One Hot Night Ch. 05

Katie shuts her door behind her and locks it with her keys. She then lays her apartment keys on her coffee table and pulls her car keys out of the robe pocket.She puts her car keys on her coffee table next to her apartment keys. Katie then walks into her bedroom. She puts her dirty clothes in her hamper and takes her robe off. She throws it in the floor and walks over to her answering machine. She sees that it is blinking and that makes her happy. She really hopes that Mark has called her. Katie reaches down and pushes the button on her machine.

"Two messages." the machine says.

The first message is an ad. Katie pushes delete and gets rid of it. But the next message is something special.

"Hey Sexy. This is Mark. I really had a lot of fun with you last night. I've been thinking about you a lot. Can hardly wait until our next sexual encounter with each other. My telephone number is 555-0871. I love you. Bye." the message says.

Yes he called, Katie thinks to herself.

Katie gets some paper and pen so she can write down Mark's telephone number. She pushes the play button on her machine so she can hear the message again and write down his number. Katie listens intently to his voice. It's so sexy. She then copies down his telephone number.

Katie decides that she is going to call him after she gets dressed. Maybe she'll ask him if he wants to go out for drinks. Katie decides to think it over while she gets dressed. Katie gets up off her bed, puts everything down, and walks over to her closet. She opens her closet doors and turns on the light. She looks through her clothes, trying to find a sexy outfit. She keeps on looking until she comes across an outfit she hasn't worn in a while.
She pulls it out of her closet. The outfit is a skin-tight white shirt with black leather pants. She throws the outfit on her bed. She then reaches in and grabs a shoebox.She pulls the shoebox out of her closet with one hand and shuts the doors with the other one.

Katie then walks over to her bed. She sits down and brings the shoebox to her lap. She opens the shoebox and pulls out her silver stilettos. Katie then throws the shoebox to the floor. She gets up off the bed and walks over to her dresser. She opens it and pulls out a pair of pink see through thong underwear.
Katie then closes the dresser drawer and walks back over to her bed.

Katie sits down on her bed and slides the thong onto her body. Katie then stands up and grabs her pants. She puts them on and buttons them. Katie then grabs her shirt and slides it slowly over her body. Once Katie gets fully dressed, she sits down on her bed and puts on her shoes. Katie then stands up and walks over to her telephone. She picks up the telephone and dials in Mark's number.The telephone rings once and Katie hears Mark pick up the telephone.

"Hello, this is Mark." Mark says.

"Hey baby. This is your lover girl, Katie." Katie says.

"Ah, hey sexy. I was just thinking about you. I have a hard cock to prove it." Mark says.

"Oh Mark. You sure know how to get me wet." Katie says.

"Touch yourself for me baby. Let me hear it. I want you so bad." Mark says.

"Okay baby. I'll do a small touch on my clit. But that's all I can do if I expect to be able to see you tonight and have you fuck me." Katie says.

"Oh damn baby. Fuck that's hot. I can hardly wait to pound that sweet pussy with my big thick hard cock." Mark says.

"Okay baby. I'm going to put the phone down towards my pussy so you can hear my finger on my clit." Katie says.

"Okay you hot sexy nymph you." Mark says.

Katie then takes the telephone and holds it in one hand. She brings her other hand down and unbuttons her pants. Katie then slips her pants down just a little bit. She then slides her hand into her panties and starts rubbing her clit softly.

"Oh Mark. Oh baby your hand feels so good." Katie says.

Mark listens intently on the other end of the telephone. He can hear Katie's hand rubbing her clit. He then hears her say some of the most beautiful words he's ever heard before.

"Oh yeah baby. Say my name. I love hearing you call out my name. I will especially love it when you will scream it out tonight." Mark says.

Katie starts rubbing her clit a little bit harder than she intended too. The pleasure really starts to overtake her and she finds herself not wanting to stop. Katie almost drops the telephone cause of the pleasure. She knows she has to stop so she can save some for tonight. Katie pulls her hand away from her clit because she knows she has to stop. Katie then pulls her hand out off her panties and her pants. She buttons her pants up with one hand and brings the telephone back up to her ear with the other.

"God, that was hot." Mark says into the telephone.

"I know. I almost didn't stop." Katie says.

"Really. Well baby, when you're with me tonight you won't want me to stop." Mark says.

"I know baby. Well, the reason I called you is because I wanted to ask you something." Katie says.

"What is it?" Mark says.

"I wanted to ask you if you would like to go out for drinks." Katie says.

"Sure. When do you want to go?" Mark says.

Katie looks down at her watch to sees what time it is. She notices that it is 1:00 p.m.

"Well, how about we meet at 5:30 p.m." Katie says.

"That's good for me. My address is 146 East Norway Street, Apt 6. I'll see you then. " Mark says.

"Okay. Bye." Katie says.

"Bye." Mark says.

Katie then hangs up the telephone. She decides to go online for a while to burn some time before she has to leave to go see Mark. Katie goes and sits down in front of her computer. She grabs her alarm clock and sets it for 4:00 p.m. When it goes off, she'll know that it's time for her to leave. She turns it on and goes online. She turns on her messengers and checks her e-mail. She sorts through it and notices that most of it is just junk mail. Katie then closes her e-mail box. She starts getting quite bored and starts missing the company of a man's cock in between her legs.

Katie decides to go into an adult sex chat room and have some fun. She turns her web cam on and makes sure it focuses on her body. She knows what the men online want to see and she's willing to show it to them. Katie opens up a web page and types in a chat room address. She gets to the website and goes straight to the chat room. Katie reaches the members area where she enters her chat name and password. Her chat name for this chat line is sexy_hot_slut. Katie then types in her password and enters the chat room. Once Katie gets into the chat room, she starts talking to some guys. Some of them peak her interest, but only one really gets her juices flowing. His chat name is hot_hunk_for_you_04. Katie decides to IM this guy and see what he's all about. She can feel her body get all hot just thinking about it. Katie opens up a IM box and starts typing. She really hopes this guy lives up to his chat name.

sexy_hot_slut : Hi

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Hi

sexy_hot_slut: How are you?

hot_hunk_for_you_04: I'm great. How are you?

sexy_hot_slut: I'm good. So do you live up to your chat name?

hot_hunk_for_you_04 : I sure do baby. Do you live up to yours?

sexy_hot_slut: Oh yes baby, I do. I have a web cam. Do you want to see my tits?

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Show them baby. Show me those tits. I have a web cam too. Do you want to see my cock? It's nice and hard for you.

sexy_hot_slut: Hell yeah baby. Show me that cock.

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Pull those tits out of that shirt for me. Touch your nipples. Make them hard.

Katie pulls her breasts out of her shirt. This guy is making her so hot.

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Oh yeah baby. That's it. Damn, your tits are so nice and firm. I would love to get my mouth around those nipples and suck them until you cum.

Katie sits back and reads that statement. She never thought that she could cum by having her nipples sucked. But she finds herself wanting to meet this man and let him do it to her. Katie brings her hands down and starts rubbing her nipples. They become hard under her hand and she finds herself pushing her breasts towards the web cam wanting this guy to suck on them even though she hardly knows him.

sexy_hot_slut: Oh yeah baby. Do you like watching me touch my hard nipples for you? I'm fantasizing that it's your hands on them. What's your name, handsome?

hot_hunk_for_you_04: It's Eric, baby. What's yours? Tell me so I can say it while I stroke my cock for you.

sexy_hot_slut: It's Katie. Would you like it if I called out your name while I touched my body? Tell me baby.

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Yes baby. Do that. I would love it. Oh Katie, your hand feels so damn good on my cock. Deep throat me baby. I want to cum in your mouth.

sexy_hot_slut: Okay Eric. I'm getting down on my hands and knees in front of you. I take your cock into my mouth and I start sucking.

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Oh yeah Katie. I take my hand and go underneath your body. I grab onto your breasts and I squeeze hard as you suck my cock.

sexy_hot_slut: Mmm Eric. I suck your cock harder. I then take my hand and start massaging your balls. I can feel the hot cum in them just waiting to spurt out.

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Oh god baby. You know just where to touch me. I want to fill that hot mouth of yours with my cum. I'm coming very close to doing that. Suck me harder baby. Or shall I call you bitch.

sexy_hot_slut: I take your cock deeper into my mouth. I let it slide all the way down until it reaches the very back of my throat. I then start moving my head back and forth.

Katie starts getting so caught up in this that she doesn't realize that three hours have passed already and that it is almost time for her to go see Mark. hot_hunk_for_you_04: I grab onto your tit harder and sc**** my nail across leaving a mark on your hot body. You are such a good cocksucker, my little bitch.

The alarm next to Katie suddenly rings. She looks over and realizes it is 4:00.

Damn, now I have to sign off and leave this hot chat behind., Katie thinks to herself. Katie decides she better add this guy to her messenger so she can finish this with him later. She knows that he will probably be disappointed because they can't continue for right now. But she can't help that.

sexy_hot_slut: Eric, as much fun as I'm having right now, I have to go.

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Why Katie? Please don't leave. I haven't even cum for you yet.

sexy_hot_slut: I'm sorry. I have to go. I have an appointment with somebody. I hope you can understand. But I'm going to add you to my messenger so we can continue this later.

hot_hunk_for_you_04: Well, I guess I can understand. Since you're adding me, I'll add you to mine. See you around, sweet cheeks.

sexy_hot_slut: Okay. Goodbye for now.

Hot_hunk_for_you_04: Bye ;).

Katie then closes the chat room window. She closes her web cam and pulls her shirt down. She then adds Eric to her messenger and goes offline. Katie then shuts down her computer and gets up from her chair. She walks over to the door and walks towards the living room. She grabs her car keys and her apartment keys. Katie then heads towards the door. Katie unlocks her apartment door and opens it. She walks outside closing the door behind her. Katie then turns around and locks up her apartment.

Katie walks down the stairs to her car. She puts her apartment keys into her pocket. She then reaches her car and unlocks her car door with her car keys.
Katie then pulls the car keys out of the lock and opens the car door. She gets in and shuts the door behind her. Katie then puts her car keys into the ignition and puts her seat belt on. Katie starts the car and puts it into reverse. She backs up out of the parking lot. Katie then puts the car into drive and drives out of the parking lot. She turns left going towards the freeway.

Katie reaches the freeway and gets on it. She drives to Dallas and exits of the freeway. Katie then drives to Mark's apartment. Katie reaches Mark's apartment complex. She finds his apartment and pulls up in front of it. Katie pulls into a parking space and puts the car into park. Katie then turns off the ignition and undoes her seat belt. She grabs her car keys and opens her door. Katie then gets out of the car and shuts her door. She holds onto her keys so she doesn't lose them. She walks up to Mark's apartment and knocks on the door. Mark hears a knock at his door. He wonders who it could be. Mark walks to the door and opens it. He smiles when he sees Katie standing there.

"Well, hello beautiful. You have just brightened up my day." Mark says.

"Oh Mark. You're just too sweet. Are you ready to go?" Katie says.

"Yep." Mark says.

Mark walks out of his door and shuts it behind him. He reaches into his pocket and grabs his keys. He then locks his apartment door. Katie walks towards her car. Mark follows her letting his eyes roam up and down her body as she walks in front of him. Katie reaches her car. She unlocks her driver's door and opens the door. Katie then gets into the car and shuts her car door. She then reaches over to unlock the passenger door for Mark.

Mark walks up to Katie's car. He walks up to the passenger side and waits to be let in the car. He looks down and sees Katie unlocking the door for him. Katie unlocks the door and moves her hand away. She takes her car keys and puts them into the ignition. Katie starts the car and puts her seat belt on.

Mark opens the car door and gets in. He sits down in the seat and shuts the car door behind him. He reaches behind him and grabs the seat belt. He puts the seat belt on. Katie puts the car into reverse and backs out. She then puts it into drive and drives straight out of the lot.

"So where are we going?" Mark asks.

"Oh just this little place I know. It's called Club 687. But don't let the name fool you. It's not really a club. It's more of a quiet atmosphere." Katie says.

"Sounds cool." Mark says.

Katie drives down the road until she sees the lights for the club. She keeps on driving until she sees the entrance for the club. Katie then turns into the parking lot and finds a parking space. She pulls into it and stops the car. Both Katie and Mark take their seat belts off. Katie goes to open her car door. She's ready to go inside and get some drinks inside of her. But she gets stopped suddenly. Mark reaches over and lightly lays his hand on Katie's arm.

"Wait Katie, don't open your car door yet. There's something I want to give to you. Something I bought especially for you." Mark says.

Katie turns around in her seat and is curious about what Mark is talking about.

"Close your eyes please baby and hold out your right hand." Mark says.

Katie closes her eyes and holds out her right hand. She starts getting happy thinking of the gift Mark is about to give her. Mark reaches into his pants and pulls out a box. He opens it up and pulls out the gift, which is a simple silver ring. Mark then puts the box down on the dashboard of the car and takes the ring into his hand. He then brings the ring to Katie's hand and slips it onto her right third finger. He makes sure he puts the ring on firmly onto Katie's hand. He doesn't want it to fall off or anything like that.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now." Mark says.

Katie opens her eyes and looks down at the ring on her finger. Her eyes get big because she is so surprised. Suddenly, she's at a loss for words. The ring is just so beautiful. Mark looks at Katie and sees the expression on her face. He can tell that she is pleased with his gift and that makes him happy. He wants her to know that this ring symbols his promise to her that he will be there for her. Katie finally finds some breath so she can speak. She has never been given a gift like this before.

"Oh Mark. This ring is so beautiful. Please tell me what it means when it comes to us." Katie says.

"Well Katie, this ring symbolizes that I will always be there for you. As a friend and as a lover. I love you." Mark says.

"I love you too." Katie says.

Katie then leans forward and literally throws herself at Mark. She kisses him passionately on the lips. Mark totally forgets about going into the club and concentrates on the fact that Katie is kissing him. He kisses her back passionately and wraps his arms around her. Katie then remembers that they are supposed to go into the club. She tries to pull her lips away from Mark's but finds that Mark is holding her. She knows that he has no intentions of letting go. Katie tries hard enough and is able to pull her lips away. She looks into Mark's eyes.

"Let's go into the club, Mark." Katie says.

Mark stops kissing Katie and pulls his head away some. He then looks back into her eyes.

"Okay Katie. Let's go." Mark says.

Katie then climbs off Mark and reaches over to her car door. She opens it, grabs her car keys, and gets out. Katie then puts her car keys into her other pocket and shuts her car door. Mark opens his car door and gets out. He walks away from the car and starts walking to the club. Katie sees Mark walking towards the club and she runs to catch up to him. Katie reaches Mark and starts walking next to him.

Mark sees Katie walk next to him and purposely slows down so he can walk behind her. Katie walks up to the club and notices that Mark is walking behind her now. She knows that he is checking out her body as she walks. Katie reaches the club and goes inside. She shows her id to the bouncer and goes to a table for two by a window. She sits in a chair and waits for Mark.

Mark walks into the club next and shows his id to the bouncer. Mark then walks over to the table where Katie is sitting at. He sits in the chair across from her. Katie looks over and sees the drink menu sitting on the table. She scans it and decides she'll get a coke with bourbon. Mark scans the list himself and decides he'll get a coke with bourbon too. He's not sure how many he will order tonight but he's pretty sure he will be feeling good. The waitress comes up and takes both of their orders. She then walks away. Katie looks over at Mark and stares his body down through his shirt. She reaches underneath the table and lets her hand run along his pants. She moves it up his leg searching for his cock. She wants to give it a playful squeeze.

Mark feels Katie's hand on his leg. Her touch feels so good to him. He feels it going higher and higher. He knows what she is searching for. He opens his legs slightly. Katie runs her hand up higher until she finds his cock. Katie then squeezes it playfully.

"Oh Katie." Mark moans out softly.

Just when Katie is about to do it again, the waitress comes back to the table with their drinks. She sits them down on the table and puts the bill in front of Katie.

Katie moves her hand and brings it back to her own lap. Mark reaches over and grabs the bill. He puts it in front of him. He decides to himself that he will pay it. He realizes that he doesn't feel Katie's hand on his cock anymore. He looks down and sees that it is not there. He looks over at Katie and wonders what that girl is thinking about.

Katie grabs her drink and takes a swig of it. She then takes another wanting to get the drinks over with so they can get out of here and go somewhere private.
Mark sees Katie drinking her drink fast and he figures she's trying to hurry up. He starts drinking his drink fast wanting to hurry up too and get out of here.Both Katie and Mark finish their drinks at the same time. Mark then gets up and goes over to the payphone. He makes a call to a sex shop and reserves a special room.

Katie pushes her chair back and stands up. She's ready to get out of here. Katie walks away from the table. Mark pushes his chair back next and stands up. He grabs the check and walks up to the counter. He pays for the drinks.
He then follows Katie, feeling his cock become hard thinking of what could happen now. Katie walks towards the door. She turns around to make sure that Mark is following her.Mark catches up with Katie and walks next to her. He's so ready to get out of here himself. Both Mark and Katie walk out of the club. They walk to Katie's car.

"Hey Katie, would you mind if I drive this time? There's someplace I want to take you that I know you'll enjoy." Mark says.

"Sure Mark. I don't mind." Katie says.

Katie then grabs her car keys and hands them over to Mark. She walks to the car and walks over to the passenger door. Mark takes the keys and runs up to the car. He reaches the car and walks over to Katie's side. He unlocks her door and even opens it for her. Katie gets into the car and sits down. She puts on the seat belt and relaxes. She wonders where they are going. Mark walks over to his side of the car. He unlocks his door and gets in the car. He then puts the keys into the ignition and starts the car. He grabs the seat belt, puts it on, and puts the car into reverse. He backs out and puts the car into drive. He then pushes his foot down on the accelerator and floors it out of the parking lot.

He turns right onto the road and drives both of them to a secluded sex shop. This is not just your ordinary sex shop. It has some kinky toys in it that he plans on using on Katie. It also has a secret room that is like a dungeon. It's dark and just has candles lighting the way.

Mark keeps on driving until he reaches the shop. He turns on his right turn signal and pulls into the parking lot. He then parks the car in a space and stops the car. He puts it into park, turns the car off, grabs the keys, takes off his seat belt and gets out of the car. Katie realizing that this must be their destination undoes her seat belt and gets out the car. She closes the door and walks over to Mark.

"Here we are darling. Come with me and let's have some fun." Mark says.

Mark then starts walking towards the sex shop. He's so ready to have some fun with her. Katie walks behind Mark. She wonders what's going to happen in here. She has a pretty good idea but is still somewhat curious. Mark walks up to the sex shop. He opens the door and goes inside. He then goes up to the person behind the counter.

"Hi. My name is Mark Stevens and I reserved the dungeon room." Mark says.

The person behind the counter looks at his book. He finds Mark's name and hands him the key. Katie walks up to the sex shop. She walks to the doors and opens them. She then walks inside and finds Mark.

"I've got our room key, baby." Mark says.

Mark then walks over to Katie and grabs her hand. He starts leading her towards the rooms. Katie takes Mark's hand and lets him lead her. She is quite excited.
Mark finds the room and opens the door. He walks into the room and tugs on Katie's hand helping her walk into the room behind them. Katie feels Mark tug on her hand and she walks a little bit faster following him into this dark room. Katie walks into the dark room and finds that it is only lit by candles.
Mark then lets go of Katie's hand and walks behind her. He walks up to the door and shuts it behind them. He then locks it. Mark then walks in front of Katie again and grabs her hand. He leads her down the stairs to where there is a bed waiting.

Katie walks down the stairs behind Mark. She looks around him and sees a bed. She realizes that this room is like a dungeon and that really turns her on.
Mark keeps on walking down the stairs. He then leads her to the bed. He looks around to make sure that everything he wants to use on her is there and he notices that it is. Katie walks down the rest of the steps and lets go off Mark's hand. She then walks over to the bed.

Mark turns and sees Katie standing by the bed. He walks over to her and softly pushes her down onto the bed. He then climbs on top of her and starts kissing Katie passionately. He moves his mouth off Katie's mouth and sits up. He lifts her arms up and takes her shirt off. He then moves off her body and moves down to her pants. Mark pulls Katie's pants off and leaves her panties on for now. He then throws her clothes into a pile and walks over to a wall full of toys.
He picks up a electric sex toy that will shock Katie's body with pleasure wherever he places it.

Katie lays her head back on the bed and closes her eyes. She really wants to enjoy this in the best way she knows possible. Mark takes the toy and walks over to Katie. He turns the toy on and brings it down to Katie's left nipple.
Katie feels something touch her nipple. It sends a shock through her body. A shock of pure ultimate pleasure.

"Oh God." Katie cries out.

Mark then moves the toy over and does the same thing to Katie's other nipple. He gets the same reaction out of her that he just got while ago. Mark then moves the toy down and places it over Katie's panties. He makes sure that the toy is centered right over her clit. He then presses the toy down.
Katie feels this object move from her nipple down to her clit. She feels a sharp shock run through her panties and onto her clit. It causes her to jump up because the pleasure is so incredible.

Mark decides that he wants to have some fun with Katie's pussy. So he puts the toy down and pulls her panties off. He then throws them in the pile. Mark takes Katie's legs and spreads them open with his hands. He then picks the toy up and places it directly on her sweet exposed clit. He wants to watch her jump and hear her call out his name. Katie feels her panties being discarded and feels this object being placed on her clit. The pleasure increases to a higher level and she can't help but say something.

"Mark, I don't know what you're doing to me. But I like it and I don't want you to stop." Katie says.

Mark likes hearing that. He moves the toy down off her clit and spreads her pussy lips open with one hand. He then brings the toy and slides it into her.
Katie feels this object go into her. It feels so good. She wants it to go into her more. She is enjoying this room so much. Mark slides the toy in and out of Katie's pussy repeatedly. He doesn't let it stay in her for very long though. He's just warming up her pussy for the brutal fucking he's going to give her.
Mark looks down at his cock and notices that it is bulging through his jeans. He is so ready to release it so he can go ahead and fuck her. He decides to do just that.

Mark pulls the toy out and turns it off. He then throws it down onto the ground. Mark starts taking his clothes off in a hurry. He gets all of them off and throws them into a pile. Mark then walks over and grabs a candle. He's going to drip candle wax on Katie's body as he fucks her. Every time he thrusts, he's going to drip some wax and watch her reaction. Katie lies there suddenly feeling empty. She wants something to happen. She's going crazy with lust. She has to get fucked soon. Mark walks over and sits the candle down on a table next to Katie. He then climbs onto Katie's body and shoves his cock as hard as he can into her pussy.

"Now Katie, don't say anything during this time. Just lay back and enjoy." Mark says.

Mark grabs the candle and starts thrusting. He brings the candle and holds it above Katie's body. He lets a drip of candle wax fall on her body. Katie jumps up feeling something hot touch her body. It feels really good, but not as good as Mark's cock inside of her pussy. Mark thrusts his cock harder now, letting more drips of wax fall. He finds that watching that candle wax fall on her body is very erotic to him. It makes him want to thrust harder.

Katie just lies on the bed as Mark fucks her. She knows that he doesn't want her to say anything so she's not. She's just enjoying it all. Mark starts brutally fucking Katie's pussy. He pushes his cock so hard in and out of her pussy that the full bed shakes with them. He looks down and sees the marks left of Katie's body by the wax. They are so hot looking. Mark feels himself coming so he thrusts harder. He drips some more wax on her body. He then feels himself coming while the wax settles on her hot skin.

"Oh Katie. My kinky Katie. I'm coming. You are so very hot to me. Oh yes baby." Mark says.

Katie feels Mark coming into her pussy. It's so powerful that it literally takes her away. She doesn't realize that she is coming too. Mark puts the candle down and finishes coming into Katie. He then pulls his cock out and gets up off the bed. He walks up to Katie.

"You can open your eyes now and say something." Mark says.

"Wow, that was amazing baby. What were those two things that you used on me?" Katie says.

"They were an electric toy and some hot candle wax from one of these burning candles. Did you enjoy it?" Mark says.

"Yes I did. I enjoyed it a lot." Katie says.

Mark then takes the candle and walks over to the wall. He puts the candle back into it's main holder. He then walks over to Katie.

"Well, I have some other things I need to do. So I better get you home now." Mark says.

"Okay." Katie says.

"This was fun." Mark says.

"Yes, it was." Katie says.

Katie then gets up off the bed and puts her clothes on. She then walks over to the steps and starts walking up them. Mark grabs his clothes and puts them on. He then walks over to the steps and starts walking up them. He walks past Katie and grabs the key. Mark walks up to door and unlocks it. He then opens it and walks out into the room. Katie walks out of the door and into the main room of the shop. She walks up to Mark.

"May I have my keys, please? I would like to drive." Katie says.

Mark reaches in his pocket and grabs her keys. He then hands them to her. After he does that, he walks up to the counter and hands the person the room key.
Katie then starts walking out of the shop. She walks through the doors and goes to the car. She reaches the car and unlocks her door. She then gets in and shuts the car door. Mark walks out of the shop next. He walks up to the car and knocks on the window.

Katie reaches over and unlocks his door. She then puts her keys into the starter and turns the car on. She puts the seat belt on and waits.
Mark opens the door and gets in. He grabs the seat belt and belts himself in. He then shuts the door and looks over at Katie.

"Are you okay?" Mark asks.

Mark has no idea that the whole time Katie was walking towards the car she was thinking of the guy she met tonight online in that chat room. She was thinking of Eric.

"Yes, I'm great." Katie says.

Katie then puts the car into reverse and backs out. She then puts the car into drive and drives out of there. She drives Mark to his apartment where she drops him off. Katie then drives to her apartment. She reaches her apartment and gets out of her car. She then grabs her car key and puts in her pocket. She reaches in and grabs her other key for the apartment. She walks up the steps and unlocks her apartment door. She opens it, walks inside, and closes it behind her. She then locks it.

Katie throws her keys down and walks to her bedroom. She takes her shoes off and sits down in front of her computer. Mark opens his apartment door and walks in. He kicks his shoes off and walks over to his couch. He sits down and flips on his TV. Katie turns her computer on. She then goes online and logs into her messenger. She hopes that Eric will be online, but she's not sure. It takes a few minutes, but finally she gets logged in. To her disappointment, she sees that Eric is offline. Katie sighs and turns off her messenger.

Katie then checks her e-mail. She finds nothing interesting. Katie then goes offline and turns her computer off. She gets up from her chair and walks over to bed. She relaxes on the bed and turns the TV on. She flips the channels around and finds that nothing is on. Katie then turns the TV off and picks up her telephone. She calls Jake to find out what he is doing right now. Katie dials in his number and listens. The telephone rings twice and she hears Jake answer.

"Hello?" Jake says.

"Hey baby. What are you up to tonight?" Katie says.

"Oh nothing much. Just sitting here watching some TV and thinking about you." Jake says.

"Aww baby. I am thinking about you too. Well, I just wanted to find out how you were. I'm going to let you go now." Katie says.

"Okay baby. I love you. Goodnight." Jake says.

"I love you too sweetie. Goodnight." Katie says.

(If you liked Chp 5 stay tuned for the final chapter of this hot story which is Chp 6!)
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