Punshing & Pleasing Your Bad Girl

It's a hot steamy night outside and I'm sitting at my computer, chatting in a sexual chat room.

I'm a wearing a short see-through sundress with only panties on.

I don't know that you're home yet and I am cybering with some guy that I just met.

I'm so horny and aroused that I'm typing with one hand. I'm using my other hand to stroke my tits and to play with my dripping wet pussy.

I'm moaning so loudly that you can hear me when you come into the door. You get kind of suspicious but also turned on.

You follow my moans and you find me sitting there. You don't say anything. All you can do is watch.

Your cock has grown hard just watching my fingers pinch my nipples and then watching my fingers plunge over and over into my pussy fucking myself.

You decide that you want to have some fun so you act like your angry but in reality are so turned on that you can hardly stand it.

You feel your cock pushing against your jeans begging to be released.

You get so aroused when I'm naughty and bad.

You storm up behind me.

You say,"What the hell are you doing, you slut?".

I jump and move my hand away from my pussy totally startled.

You ask me again demanding a answer.

I say,"I'm just having fun."

You don't like hearing that so you grab me by the arm and pull me to the bed where you sit down.

You lay me down over your lap and pull my dress up. You rip my panties from my body and throw them to the side.

You don't say anything. You just take your hand and slap it against my bare ass, spanking me hard.

I scream and beg for you to stop but that just makes you spank me harder.

"I am punshing you because you are being such a bad girl. Being such a slut.", you say.

Being so bad for playing with my pussy for that strange guy like that getting all hot over his words.

You spank me more noticing that my screams have stopped and that they have been replaced with moans of sheer pleasure.

Every time your hand hits my bare bottom, I moan loudly feeling my pussy get wetter beneath you.

You smile hearing my sounds of pleasure and notice that my ass is really red.

You lean down and lick my ass where your hand landed. I just moan more.

My legs open up for you automatically as you lick.

You then pick me up and lay me on the bed ripping my dress off of my body. You move your mouth down to my tits where you devour them.

You lick the nipples and suck on them like a baby trying to nurse.

You then bite on them hard and hear my moans grow even louder knowing that I love pain with pleasure.

You have no intentions on making this fucking session slow or easy. You feel like an a****l now after spanking me and you just want to show me the best pleasure ever.

You keep on licking, sucking, and biting on my tits. Then you pull back and notice that they are as red as my ass.

That excites you more.

You move down my body biting me all the way leaving little marks. You then lick where you have bitten.

You don't want to draw bl**d for that isn't your intention. You just like being rough sometimes and tonight you feel like being rough with me.

Treating me like the slut you know that I am.

I moan more loudly with every bite and lick.

You move down to my legs and push them apart moving between them. You pull my outer lips apart quickly.

But before you go for my clit you do something that I'm not even expecting. You take your mouth and suck each lip into it tasting some of my juices.

I moan loudly feeling what your mouth is doing to me.

You then take your teeth and bite down on my lips one at a time, making them red. You hear me scream loudly and you like that reaction.

So you bite down more leaving marks. You then look up at me.

"Hold your lips open, slut. I don't give a fuck if they are tender. Do it anyways.", you say.

Not wanting to displease you, I reach down and hold my outer lips apart with both hands, leaving me fully exposed for you.

You smile wickedly, then take your tongue and stick it directly on my clit.

You taste how wet and juicy I am.

My screams of pleasure increase rapidly as you start licking me faster like a ice cream cone.

You work your tongue on my clit faster biting down every once in a while just to get that extra scream out of me.

Then you decide you want to get some deep licking in.

So you take my legs and put them up high almost touching the ceiling.

"You better hold them there and not let them fall. If you do, I will have to punish you.", you say.

If they fall, I will get punished by getting spanked. But it won't be my ass that gets spanked. It will be my pussy.

And you know that that hurts me deeply. I have no intentions of letting them fall.

For I want what you're about to do.

With my legs up high, it makes my pussy more exposed for you. You look back down at my pussy and move your mouth in more.

You take your tongue and shove into my fuckhole, filling me up.

You then start licking me deeply, fucking me with your tongue. My juices run into your mouth and you swallow them hungrily.

"Oh yes baby. Fuck you lick me good.",I say.

You lick me deeper and faster going back for me.

You move your mouth out of my fuckhole quickly and lick my exposed swollen clit, hearing me scream your name loudly.

You lick my clit more, enjoying the feel of it against your tongue.

You bring your tongue back up and shove it into my fuckhole one last time getting a good deep lick in.

You then decide it's time for some finger action. So you move your tongue and take three of your fingers shoving them hard into my pussy.

You bring your tongue back down to my clit and start licking hungrily.

I start moving against your fingers humping them so you just thrust them harder, reaching deep.

You continue your licking on my clit moving your tongue up and down so fast that it makes me speechless.

My mouth waters just thinking of your cock and how much I want to suck it.

You lick me faster thrusting your fingers in and out of my pussy so fast that it's like a jackhammer.

You feel me tense up and you know that I'm about to cum.

You move your head up quickly to speak.

"Yes, you sexy slut. Cum for me. Make me taste you.", you say.

You then bite down on my clit to speed up my coming.

I feel you bite down and it makes my orgasm cum faster.

I start screaming out your name and I cum into your mouth, flooding it with my juices.

You greedily lick up my juices into your mouth and keep on licking until I stop shaking.

"Put your legs down.", you say.

I do and you move up on the bed. You plant your mouth right on mine kissing me hard and letting me taste my juices on your tongue.

I reach down and take your cock into my hand stroking you. I hear you groan loudly.

I move and just push you down on the bed. It catches you off guard but I don't really care.

I rip your shirt off and I start licking your chest running my tongue up and down.

I lick down further until I reach your jeans.

Once I reach them, I unbutton and unzip them with my mouth. You can't help but look down as I do that. The sight is so hot to you.

I take your jeans and pull them off. I then take your boxers briefs and pull them off too.

Your cock springs out in front of my mouth and I hear you groan happily.

Knowing that you are so glad to be free of those damn clothes.

I then take your cock into my mouth. I start sucking your cock deep and fast licking the head.

"Fuck baby. Suck my cock more.", you say.

I relax my throat and I take you further into my mouth, deepthroating you.

I hear your moans and I just suck you more tasting your precum on my tongue.

I swallow it and suck you more using my hand to play with your balls. I massage them gently.

I bring my other hand underneath you. I take one finger and run it along your asshole.

I feel you jump and I push my finger into your ass. You love it when I play with your ass.

Your manly moans and groans grow louder as I finger your ass for a little bit.

I keep my mouth on your cock sucking you faster and harder now. You take your hands and put them on my head, holding it there.

I pull my finger out of your ass and bring it up to your mouth where you hungrily suck it.

I remove my finger from your mouth and you get ready to speak.

You say, "You such a good little cock sucker, bitch."

You know how much more hornier that makes me when you talk dirty to me so I just keep on sucking you more.

I don't want you to cum into my mouth so I pull my mouth away and crawl up next to you.

You grab me and kiss me hard pushing me down onto the bed. You get up off the bed and stand up.

I open my legs up wide and put them up high. You walk to the end of the bed and move between my legs laying your body on top of mine.

You then take your cock and shove it into my pussy. I scream out your name and you start fucking me.

"Oh yes baby. Fuck me.", I say.

You thrust your cock into my pussy slowly at first thrusting it in and then bringing it all the way out.

You look down at me and see the pure a****l lust in my eyes.

You just say to yourself, fuck it.

You get on your knees, grab my legs and put them over your shoulders. You then shove your rock hard cock back into me thrusting as hard as you can.

I scream out in pleasure over and over. You pound my pussy harder and faster.

You moan in unison with my screams. I feel so much pleasure that it's incredible and I don't want it to stop.

I feel your cock pushing against my g-spot and I feel another orgasm coming on. But instead of thrusting in me more you stop and pull out.

I am confused for a moment and then I feel you turn me over.

"Get on your hands and knees.", you say.

I get on my hands and knees like you asked and I feel you get up off the bed.

You go over and grab the blindfold and handcuffs. You move back over to me and put the blindfold over my eyes.

Then you take my hands and handcuff me to the bedpost. You lean down, getting close to my ear.

"Now my darling slut, it's time for some kink.", you whisper in my ear.

You move up behind me and get between my legs letting your cock rest against my asshole.

You reach underneath me and dive your hand into my pussy getting it soaked.

You then pull your hand out and rub it against my asshole getting it lubed up.

I am blindfolded and handcuffed so I cannot resist. I feel your cock push up against my ass more.

"I am going to fuck you in the ass now, my slut.", you say.

It has been a fantasy of yours and mine for quite some time. And now, it's going to become a reality.

I feel you take your cock and start penetrating my ass slowly letting me get used to it.

For this is the first time for both of us to ever do this together. You push in more feeling my ass open up to you.

I feel some pain and I cry out some so that you know.

You say, "I'll take care of that."

You reach down with your hand. You start rubbing my clit making me feel pleasure.

My clit swells under your finger as you rub.

You start pushing more into my ass amazed by the sight that you are seeing as your cock goes into my ass.

I feel my ass open up to you more and the pain subsides. You cock goes fully into my ass and it starts to feel so good.

My cries of pain become cries of pleasure and you move your hand faster on my clit wanting to make me cum so you can feel it.

"Fuck my ass baby. Just like that. Oh yes!", I cry out.

"Oh yeah. I love fucking your ass. It's so tight and warm.", you say.

You take your other hand and put it on my tits squeezing them.

You start thrusting into my ass slowly then you speed up pounding my ass just like you did my pussy.

I cry out your name and pull against my restraints. You fuck my ass harder squeezing my tits more.

I moan out more pushing against your cock meeting your thrusts. I feel my orgasm coming on again.

As you push faster into my ass I cum into your cock and your hand.

You keep your hand on my clit, letting my orgasm ride itself out.

You keep on pounding my ass at the same time stretching me to the limit.

I feel you shake and I know that you're about to cum. I start pushing against you more faster and harder.

"I'm coming baby.", you say.

I hear you groan and then moan.

You then cum into my ass filling me up.

I cry out feeling your release into me as I cum again but this time with you.

You release your grip on my tits and move your hand off of my clit.

You then bring your hands up and wrap your arms around me.

You bend down and kiss me hard. I kiss you back.

You then pull out of my ass slowly. You unwrap your arms and get up off the bed.

You come up next to me.

I feel you as you take the blindfold off my eyes and uncuff me.

I turn over and lay back on the bed. You get back onto the bed and move up close to me.

You lay down next to me and your arms around me. I lay up close to you, enjoying being in your arms.

You say to me,"How did you like your punishment and pleasure session, my bad girl? I got so aroused by just watching you that I just couldn't help myself."

I just turn and smile at you kissing you hard on the mouth. Then I pull away.

I say "I loved it, baby. I hope that you can catch me doing that again."

I take my hands and place them on yours.

We then fall into a deep sl**p together. Both of us feeling completely sexually satisfied.
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