Random Sex With My Lover

You call me up on the telephone and tell me you are in my area. You ask me if it is okay if you drop by and see me. That you really want to.

"Sure." I say a smile appearing across my face.

"Great. See you in a few sexy." you say.

We then hang up the telephone at the same time. The thought of getting to see you again at such a random moment has my pussy already soaking wet. I let my hands travel down my body and touch my pussy through my shorts. I moan as the thought of you touching me runs through my mind. I rub my pussy some more leaning against a wall. I then hear a car pull up in the driveway.

I quickly move my hand away and walk up to the door noticing it is you. I smile opening the door watching you get out. I then step outside. You see me and smile shutting the car door quickly. You then walk as quickly as you can up to the front door greeting me. We both look at each other. I then grab your hand and pull you into the house shutting the door behind us. You seem confused for a second, sure that we were going to leave. But then you realize that I have other plans in mind and you decide to just go with it.

I kiss you passionately on the lips leading you slowly back towards the bedroom. You kiss me back. I then stop and lead you fully into the bedroom, shutting the door behind us. You notice and let go of my hand walking over to the bed sitting down. I walk over slowly stripping off my clothes as I go letting them land wherever I throw them down. You notice and take off your clothes too until you are completely nude in front of me. I moan as I see you nude in front of me. I finish taking off the rest of my clothes and throw them aside to. I then walk over to the bed and stand in front of you.

You look at me then grab my body pulling me to you. You bring your mouth to my breasts and suck my left nipple into you mouth. I moan at the sensation letting my hands find their way to your head, running my hands through your hair. You moan and just start sucking harder. Your eyes then get wide, as you suddenly taste my breast milk squirt into your mouth. You moan softly again letting it run down your throat as you swallow it. You then come back for more, sucking even harder.

I gasp and moan as I feel your wonderful sucking techniques, feeling you try to milk my tits dry. You suck on it some more then moves over to my other nipple and does the same getting the milk out of that breast. I am becoming so hot in between my legs, feeling my pussy and clit throb with need. You suck on my breast a little bit more then stops letting your mouth move off it. You look up at me and smile pulling me down to you, our lips meeting. We kiss passionately for a good 20 minutes. We then stop and I lightly push you back onto the bed so that you are lying down.

You feel this and get comfortable as you look down to watch me. I get down on my knees and take your cock into my mouth sucking you deeply right away. You groan pleasurably and reach down letting your hands go my hair and hold my head as I suck you. I feel your hands and I suck harder. This causes you to thrust your hips up into my mouth. I moan against your cock as I feel you fucking my mouth. I lock my mouth letting you fuck it in and out harder and faster. I then hear you moan loudly as you come filling my mouth with your hot seed. I swallow it all down and keep on sucking you until you are done.

I climb up on the bed and kiss you quickly. You kiss me back. I move my body over to your face, lowering my pussy to your mouth. You notice and reach up grabbing onto my hips bringing my pussy down even further until my pussy is lined up with your mouth. You then extend his tongue out and start licking my pussy hard, your tongue focusing on not only my clit but the rest of my pussy also. I cry out as I feel you licking. I then push my pussy down onto your face and grind against you as I feel you licking harder.

You love how sweet my pussy tastes and you cannot get enough. You keep on licking my pussy, feeling me riding your face. I then start coming hard grinding my clit down onto your tongue. You feel me coming and you keep on licking, your tongue not leaving my pussy at all. I fall forward slightly from the pleasure. You notice and grab onto my hips harder holding me tight so I will not fall off the bed. I ride your face a little bit more then stop, moving my body to where I am lying on my side.

You notice and take the advantage helping roll me onto my back. You then climb on top of me and ram your hard dick into my tight wet pussy. We both cry out in pleasure as we feel your dick spear my pussy wide open to accept him. You then start fucking me, my legs wrapping around your back. I start fucking you back using my pussy muscles to squeeze you. You love how it feels and you fuck me harder, your arms going around my back holding onto me. I slip my arms around you holding you back. Our two bodies then become one as we fuck, our lips meeting in endless kisses.

We both grind and rub against each other, the pleasure so intense we almost pass out because it feels so good. We fuck harder and harder until we both cum together. We then kiss more our two bodies still joined, kissing passionately for 20 minutes more. We then pull apart our two bodies sweaty but pleased at least for now.

You roll off me and lay on your side. I then turn on my side facing away from you. You notice and pull my body against yours holding me tight. Your lips find their way to the back of my neck where you start kissing and licking. I sigh because it feels so good. You notice I am enjoying it and you keep it up, your hands starting to move up my body. You then reach up and grab my breasts lightly tweaking my nipples one at a time making me moan.

You let your other hand run down to my pussy feeling your cum as it slightly runs out of my pussy with my juices mixing in. You find my clit and rub it lightly getting me all worked up again. I moan as I feel you doing that and I rub my pussy up against your hand. You feel me doing that and you rub a little bit more then stop. You have been rubbing your cock up against me all this time and it has gotten you hard again. You want to fuck me again so you lift my leg and slip your cock in only this time fucking me with wild abandon.

We both moan more at the sensations, your hands still on my nipples. I reach back and grab onto your ass pushing you deeper into me. You like that I am doing that so you fuck me even harder the bed shaking under us. We fuck like two wild a****ls in heat for a good hour. We both then cum together again, a pleasurable sigh leaving both of our mouths at the same time. You feel your dick softening but do not take it out. Instead, you leave it in my pussy just to feel it there. You play with my nipples a little bit more then let your hands move back down to my waist holding me tight again. I smile as I feel you holding me close. We both then drift off to a peaceful sl**p, both of us satisfied and totally happy.
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3 years ago
great story was stroking my hardmeat as I was reading as I close my eyes and think it was me whos' eating that sweet pussy as well as fucking it w/my tongue and making you cum I then tongue fuck ur tight ass as you start to cum again as you lay back from cumming , and then I feel it my auntys' hot juicy cunt sliding down my fuckpole as we fuck n fuck n fuck until I explode in her cumm oozing from her snatch . ohhhh yea have to end here as she's ready as am I for another fuck session
4 years ago
nice & sweet story