks.

"Fucking you senseless." Gary says back in response.

Gary hears Stephanie moaning and he is glad she is enjoying this. He is starting to get a little bit tired of being on his knees at the moment though so he knows he can only fuck her like this for a few more minutes before he has to stop and pull out so he can relax again. He doesn't want to wear himself out until he has had his full come. He fucks her like that for another good five to ten minutes. He then pulls his cock out letting her roll onto her back. He follows suite lying on his back relaxing.

Stephanie notices that Gary is taking a breather. She does the same her pussy already being satisfied but not fully. She still hasn't yet had her third full fucking for the night but she knows that that will be coming soon. She knows there something that she needs to do first though and that is suck Gary's big hard dick. She knows that a sixty-nine at this point would be one of the hottest things that they could do.

Gary lays next to Stephanie his head near her pussy with her head near his dick. He knows that it will be so easy for her to just lean over and take his dick into her mouth. He has waited to feel her mouth over his dick ever since they first hooked up a month ago. Every time he masturbates, he thinks about what it would be like to have her suck his dick and now he's about to find out.

"I want you to return the favor and suck me. Go ahead my dick's right within your reach. I'll eat you while you suck me." Gary says to Stephanie.

Gary then leans over and starts eating Stephanie's pussy using his tongue to lick her clit then her entire pussy. As much as he enjoys eating the rest of her pussy, he most likes to concentrate on her clit because he knows that's where she enjoys being licked the most. He feels her hand stroking his dick. As good as that feels he wants to feel her mouth. Suddenly he gets what he wants as he feels her mouth sliding over the head of his dick.

Stephanie leans over and takes Gary's cock into her mouth. He feels and tastes so good. His cock is so hard and she loves that. She brings her mouth down lower taking inch after inch of his cock inside sucking him deeply. She wants to give him as much pleasure with her mouth as he gives her with his. She knows in a way that she "owes" it to him.

Gary feels Stephanie's mouth on his dick sucking him deeply into her mouth. Her mouth feels so good on his dick, so warm and inviting. As good as her mouth feels on his dick though he knows there's only one place where his dick feels the best and that's in her pussy. He keeps on eating her pussy, giving that sweet little clit of hers endless licks knowing it's driving his sexy girl crazy.

Stephanie sucks Gary's cock harder letting his entire cock slide up and down insider her mouth. She doesn't know how much he's enjoying it but she knows she's loving every minute of this. She's feeling pleasure from his mouth but she's too busy sucking his dick to moan even though she's finding it hard to concentrate on his dick because his tongue just feels so incredible. She tries her best not to lose her concentration too much because she wants to make this real good for him.

Gary licks Stephanie's wet pussy some more. He then feels the urge to fuck her again hit him and he knows that he has to ride with it. He lets his mouth move off her pussy letting his head rest on the bed while he feels her mouth still sucking his dick. He knows that he really needs to fuck her and soon before he goes crazy. He decides to finger her pussy some while she finishes sucking him. He takes three of his fingers and shoves them up her pussy making her jump off the bed. He then fingers her hard getting her pussy ready for another hard fucking. Only this time when he fucks her it is going to be the final fuck for the night because he knows that he will come soon.

Stephanie notices that Gary is no longer licking her pussy but is instead fingering her. His fingers feel so good inside of her pussy but not as good as his dick does. She knows that he probably wants to fuck her so she lets his dick slip out of her mouth. She's ready to get fucked hard.

Gary fingers Stephanie a little bit more then stops pulling his fingers directly out. He's going to fuck her now because he's ready. He moves off his back and gets off the bed. He then walks over and climbs on top of Stephanie, his hand coming down grabbing onto his cock. He brings it up to her pussy and shoves it in. He then starts fucking her at a slow steady pace feeling her legs go back around his waist just like earlier.

Stephanie feels Gary fucking her hard again and she loves it. She moans and cries out letting him know how much she is enjoying this. She places her arms around his back, pulling his body close to hers. She loves it when he lays his body down on top of hers because it makes her feel so connected with him like they are the only two people in the entire world. That's how she feels when they fuck. Every other thought that she ever had gets wiped from her brain and all she can think about is how good he feels inside of her.

Stephanie and Gary fuck at a slow steady pace their two bodies rocking then grinding together. Both of them are enjoying this so much.

Gary feels his orgasm starting to come on. He leans backwards fucking her harder feeling Stephanie's legs go up into the air. He loves driving his cock hard into her pussy because it feels incredibly good. He feels her getting wetter and coming more around his cock. He realizes that fucking her like this isn't very comfortable so he lets his body fall back down on hers feeling her legs go back around his waist.

Stephanie feels Gary's body pressing against hers again and she's glad of that. She wraps her arms tighter around his back as she feels his cock starting to drive even harder into her pussy really pumping her. The feelings and sensations that she is having are beyond incredible. She finds herself not wanting this to stop even though she knows it will end up doing just that. Taking that fact into consideration, she decides to just enjoy this hard fucking that she is receiving into her pussy knowing that pretty soon she will be rewarded with Gary's orgasm.

Gary starts pumping his dick harder and faster now going as fast as he can. He knows that he is going to come. He wants to make the last few minutes before his orgasm as good as he can. So he drives his hard dick as fast as he can hearing Stephanie moan and feeling her grind her pussy underneath him.

Suddenly he sees stars as he feels his orgasm hit him. He pulls his dick out just in time and shoots his hot come all over Stephanie's stomach and her pussy. He lets out a loud moan because the release just feels so good. He's needed this for a while now.

Stephanie feels Gary's come shooting on her stomach and pussy. It's so warm almost hot and sticky at the same time. A little bit gets on her finger but she's not too worried about it. She just lays there feeling him spending his entire load on her chest. She knows that he's going to have to clean her up after this because she really doesn't want to stay sticky all night.

Gary finishes coming on Stephanie then moves over to the bed lying down on his back. He takes a deep breath and sighs feeling so glad to be able to get his release. He felt all the stress that had been building up over the past week totally leave his body now only feeling complete relaxation. He knows that he needs to clean both of them up though so he gets up off the bed heading towards the bathroom.

He reaches the bathroom and grabs a towel. He then walks back towards the bed reaching Stephanie quickly. He takes the towel and cleans her up getting all the come off. He then cleans his cock up getting off the come that was left over. Once he's clean fully he throws the towel down into the floor then lays onto the bed, flipping onto his stomach.

Stephanie sees Gary lying on his stomach and she knows that he is relaxing just like she is. The sex that just had felt so very damn good and was yet another chapter in their sexual friendship together. She could feel her that her pussy is completely satisfied for now. She is so glad that he came over and that they fucked right here. She knows for sure she wouldn't have made it another day being as horny as she was earlier.

Stephanie and Gary laid there next to each other for a good twenty to twenty five minutes. They started talking about various things from their dirtiest darkest secret to their exes to how much they both like sex. She loved it when they talked like this opening themselves up to each other. No secrets would ever be hidden between them two. Whatever needed to be said would be said no matter what and that's what made their relationship so good.

Gary then realized that he was getting tired so he asked Stephanie if he could use her shower to clean up. He knew that she probably wouldn't mind but he felt it was only polite to ask anyways.

"Mind if I use your shower?" Gary asked.

"Sure go ahead." Stephanie said.

She wasn't sure why he asked because she figured that he knew he had just as much right to that bathroom at the moment as anybody else even though he was just a guest in her home. She watched as he walked to the bathroom and listened as he turned the shower water on. She then decided she better get dressed since they were done fucking for the day. She reached down and got her clothes putting them on quickly.

Gary feels himself relaxing more under the warm stream of the shower. He always loved showering after they were done because it made him feel replenished and refreshed. Plus it gives him a chance to think naughty thoughts about Stephanie even though they just fucked. He knows that even though his physical self isn't in the mood to go anymore tonight that his mind is always on a sexual charge 24/7.

He finishes cleaning himself up then turns off the shower stepping out. He grabs a towel drying himself off. He then walks out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom seeing that Stephanie is already dressed. He smiles to himself thinking of what a hot experience they just shared together as he grabs his clothes and gets dressed.

Stephanie sits down on the bed relaxing some more and taking a deep breath trying to collect her thoughts. All she can think about though is what they just did. She is really truly glad that they did this.

Gary sees Stephanie sitting on the bed and he walks over to her. He then watches her as she stands up joining him. He knows he needs to leave even though he really doesn't want to.

"Are you going to walk me to the door?" Gary asks.

"Yes." Stephanie says.

Stephanie and Gary then walk over to the bedroom door. He opens it and they walk out of the bedroom together. They walk down the hallway to the entry hall that leads to the front door. Once there, Gary turns around facing Stephanie. He bends down and they share a goodnight kiss.

Stephanie then tells Gary to be careful out there and make it safely home. As soon as she knows that, he is out the door and going over to his car to go home, she walks over sitting on the couch with a big smile on her face feeling oh so good inside.

Gary reaches his car and unlocks his door getting in. He puts on his seatbelt, starts his car, and then backs out of the driveway onto her road. He puts his car into drive and drives down her road to the main road where he turns right heading back home.

The whole time that Stephanie is sitting on the couch, she is thinking about Gary and what she got to do with him. Just like before she is really glad that they did that. She finds herself hardly being able to wait until they do this again because she really enjoys having him as her lover.

She goes back to her computer check out some more sites and listening to some tunes. She then goes to bed to get a good night's sl**p and dream of her lover. She lays her head down on the pillow after getting changed into her nightclothes the thoughts of him still running through her head. She drifts off to sl**p a smile on her face knowing that he will always be her incredible lover and that the future holds more sexual times for them to experience together.
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